His new life as a tv star overseas

then He came to Stockholm as a teenager in the early 1990's and quickly became a firm favourite of both the royal island of Djurgården and Hammarby. At prese

His new life as a tv star overseas

then He came to Stockholm as a teenager in the early 1990's and quickly became a firm favourite of both the royal island of Djurgården and Hammarby.

At present, there are hockeyikonen Mariusz Czerkawski, 47, at home, in Poland, in cooperation with his wife Emilia, and his son, the American, 10. In spite of the fact that he is a ”hockeypensionär” his days are filled to the brim with all sorts of commitments.

" Right now, I am in fact inside of a completely new project. I am the host of a tv program called ”the Star of voice”. There are a variety of celebrities such as singing in the live screen, and then the votes of tv viewers. It airs on Friday nights in Poland, and it is miljonpublik, so it's very special, " he said.

" It's very stressful, I must say. To be in with a liveprogram is not the easiest thing. You will read in the script, but there are a lot of commands and stuff to learn. It is a real challenge. Then we will see what will happen in the future, if this is my cup of tea. I've done two out of eleven, so hopefully I will get better and better and better.

" Yes, yes, yes, there will be a lot of tournaments. I have the 3.7 in a handicap, so it shows that I put quite a few hours on the track. I am in Poland, Kent Nelson, " he said.

Mariusz Czerkawski of the time the island of
In general, he works with a lot of real estate, and his own foundation, where he is currently working on more three children to discover the personal life. In addition to the tournaments, arrange that he, as well as activities in which children and young people to have a try at ice-skating in the hinderbanemiljö.

Mariusz Czerkawski of the island of Djurgården, in the fall of 1991.Photo by: < / b> BILDBYRÅN:
But, back to the days of Sweden.

He moved to Stockholm as a teenager and made his debut immediately, with the island of Djurgården, the season 1991/1992. The star-studded team had won two consecutive national CHAMPIONSHIPS and was the reigning Europacupmästare.

" the island of Djurgården, had a superlag at the time, so it wasn't that easy to break into. The following season, however, I print to Video, " he says.

the Lending is made in order to have a successful career in the NHL.

" It was very, very good At, and we were the central location and easy access to the step-up in the League. Since hearing of the Boston Bruins, and wanted me to come in for a ten-day training camp. My trainer, Mark Button, was able to say 'no', but he didn't. He told me that it was okay that I went out and took the opportunity to show me up. Icon to thank Tommy Boustedt

" I don't think that Djurgården had let go of me at this point. Don't think about the conflict that occurred some years earlier when Mats Sundin was moved over.

" Really, a lot. Tommy took over At the end of the season, and then he followed with me to the island of Djurgården again. I am very, very grateful to you for everything Tommy did for me.

" I fell in love in Sweden, and I have to go back and visit. Of course, it was hard from the beginning of the year. I came into the League as a teenager, straight from Poland, and I could not speak the language. One of the most also. But, then I learned English and got into the room. Then, everything changed, and it became as the light of life. Then it dropped it all on the ice as well.

< Czerkawski returned to the Team and to the island of Djurgården in the lockoutsäsongen in 2004/2005.Photo by: < / b> on JAN DÜSING

the Young man made a stunning 92 points in 45 games in Sweden, and the Boston Bruins wanted him over right away. However, Czerkawski was summoned back to the royal island of Djurgården and scored one more season in the Swedish hockey League before that, and the 22-year-old took the step to the NHL.

he was still holding the island of Djurgården close to my heart is not much of a secret. In the fall, commented that he was the CHL-a match between the Polish, in Poland and in the island of Djurgården.

at the very least, shattering experience.

" It was really an experience for me. I never would have thought that the island of Djurgården to come and play in Poland, with my background I grew up in. I have both of the teams in the middle of the heart. I was given a standing ovation by both teams ' fans and they were singing my name. It was great, " he said.

Mariusz Czerkawskis clubs
in Poland.

on the island of Djurgården.

the Glass.

Boston Bruins

the Kiekko-Espo (lock-out).

Edmonton Oilers

New York Islanders

  • Montreal Canadiens

    on the island of Djurgården (lock-out)

    Toronto Maple Leafs

  • Boston Bruins

    Rapperswil-Jona Lakers.

    in Poland.

    View the merVisa off < / span>

    " I look at their games from time to time, certainly. However, it's not that I can see each and every match. Keep an eye on what's happening, and it was close to the national CHAMPIONSHIP in the spring of this year. It was great to see them back in the area, and it was a shame that it doesn't go all the way down.
    was Married to Izabella Scorupco

    In Stockholm, sweden, he met the actress Izabella Scorupco, who he married and together they had a daughter, Julia.

    " I believe that everything happened for a reason. She's of Polish origin, and it was, perhaps, the sense that we were supposed to meet in Stockholm, sweden. Since separating, we have been together, of course, for seven years, " said Czerkawski.

    at the same time, he established himself in the NHL and blew up Scorupcos career, with roles in the James Bond film Goldeneye. After a anything about, she was living with the couple's baby daughter in Los Angeles, he was in New York city, where he played for the Team.

    in the end, the situation is out of hand.

    " We didn't have our own stuff. I was playing ice hockey and she has played in films, and often lived thousands of miles away from each other. It's hard to keep up when. We agreed to go our separate ways, and I'm really glad that we have such a great relationship to this day. It's really good to see that we are very good friends.

    He's also happy about his relationship with his daughter, Julia, who is still living in the state of California.

    " When we all get together, we talk, we are English, and English with each other, so she may not be so much Polish in the process. It's always fun to speak English with her, and that's a good thing for me to get a work-out. Since I'm trying to teach her a bit of a Polish as well. Despite the fact that I am, and Izabella got divorced when Julia was very little, we still have a great relationship with a man. I don't have anything to complain about, " says Mariusz Czerkawski. < / p> https://www.instagram.com/p/B9HfM0VJ0_C/ < / p> READ MORE: ”I will remember " it is crazy”
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