Frederick SjöshultAvskyn to the mother: the Selling of children to pedophiles

Frederick SjöshultLäs more: the chronicles of the Frederick, SjöshultFölj She has been convicted of the appalling sexual abuse of their own children and are t

Frederick SjöshultAvskyn to the mother: the Selling of children to pedophiles
Frederick SjöshultLäs more: the chronicles of the
Frederick, SjöshultFölj
She has been convicted of the appalling sexual abuse of their own children and are the lowest in the ranks of the English women's prisons. When the risk assessment was completed at the Hinseberg, in december, she was notified that she was to be placed on the Ystadsanstalten, which, together with the Hinseberg are the two most secure of the Swedish kvinnofängelserna.

after a few weeks in prison she asked for the prison and Probation service on the move, on the grounds of the united states. She describes a world in which other inmates attacked her with the stone throwing, pushing, and stranglehold. They should also have spat on her and shouted abuse.

”I can't be bothered. When I am quiet and in my own way, I would like to do here at this time in the best possible way. It is not possible now,” she told the prison service when she demanded to be moved.

For more than a decade ago, they divorced, and she and the life as a single mother of a young child was tough, financially. She started selling the phone, and continued to play in amatörporr, and at the end of the prostitute herself. On our list, there were hundreds and hundreds of men, and by the time some of the customers who received the discount.

the toddlers mother announced, among other things, on her blog, and amatörporrsajt. Her ads containing code words, as I understood that she offered to the children.

" you Thought something was, she says, in a chat on Skype to a man who responded to an advertisement.

"do you Have the panties," he says.

" were you Thinking of something more to ask of the woman, and it would be the start of a series of child abuse.

< Ystadanstalten.Photo credit: CHRISTIAN ÖRNBERG the toddlers mother will now have to serve their sentences at the women's prison in the first place.Photo credit: CHRISTIAN ÖRNBERG Previous Next Exit fullscreen mode
Her youngest daughter was only three years old when she sold pictures of her for the first time. The mother followed the instructions of a paedophile on the child's ability to pose in a webcam, and he was paid 1 000 dollars.

the Abuse was serious, and his mother sell their children for three different men in the space of four years. It was both the photos and the live streaming of abuse pedofilerna was the director.

the toddlers mother herself has denied, but one of the men in the pedofilringen was remorseful throughout the trial.

”He knew that the children are exploited. It was probably a financial interest behind it. It is, of course, that it was not the child's choice. It must be horrible for them to live in these conditions.”

”He will be ashamed in the day, feel the guilt and self-loathing. Someone should have protected the child because her mother didn't do it,” the judgment against the man.

the toddlers mother, has been up to date with the social services at the same time as the assaults took place between 2013 and 2017, respectively. When social services approached the family, she moved far away but would be concerned with the fact that she was trying to escape with the children.

the Swedish police received the alarm, if the pedofilringen in april 2016, and in november was Part barnporrgrupp commissioned to investigate the case.

for more than A year later, in december 2017 at the latest, a search of one of the accused men, and a number of children can be found.

In april, 2018, a review of the barnporren and stated to the examiner that three of the girls in the pictures are probably the English. The investigation was transferred from the Police to the police's national operative department of the NOA.

the Police found traces of the payments made for the toddlers mother and she was finally arrested in september 2018 at the latest.

the toddlers mother, was sentenced to, among other things, of the serious sexual abuse up to 4.5 years in prison. A man who ordered the abuse have the same penalty. The two other men were sentenced to be executed, and ordered the sexual assault of toddlers mother and the other women who got a 3.5 and a 1.5 year prison sentence.

in Total, it is suspected the three men will have to pay 22 000 dollars to the toddlers mother of the barnövergreppen.

the toddlers mother, can count on being released on parole in August next year. The decision to deny her is to change the prison writing the prison service to Ystadsanstalten has taken measures to ”counter the risk of threats and harassment.

crime statistics by 2019 from the national council for Crime prevention (Brå).

Date Of Update: 29 February 2020, 08:00

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