Hjalle and Heavy driven by the Aschberg

the Jonas Stentäpp Hjalmar Östman was in my early twenties, when they were known as the Hjalle and Heavy-the whole of the English people, after having been tävl

Hjalle and Heavy driven by the Aschberg

the Jonas Stentäpp Hjalmar Östman was in my early twenties, when they were known as the Hjalle and Heavy-the whole of the English people, after having been tävlingsfavoriter in the ”On the run”.

At the end of the 90's hit program ”On the run” through and through, and was held on a Friday night on TV4 in sweden. It's the very first episode of the programme was the 29th of August, 1997, and after that, it went for three seasons of the year. The challenge was that the two couple would travel around in Sweden, which hunts the related ones – which, among other things, Tilde de Paula, Sofia Wistam and Robert Aschberg.

" We had to sneak in the bushes, behind the walls and fences to hide us." There was a lot of fun, " says Lars-Åke Wilhelmsson, who was also one of the tracks dogs.

< Hjalle and Heavy were in the ”On the run”
Along with his partner Hjalmar Östman went to Jonas ”Heavy” Stentäpp around the country. He tells her that it was a totally new experience for them, and not just in the program itself, but also because they have not been visited so many places in Sweden.

" I was very, very new, and it's somewhat confusing to me. And exciting, of course, that it was by far, " says Stentäpp.

the Couples would carry out a different mission each and every week, and keep out of the way from the hotel, and if they did, they won the money.
Sofia Wistam was one of the tracks dogs in the program.Photo by: < / b> TER in the public sector , Tilde de Paula chased the well pairs are in the ”On the run”.Photo by: < / b>: HENRIK MONTGOMERY/TT / TT NEWS agency Previous Next Exit fullscreen mode

as the Competition went on around the clock, and members of the public could help the tracks dogs of the tips is to locate where the shooter was located. The contestants had to just to get around the country by public means of transport – such as trains and buses.

if you Östman and Stentäpp, it was a whole new world to both be able to travel around so much, but it is also to be a part of the world.

"It's opened up my eyes that there are a lot of fun things out there in the world," says Jonas Stentäpp.
the celebrity status was not the only good thing
After the success of 'On the run' became the duo known all over the place and a lot of people came up and talked to them.

" for the Four weeks in the past it has only been all around and no-one has recognized a to be the and there is a queue of people who want to take a picture of, say, Stentäpp.

To be recognized, and that the people wanted to take pictures was not something that Jonas Stentäpp have always felt the most comfortable with.

"It was well-times when it was just as well," says Stentäpp.

the celebrity status came not only to the attention of the people, but the invitation is to a different kändisfester started to roll in. However, for the Stentäpp and Östman, these events are not something that was possible.

" We thought that it's silly to be on the red carpet, in Stockholm, sweden. It is jättetöntigt, we thought. So, we are the business of only, say, the Jonas Stentäpp.

< Mimikry is still left To the tour,
Despite the fact that the kändissammanhangen is not really attractive, there were good things that came out of that, becoming a tv celebrity.

" It was a balance between it all. Try to take advantage of the fun opportunities you had, and don't get too negative when I thought it felt weird, " says Stentäpp. that of Jonas ”Heavy” Stentäpp and are Hjalmar ”Hjalle” Östman, became a celebrity after the ”On the run”.Photo by: < / b> MARCUS, HE

Prior to Östman and Stentäpp was in the ”On the run” was a part of the band Mimikry, and the band was a huge boost for the duo's television success of the year. They are made of some of the songs in the programme which was appreciated by the viewers, and then they heard the labels of the time.

" It's clear to us that we wanted to go on this tour. It's a good thing you don't to no, " says Jonas, ”A” Stentäpp.

< Mimikry is still in place today, and both the Album and the Hjalle is still playing in the band. They released their last album ”Grit” two years ago, and is now in the spring, they are out of the band. However, it's not just the music, which is similar to the Stentäpps life, in the day of the deal, he is also in the tv, when he was working as a television producer for the Mittmedias on live tv.

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" Mikael Reuterswärd.

Göran Bergström "

it's True Gutestam.

Kelly Ling "

Robert Aschberg.

- Mike Dubois.

Martin White

Nadia registered in Swedish tv.

the Queen of Sweden.

Claire Wikholm "

Kent Larsen.

Hans Andersson

Östen Warnerbring.

"Emma Sjöberg"

Nick Castle

Charlotte Perrelli

Anna Book

Bjorn Eriksson "

Bengt Dahlqvist "

Camilla Henemark.

Laila Westersund.

Tilde de Paula Edeby.

the Ted M "

Gert Fylking,

in controversy.

Brad Bird,

Lucette Rådström

Lars-Åke Wilhelmsson "

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