English Kinarestauranger loses half of its customers

In the course of two days, to visit the Gp more than a dozen chinese restaurants and asian grocery stores in the Stockholm area. They all say that business has

English Kinarestauranger loses half of its customers

In the course of two days, to visit the Gp more than a dozen chinese restaurants and asian grocery stores in the Stockholm area. They all say that business has gone to the worse since the coronavirusets the outbreak. Most people say they have lost about one-third of the clients - some as many as one-half.

No-one we spoke with would like to appear in the magazine, with your name and a picture. A middle-aged woman driver in a Mongolian restaurant, is the fear of losing more customers if the name appears in an article about the coronavirus. For the past two months, nearly one-half of the guests are gone, " she said.

"It is, above all, on the lunch that they have ceased to be, they might think that it is a dangerous situation if there are a lot of people," she says.

another woman, who is the co-owner of an asian grocery store, it says that it is mostly the customers that let them down.

" the Swedes do not seem to be so concerned about, and they will be here as usual. I think it's because chinese people use WeChat, and in which the spread of information on the coronavirus, " says the woman.

In the chinese app WeChat, you can chat with each other. Photo by: < / b>, XINHUA/SIPA USA
WeChat is one of a billion active users, it's coming, the chinese are going for a Facebook social media channel, which is banned in China. The groups, spread the dissident chinese people, their belief that the chinese government blinds virusutbrottets the true extent of the problem. It is, among other things, on the video of the killing of the people and of the evidence that the death toll is actually much higher than what the government allows.

the Woman at the grocery store believes that the chinese people in Sweden are, on average, are significantly more concerned about the virus than what the project is.

" You may be worried about if you are on WeChat, but I don't think so much about it.

- Stares, and backs away from the buses.

John Hamben, a spokesperson for the Chinese Federation won't be surprised at all of the evidence, that it is the customers who have gone missing.

" it is definitely, it is because we have come out with such a recommendation. To reduce the social and public spaces, in order to minimize the risk, " said John Hamben.

the Chinese Federation has received more than 20 testimonies from chinese people in Sweden who have been around for coronavirusets the outbreak. It is to a large extent on the people who stare and backs away from the subway and the buses.
John Hamben, a spokesperson for the Chinese Federation.Photo by: < / b> Private
John Hamben said that the union tried to reassure its members and to make an appeal to you not to take the events so seriously.

" it takes away from the chinese people and people of asian appearance in the public transport does not mean that you are discriminating against us. It's more like självförsvarsmekanismen, which turns out to minimize the risk, " he said.

" Not quite, it is only natural that you might feel that way, because it's different from the normal behavior. However, it is important to show empathy and understanding. I've noticed the people staring, or the bible, but I can see that it is resolved with an understanding smile.

some of the complaints were related to violations of the chinese children.

" a Lot of the retningarna, and the abuses from the chinese to children in schools who come from other minority people, there is a clear over-representation in which, say, John Hamben.

However, in the majority of cases, it's only a matter of a child who is behaving childishly.

it was Recently reported in HH and other forms of media for a restaurant in london, which reported to the equality ombudsman, DO, in order to be ported to chinese guests, with the rise of the Coronavirus. Notice to the DO show, however, that in the case of a chinese restaurant as a port of chinese tourists, with a note written in chinese.
In Li, the 18th, She screamed, ”virus, virus” to me,
Not that the Gp is talking with the kinarestauranger, and in the asian stores in Stockholm, sweden say they have experienced unfair or discriminatory treatment by reason of the Coronavirus.

But the 18-year-old Vanessa Li, a recent placement at a home for the elderly in Malta, where she and several others wounded.

" When I was a little bit of a cold for a day, then asked my supervisor if I had a Coronavirus, and where I tend to eat the dogs, and bats. He was asian, so it was pretty strange, " said He Li.

One day, it refused as a nurse at the home to let her out of the elevator.

"I asked him, why, then," said she, ”for you are a man,” and closed the doors, " says Vanessa Li.

this is The last week in Malta, she was attacked by a strange woman at a bus stop.

" She is shouting ”virus, virus” to me, the sight of all them that were there. Then she ran into the road. I was in total shock, " says Vanessa. , the Expert finds out, this Corona does not infect through food

" I call upon the swedes, in general, is to condemn the racism and specifically to the state. In Sweden the racism is illegal, and I hope that the Swedish public is openly declaring its opposition to such unlawful behaviors, " said Gui Congyou, to the TT then.

John Hamben of the Chinese national association does not believe that this is mainly concerned with racism against people of chinese background.

– internally, We have sent out a message to the chinese people in Sweden is that you don't need to react so strongly, and since then, there have been far fewer complaints made to us, " said John Hamben.

China's ambassador to Sweden, Gui Congyou.Photo by: < / b> to ANDERS WIKLUND/TT / TT NEWS agency < / span>

" They are in a different position, and they need to act on it. We have an understanding that they do so, they need to have the official protection of the chinese people's reputation and the interests of the community.

John Hamben mean that it actually is discrimination, and unfair treatment of the chinese, with the rise of the Coronavirus, but that it appears to take place outside of the us. He cited a recent incident in which three chinese people have been forced to leave the subway station in Belgium.

" That's discrimination. But one moves out of the way of a chinese person, is something completely different, " said John Hamben.
So spill, Corona, and so contagious, it is not,

Anders Tegnell, statsepidemiolog the Folkhälsmyndigheten, saying that the food is never able to be the carriers of the Coronavirus.

" What can I say, very categorically, that there is no reason to believe that it has ever been spread through food. This is a classic respiratory infection that is spread from person-to-person in close contact, " says Anders Tegnell.

– no, there is No direct, person-to-person, as needed. This is what is known as droplet infection, it is spread via saliva and the drops, or the distance between the two people. Possibly by hand, if you get the drops on their hands and then touch your eyes or in your mouth right after.

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Date Of Update: 23 February 2020, 13:00

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