Frederick SjöshultFostermammans fear before the girl was found dead in

Frederick SjöshultLäs more: the chronicles of the Frederick, SjöshultFölj At the end of January, was a three-year-girl, died in Honolulu. She grew up in a fos

Frederick SjöshultFostermammans fear before the girl was found dead in
Frederick SjöshultLäs more: the chronicles of the
Frederick, SjöshultFölj
At the end of January, was a three-year-girl, died in Honolulu. She grew up in a foster home, because her parents immediately after she was born, it was considered to be too dangerous for her due to drug abuse and crime.

When she was born, she was immediately hidden identity. In its paper, she got the name ”Little heart”.

a year ago, she had to move back home to their parents after a ruling of the administrative court of appeal. Right after the girl was found dead in suspect's parents, for aggravated involuntary manslaughter and a breach of griftefriden. They are detained in custody, but the father was later found dead in his cell at the detention centre.

In another part of the county of Östergötland is the family home of three years, in order that the girl wouldn't get in trouble." When I first wrote about the case, and the administrative court's disastrous ruling, which has now also attracted the attention of the daily News, we have been in contact.

”the Snow is falling heavily. I'm sitting in the same spot as the one I made about a year ago, on Thursday. Petrified, distraught, amazed... this would never have happened”, said the fostermamman Joseph Jacobs, in an initial e-mail.

”We need to continue to push this, in order to bring her to justice. The rule of law, about the doesn't work. There needs to be a change. There are no more children have lost their lives to,” she says.

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, which has been in need of protection. She will have children of his own, but he has also for many years had welcomed a foster child into the foster home. The girl, who passed away in January, came to her in 2016.

" She was an integral part of our family. She was very much loved from day one. She was so small when she first came to us. We took a look at her as my daughter, says Sarah James.

she was, for several years tvångsomhändertagen, according to the law on health care of the young, LVU, and is placed in a foster home. A new report by the decision was based on the assertion that the biological parents suffered from mental illness, abused, and refused to agree to drug tests to prove they are clean. His father had also been convicted of several crimes.

They are the biological parents, rejected by a new report by the information, and, in september of 2018 had the right to have appealed the decision to the court of appeal in santa ana.

”It can no longer be considered to be any significant risk to (her) health or development is being damaged”, justified the court of appeal's decision.

the court of Appeal found that the break-up of the family home would entail ”a significant strain” on the girl, but according to the case-law, it shall not be a reason for that to be taken into account in the assessment.

the Ruling was the beginning of a several-months-long-and-painful process of moving from the family home. At the beginning of april of last year, when the girl finally went to live with his biological parents and dropped the fostermamman in touch with her.

Following the administrative court's judgment, a very difficult hemsluss, " says fostermamman Joseph Jacobs now.

" for the last six months, she would get to know the people she was going to move back home to. Umgängena started out with a couple of hours and then be extended to days and nights. This was very hard on her. She had only been away from us in the past. For us as a family, it was a disaster, and has been ever since.

the Social welfare board has, during the past few months after she moved back home has received several orosanmälningar. The girl was isolated, and there has been a suspicion that she was in a difficult situation.

" It was a deal that we, as a family home would have to meet with her on a continuous basis. This agreement broke down biologföräldrarna right away and we never got to see her and she us. To us, who she called, mom and dad, three sisters. We were blocked, and he didn't make it, " says fostermamman.

" We've known for a very great deal of concern and a huge loss.

On christmas day, made Sarah Jacobs, a orosanmälan to the social services about the girl's situation and visited the home. The social services team was not allowed to come out for the ”Little heart” and her parents on christmas day, but it came back the next day with a police officer, and was then buzzed in. The conclusion was that there were no grounds for the intervention and the follow-up was not done. A little over a month later it was found in the girl's death.

" this would never have happened. We do not understand that the court is able to judge that and completely going against its judgment. We feel a sense of great anger and sadness, " says fostermamman.

the Girl's mother denies the offences but has omhäktats by the Norrköping district court. Her defense attorney, the same attorney that drove the process in the court of appeal, which resulted in the fact that the girl had to move back home to his biological mother, said that her death was a ”tragic accident " at home”.

the Mother is held on suspicion of gross negligence for the death of another. The prosecutor wanted to, recently, that she would be arrested as a suspect in the murder, and after a rättsläkarbesked however, the court decided that she was going to be continued in custody, on probable cause suspected of gross negligence for her death.

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