FHI: surgical masks provides a false sense of security

In Asia it is not uncommon to go around with a face mask in crowded places. Now that koronaviruset spreads, we see the travelers with surgical masks also in

FHI: surgical masks provides a false sense of security

In Asia it is not uncommon to go around with a face mask in crowded places.

Now that koronaviruset spreads, we see the travelers with surgical masks also in Norway.

But are you afraid to be suffering it does not help with the face mask, on the contrary, it may actually lead to more infection.

False sense of security

Norwegian institute of public health believes surgical masks provides a false sense of security.

– surgical masks have little effect to prevent infection among the population and can in some cases contribute to increase the risk for infection, " says Hanne-Merete Eriksen-Volle, head of the Norwegian institute of public health.

the Reason is simply that it is not so easy to apply face mask correctly.

– health Professionals get the training in to take on a face mask correctly. the If they are not sitting straight on, they will do little to prevent infection. Professionals use surgical masks for short periods of time, when they are standing above a patient with a known or probable infection. It also helps to understand the use, " she explains.

Also entails a face mask itching. The chance of you taking you in the face with the hands, is bigger, because you constantly have to correct munnbindet or scratch.

– They are damp when you use them. It also affects the the effect, she adds.

Everything about koronaviruset

Several pharmacies have put up posters where it says that they are sold out of surgical masks.

Photo: Torkil Stoltz / NRK the Pharmacies are empty

ever since the news of the koronaviruset was known, have they marked an extraordinary demand of the surgical masks.

– Unfortunately it is empty for a face mask in all of our pharmacies, " says kategorisjef Bente Westen in Pharmacies 1.

– Status now is that some pharmacies have a face mask inside, while the other is empty, says Anne Margrethe Aldin Thune from Boots.

Vitusapotekene does not have the face mask on the stock.

– Inventory of the individual Vitusapotekene in the country will vary, as some are sold out and others have surgical masks in stock, " explains Tonje Cheek.

The more medicine is now completely empty for a face mask is worrying the Norwegian institute of public health.

– We will not allow you to use a face mask, " says Eriksen-Volle.

And with you she believes healthy norwegians who do not know, some infected.

– Now that it is a mangelsituasjon on the face mask, we need to ensure that those who have the greatest effect of the use a face mask, she states.

Chinese tourists have emptied the pharmacies in Tromsø for a face mask.

Photo: Torkil Stoltz / NRK Authorities asking australians to be vigilant Only for health care professionals

– If people are stocking up on their surgical masks of fear, so it causes shortage of surgical masks to those who really need to isolate themselves, " says Eriksen-Volle.

There is very little chance that you and I will walk past a koronasmittet on the street.

– Therefore, we need not go around with a face mask. But health care professionals who encounter sick patients are in a real danger of hitting the infected. They should wear a face mask, she states.

surgical masks have an effect for those who know how to use them and use them correctly.

– But there is a risk that a regular doe to walk past an infected is infinitely small, points out seksjonslederen.

Suppliers of face mask in the Uk states that it is difficult to get delivered enough surgical masks to people in the whole of Europe.

Abena, one of the Norwegian suppliers, supports the FHIs advice on the proper use of surgical masks is for people in danger of real infection.

– For the rest, we will advise the individual to have good hand - and hostehygiene, " says Reidun Wiberg from Abena.

Monday began the winter holidays for many, and several norwegians to fly to warmer climes. But not even at the airport there is the need for a face mask.

– There is no reason to use a face mask at the Airport, " concludes Eriksen-Volle.

Fear medisinmangel in Norway by korona-outbreak

Updated 17.2.2020: the Article is updated with a comment from a supplier of surgical masks.

Date Of Update: 21 February 2020, 03:22

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