I met a girl on the way it is

After 48 years of marriage, was ”Peppe” Eng. and ungdomskärleken Robert separate ways for a couple of years ago. on TV4 sport in previous host and moved to a

I met a girl on the way it is

After 48 years of marriage, was ”Peppe” Eng. and ungdomskärleken Robert separate ways for a couple of years ago.

on TV4 sport in previous host and moved to a cottage in Löderup in the Österlen region, and began a new life.

Now, he's Ystadbo – the real thing.

" I will stay a perfect one. Just behind the theater in an old apartment in which I got a hold of just like that. It is said that Ernst-Hugo järegård's national lampoon, has been living in the house. A lovely old house with a round tower. So, I have a room in the apartment, says, ”Peppe”, and looks out over the Baltic sea, which today are bidding on, the sea is calm.

" It is the sun, and no wind, for once in your life. And it's great.

Coronalarmen after the other, and there is a constant push in the phone, when we are talking about the life of frontprofil of the screen, under the age of 50.

" I understand that you need to look seriously at it, says, ”Peppe”, who for the moment have entirely different problems with their bodies, to take care of.

" I was in south Africa for 17 days in February. When I got home, I got a jätteont of the hip. Right now, the wrestling I have with the violence, and is waiting on x-rays. To see if something needs to be done. It's difficult enough for me.
”He has” the Passover of the new life in Skåne, sweden

" I have a holiday home in Löderup, so I do have recesses in the area for a long time. After the divorce, I met a girl from the city of Ystad. The way it is.

for the Love of god is, Karin M., from Malmö, sweden. She now lives in berlin and is särbo with ”Peppe”.

" Sometimes I am, sometimes I'll be at the home of Karin. Usually if I'm with Karin. But, sometimes, I'm actually in my apartment.

" no, No, I don't do that. I have worked for quite a long time after I retired. It was a very good de-escalation. The last few years, I went also on the internet. I had a very good working conditions and a good agreement with the TV4. There was a smooth decrease.

”Peppe” Eng love, a new life in california.

"I do not miss in Stockholm," he said.

" I'll be there sometimes because I have children and grandchildren to remain on top.

" But I am absolutely mad of the fucking traffic. And the pace of life. The people are rushing forward like mad. So it is nice to get back to Ystad.

He listed the benefits of living in a completely different part of the world.

" I can play golf all year round.

" I am a member of the city of Ystad's Golf club, and is on the track as often as I can. Now, I have, of course, a little bit of a problem with my hip, but I'm driving round in the go.

this Glove has a very good press in the drive and feel on the greens.

" I have to have the eleven in the plane. When I went down to the cottage for a number of years ago, I was seven years old. Now, it goes in the wrong direction. On the other hand, I'm old, " he said with a smile all over his face.

the People in the first place and talking about the Let's dance

Hehe. Absolutely nothing is negatively affected. It begins in the dining room of. However, there are still a lot who feel like me.

"People like to talk about" dancing with the stars. It is, above all, we want to talk about.

Everyone seems to have an eye on the well-known conflict with the judge, Tony Irving, who urged viewers not to vote in favour of the ”Peppe” Eng. and danspartnern Hayley Watson.

" I've been working on sportjournalistik in the next 50 years. When do you think that people would be interested in. But, no, it's just a matter of Let's dance.

One of the television-the sport's biggest profiles of all time get to work at the other stations, where he was able to tell us about the life of the popular sports reporter and presenter.

" I was working at Radio Active in the first place. It would be like that, I'm telling stories from the game. In the studio, it is more focused on the world of sport.

– the Listener wanting to hear a little bit of the OS disk. So I'm digging into the archives.

" I have been fortunate to work with a nice bunch. I am quite impressed with the young boys and girls who are making the radio of the day. Radio is fun and all, but today it is done in a completely different way, says, ”Peppe”.

" There are very many food. Far too many people, I have to say. Otherwise, it has not happened, and so much more. The technology and all that sort of thing is much like the previous one.

”Peppe” Eng keep in touch with many former co-workers at the Swedish TV4.

When she thought to send the football in the first place, we have a get together at my place over a cup of coffee in the afternoon. Then I follow them out of the laundry room, so they can remove his shirt before sending, in the evening.

”Peppe” the Passover of the new world, < / span>

" Sorry, you lose many rights. Now it seems like Discovery is taking over everything. It is sad the new world. One of the year, so if you buy a bundle of pay tv, and then lose it rights, and then you have to go for something else.

" It's a hodgepodge of rättighetsaffärer. And it has become a lot more expensive.


" you never know. However, at this moment in time, say, ”Peppe”, and talks about the cooperation with the old stormålvakten and Ronnie Hellström, and the meteorologist Mats Andersson, who has worked on tv for many years.

" We're going around and keep asking in a variety of organizations. Ronnie tells us about his amazing career in Kaiserslautern, I was talking on the radio and tv, and Mats explains on climate change. We tailor all-in-one package, which we will call 2x45. There is a lot of fun. A great way to start.

" I'm in the arena at times. However, I am not so much. I saw the derby between IFK göteborg and the YIF. But YIF is weird. The torskade towards Önnered a couple of days after they tied up the tail of Reggae. Otherwise, I like YIF, it's a fun team. When it begins to tighten to that point, it becomes more interesting.
- A classic story about the Borg, < / span>

" I find it hard to forget the OLYMPIC games in Lake Placid in 1980, when Ingemar Stenmark won the gold medal in both the slalom and the giant slalom. It's great, and I was there. I followed the Borg all around the world. Häliga memories.

" At that time, I've played a lot of tennis, and the Bear was one of the idols, says, ”Peppe” Eng. and tell their favourite story.

– David Bergelins's wife called the Two and asked who was going to go to a tournament, in Rome, italy. The bear only had one rack left and it was just a guy in Stockholm who was strict with his bats. Mats Låftman, at the Royal tennis hall in stockholm.

" Then she asked me if I would take the eight-nysträngade bats in Rome, italy. I felt very proud when I went to the airport by eight nysträngade Castle-racquets under his arm.

what happened to the Castle? He also won the semi-final against italy's favorite, Adriano Panatta.
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