Hands out of the 3D printer: Doctors of war victims back to life to help

FOCUS Online : Mr. Moreau, what is the origin of the project in the first place? Moreau : The goal of the hospital in Amman is to help war veterans through p

Hands out of the 3D printer: Doctors of war victims back to life to help

FOCUS Online : Mr. Moreau, what is the origin of the project in the first place?

Moreau : The goal of the hospital in Amman is to help war veterans through plastic surgery. As we have established in 2006, this project was mainly to victims of war from Iraq, but since then the situation has deteriorated in many Parts of the Middle East. That's why, today we get many patients from Yemen and Syria. In these countries there are no hospitals with a Department for plastic surgery. That's why they come to us.

Many were injured by bombs, mines or grenades

FOCUS Online : what impairments people come to Amman? the

Moreau: most of The victims of war, we are Trauma patients. That means that you have suffered damage to the tissue by external force influences. They were often attack the victim of a bomb or were injured by grenades or mines. Most often arms or hands missing. Others have fractures or burns. Here we are with our plastic surgery.

FOCUS Online , you Can specify the something else?

Moreau: Our patients have already been treated in their home countries. But often it is, for example, so that the scar tissue in the event of amputations or fractures are badly healed. The mobility of the people is severely limited. Our goal is to treat these functional limitations due to surgeries and rehabilitation measures. We are doing the Same also in the case of skin burns, when the tissue is heavily scarred. In the case of facial injuries and aesthetic aspects play a role.

FOCUS Online : you have passed through one and a half years, the 3D-project in the hospital. A very special unit because this is where prostheses are produced with the help of a 3D printer. How do you imagine that exactly?

the needs of The patients are in need of essential

Moreau : If a Patient has a prosthesis, we conduct a preliminary interview to determine his needs. This is so important so that we know what the Person your dentures want to use. It is important to keep up with the prosthesis, the steering Wheel of a car, or want to be able to write to the Person again? Such are the questions we ask in the interview with the patient, then a number of individual prostheses print. Hussein Amri/MSF in 2013, lost to Basil three fingers due to a grenade in Syria

FOCUS Online Why several?

Moreau: With us, patients receive two to three different prostheses for different activities. We stay with the two examples from just. For an artificial Hand to drive the Finger to be printed differently than a Hand that you want to write. In the end, the patient can switch between the different prostheses.

FOCUS Online : What happens after the preliminary interview?

Moreau : We scan the Stump and the remaining parts of skin on the affected limbs. We then design the prosthesis to the Computer. To this end, we use the anatomical data from the Scans, but also the information from the preliminary interview. After that, we print out the first prototypes and to test whether the prosthesis will fit correctly and the wishes of the patient correspond. Most of the time we need to make one or two small changes. After that, the final prostheses are printed.

prosthesis from the 3D printers are cheap and fast

FOCUS Online : What makes the 3D method so special?

Moreau: So the procedure itself is not so extraordinary. The context in which we use 3D printing is the special. Prostheses from the 3D printer to bring us two great advantages. For one, the production costs are considerably lower than in conventional prostheses. The material costs are, for example, between 20 and 70 dollars. This is really cheap. In addition, the pressure lasts only for a few hours. Thus, we can make adjustments quickly and easily.

FOCUS Online What must be considered in the treatment of a patient?

Moreau: Many of the patients there are not at all accustomed to use their disabled Arm or your Hand. It is the necessary coordination skills are missing. To learn this, we will offer appropriate therapy programs.

the hospital is also a meeting place of different cultures

FOCUS Online : you will work in an ordinary hospital, and your patients have often experienced Bad. What is the work of everyday life in Amman?

Moreau : Amman is a very special project, because we work with people from the various crisis regions. The result is that the people with their own stories come to us and sometimes traumatic experiences behind. You will notice in some situations. At the same time, there are many beautiful moments, because the people come from very different cultural circles, and so the hospital is also a place of encounter. Elisa Oddone Samar Ismail, Supervisor of the 3D project in Amman, Jordan, edited with an Arm prosthesis

FOCUS Online : Why did you choose this Job and this project? Trained as a rehabilitation technician, you would have found in Europe.

Moreau: This is because we can move with this project incredibly much. The conditions in Amman are very good, it is safe and we have the necessary technological resources for our treatments.

"Our dentures give back the patient's quality of life,"

as a result, we can provide people with medical care, you would not get in their home countries. The 3D technology is not the exciting aspect of this project, but the individual Benefits that our patients receive the prosthesis. Specifically, it's about quality of life, the win of our patients in everyday life back again. This means to me personally incredibly a lot.

FOCUS Online Has remained the history of a patient in your memory?

Moreau : Yes, actually. I must say that it is often not possible to trace the development of our patient after treatment if you return to your home country. But there are exceptions.

Since December of 2017, a young Syrian girl is patient. After we had made for you with a new prosthetic hand, we have accompanied their path. Your daily life has been improved by the treatment. I speak of activities, such as cooking or clothes, what is she like with only one Hand extremely difficult or even not possible. For me, it is simply beautiful, as it has become a result of the treatment of independent. Calories and Sport is overrated: What our weight a lot more FOCUS Online/Wochit calories and Sport influenced overrated: What affects our weight a lot more

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