Entrepreneurs are one of their 30 years of love

the Murder of a 77-year-old small business owners, has shaken up the idyll in the city Dunfermline. A week after the shooting can be Kvällsposten, reveal seve

Entrepreneurs are one of their 30 years of love

the Murder of a 77-year-old small business owners, has shaken up the idyll in the city Dunfermline.

A week after the shooting can be Kvällsposten, reveal several important facts related to the case.

"people talk about the violence, it's terrible," says a 77-see her bold fashion to neighbors.

the Man had been dealing with cars and real estate properties in the whole of their working lives.

It was at the same time, rumors that he had a lot of money and is good for millions of dollars.

The suspects, the woman and a male acquaintance were still at the scene when police arrived. The man was later released and is not brottsmisstänkt.Photo by: < / b> JOHAN NILSSON/TT / TT NEWS agency

But a week after he had made his last deal, and served more than 600 000 sek per year, he was under suspicion in the brutal death of his new girlfriend.

" the Woman has confessed and given an explanation of the incident, said the deputy chief prosecutor, David Rudinsson.

the Prosecutor says that it is suspected that the woman also claimed that she took the life of his new love.

Suspicious, a mother of two
The alleged killer, a 47-year-old mother of two. According to the prosecutor, she dealt cards at the table is already in one of the first of which.

" She has left a story and an explanation of it. There is nothing that indicates that this is true, " said the prosecutor.

The 77-year-old small business owners, was well-known in the area, which is a definite businessman. The buying and selling of real estate. But it is also a vehicle of any kind.

At the time of death he was recorded in the three companies, and seven of the vehicle. The money was rolling in.

the Police conducted a technical investigation of the murder.Photo by: < / b> JOHAN NILSSON/TT / TT NEWS agency

According to a person with knowledge of the business, as he has already this year sold two of the properties.

Just a week before the alleged murder, the selling of the 77-year-old is a villafastighet in Dunfermline for 1 250 000 sek per year for a young couple.

the House had been purchased three years earlier for half of the total, and armoured up with a syllbyten and drainage. Husaffären will, according to his own description, was the 35th of his career.
Stayed in the house
the Neighbors tell that the man was over a period of time, also lived in the house.

" He was a sociable person who is happy to talk to people. He also loved to work in spite of his age, " says a neighbor.

a week after the 77-year-old has made the most recent villaaffären of the local branch of the bank was found, the man suddenly dead in his new temporary home in Dunfermline.

the SOS Alarm was larmsamtalet in the middle of the on Thursday afternoons There is much to suggest that it came from inside the victim's home, and it was the suspected killer, who himself sounded the alarm.

" the Woman and another person were arrested in connection with both the place and the event, to confirm the prosecutor, Ms. Rudinsson.

the Two were arrested as suspected of involvement in the bombing. However, one of them a peer to the mother of two, was later released after questioning.
Submitted story
When it comes to this man, he is now fully depreciated and is no longer a suspect in the crime, " said the prosecutor.

But the mother of two is thus still in custody on probable cause of murder.

How to do the deed, and subject to, the same, to William Rudinsson don't have to say anything about that at the moment.

– it is Now the pre-trial investigation to run its course. We have an idea of what the man had been murdered, but we have not yet received the minutes of the medico-legal investigation. The suspect is also given a story in which we are checking now, " she said.

the Police are working at the present time on the technical analysis on the finds that have been made in the murder.

According to the Kvällsposten, to the 77-year-old have been savagely beaten to death in his new home, the victim should be seen as a mellanboende in anticipation of buying another one villafastighet.

Theory a: the Fuss is about the money
the Motive for the shooting is believed to have been a fight over money, according to the coherence of the data to the Kvällsposten.

"the 77-year-old, and the alleged mother of two, lived clearly in the different worlds, economically speaking," says a person familiar with the couple's life.

as the mother of two was written in an address of its own, but it was often at the now-murdered man.

”and Then she told me”

the mother of two will be launched and the relationship with the 77-year-old over the last year.

as A friend, he met a woman in the later part of the summer.

" When she told me that she was with a much older man, the person said.

at the same time, there were data that mother of two is still having some problems in his life.

She had been spending on the private property, and was, moreover, burdened by both taxes and student loans.

Over a period of several years, the woman has been working in the home. She has also been a problem in his previous marriage, and been reported to the police in order to be in with punches and kicks, having beaten up her ex-husband. The relationship was described as tempestuous.

the police investigation was dropped and the woman has not been convicted of any felony offense.

A friend who recently met the mother of two said she is now looking forward to and I wanted to get better control of their lives.

"She seemed to be quite positive to their lives," said the person.

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Date Of Update: 08 March 2020, 07:00

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