I want to live more sustainably, but Christmas with the family is my boss

I can't Win, but I can do something. Here are a few of my absolutely imperfect families-a compromise for a bit more sustainability, and hopefully a lot of Chri

I want to live more sustainably, but Christmas with the family is my boss

I can't Win, but I can do something. Here are a few of my absolutely imperfect families-a compromise for a bit more sustainability, and hopefully a lot of Christmas peace. Maybe a suggestion is also for you and your family:

1. The gifts of the Embargo is eh run

For years, we talk to us, that you are actually no gifts needs and it is much nicer, let alone to sit together. And for years, the gifts-Embargo someone will run under. I am now moved on to the Realpolitik: I give something, but rather the little things that mean the recipient something. This can be something homemade, but only if craft stuff triggers a cold horror in him or her.

a Small tip from my own sorry experience: If you have read this and yet no gifts, there are only two possibilities: Either, you can now find something really Good and get it immediately. Or you can talk to your family, that this commercial thing is really bad and not get a nice card or a little something for the case that the other believe them. On Christmas eve, go out, is not a solution, that leads to the maximum amount of fantasies of Violence against sellers who have not chosen to be in that layer and all the other lost souls in the shops.

you have found something Personal? Super – then we move on to the next compromise, the packaging. After years I tormented my Relatives with "creative" painted newspaper pages, I will set this year on beautiful recycled gift paper can be used again. (The LCA of the newsprint was even better, but I have a sneaking suspicion that my family messages had less joy at re-reading old Newspapers than I at packing.)

  • Here you can get more time to recycle wrapping paper and other sustainable Alternatives

an Exciting read, but just no?

Now save articles for later, in "the Pocket"

2. Arrival: On the last mile not is but without a car

I have no car and fly within Germany. This is also an easy one, because I am in a privileged Situation: I live in a big city, it's not far to the work and must be chauffeured, no children around. So I rely on Bus and train, even when traveling in the home. I would pull the door-to-door, I would be at Christmas in an average of two hours longer on the road than the car would have to be at least four Times change – and then again with all the Luggage, (the "small" gifts!) one and a half kilometre cross-country run. After I was already more than six hours of on-the-go. I'm too comfortable: The famous last mile to the finish I let myself in the car driving.

table: In the case of long-distance bus and train emissions per passenger-kilometre to fall at the least greenhouse-gas-data wrapper

3. Not without the Christmas roast

we Come to a non-negotiable Tradition: Christmas without Roast is inconceivable to us. Already alone, because my sister and her husband can irresistible a good cook. But maybe the menu will be pared down this year: For the culinary gifted family members, it is the first Christmas with a Baby and all of a sudden other things are more important than the perfect table decoration and the ideal degree of Browning of the goose.

meat is to give it to but still. I'm not a vegetarian and will not change, of all things, to Christmas something about it. My compromise: I try the rest of the year to eat less meat – once per week is the current target. I consider myself to always remember? No, not even outside of Christmas. But for me, it's a start.

  • tip: Our Partner Utopia has recipes for Christmas menus from seasonal ingredients is created
4. On the Christmas tree, the burning lights, but all night

Real candles on the tree, please do not divorce – there is a Baby and dogs in the household, the risk of injury and danger of fire would be too high. Energy-saving LED lights also do it with a time circuit and, in warm light tones. An Alternative to time-shifting: You can issue the lighting also, if you go to bed and no more looking at the string of lights. This not only saves energy but also money.

5. Last-Minute tour before the departure: The cats no Wi-Fi

need A little Check-up before departure saves energy and money heating and can be rotated, devices on Stand-by, I can turn it off. Also the Wi-Fi Router. The cats need in my absence, probably not connected to the Internet.

The Berlin consumer advice centre advises that in the case of longer absences by the way to the refrigerator off and defrost. I would have to do it again – but for the few days around Christmas, the cost to me is too high. A quick fridge-Check prior to departure must be rich: What can one cook a leftovers menu? What are the long-lasting food I can increase? The goal is to not throw anything away, when I come back.

conclusion: Not perfect, but not bad at all!

Is my Christmas really sustainable? There's more on the way. Maybe there are these fabulous people, really, the Christmas gifts never, never argue, and only luck sitting blissfully together. But probably in the majority, who just want to come without a lot of Stress and as peacefully as possible over the holidays. To whom it then still manage to save on CO2, energy or plastic that has made it to the Level of "family celebrations for the Advanced". Not so bad, if the bosses Christmas means.

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Date Of Update: 24 December 2019, 13:59

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