Ica-handlarnas the fight against ungdomsgängen

the Merchant, the seminar will Kjerstensson at the store Close in London and took over the shop a year ago, and he said that there has always been a problem wit

Ica-handlarnas the fight against ungdomsgängen

the Merchant, the seminar will Kjerstensson at the store Close in London and took over the shop a year ago, and he said that there has always been a problem with children who steal.

" There is a group of ten to fifteen people that come in here and steal during lunch and breaks, and the store has a boys and girls club. Several of the old-age pensioners, which is in the daytime, don't want to be in the shop for the mess, "he says, and adds:

" finally get tired of it.

the seminar will Kjerstensson explain that it is like theft, in particular, are soft drinks, candy bars, energy drinks, and cake. ”Everything is sweet”. Also, goods with age limits, such as beer, snattas.

He tells me that he tried to do something with the situation to no avail. He turned to the head of school, Eva Gustavsson, who will take the matter very seriously.

"We're going to have a meeting with a representative from the Icahandlarnas the covenant," says the seminar will Kjerstensson.
Would like to see a statement from the parents
at the same time, he has been taking for one's own action, in order to reduce the snatterierna.

As usual, there is a small number of pupils who are on the steal, but until we can come up with a solution, I want all minors to come in and shop in the store holding a certificate of authorization from his or her parents, " says Ulrik Kjerstensson.

the store, he hung a sign up.

”we've had a problem with theft, particularly of energy drinks and other products, we have a minimum age limit on it. We would like you to have a certificate from the parent, that may be present in the store during school hours”.
Eva Gustavsson, director of education in the London community.Photo by: < / b> Private
Eva Gustafsson and confirms that the measures taken against snatterierna is on the way.

" this Situation is totally unacceptable. We have to work with is to try to prevent this from happening. We are now planning a meeting with the owner, and even the Ica's central location, offers a good example of how it could work, "she says.

" I have also contacted the municipality's security manager. We are going to see how we can work together to be able to work in order to avoid this. Kommunpolisen will also have a role to play in this. We are going to have a chat with them.

Lars Ilmoni, economic policy strategist at the Icahandlarnas covenant, and notes that in many parts of the country, going on to similar measures. Among other things, in Gothenburg, sweden, in Gothenburg and in the east of the city centre.

"We have started to work with the trygghetsöverenskommelser, in conjunction with the local municipality, the police and other stakeholders will sit down and talk about what it looks like, around the current store, and in which active and concrete actions they can do," he said.

Lars Ilmoni, economic policy strategist at the Icahandlarnas association.Photo: the Picture the Success of the model in Lulea, sweden
Lars Ilmoni tells the story of a successful, such as in Luleå, sweden.

" There it has been precisely the nature of the problem. Children from the schools during school hours, and to commit the murders, and messes around inside the store. It is necessary, and it is not an advanced science, is to build a link between the merchants and the schools.

" That may be, for example, to control the will, and is a lecturer in the school of his / her work or students are offered work placements. It can be a great way to find each other. In Lulea, sweden, also co-director, done a good job, and have had follow-up meetings on a regular basis with the merchant. This has led to very good results, and has become quieter in the store.

Michael Ovrell driving to the Ica, Near the city of norwich aviation in Gothenburg, sweden since 2005, when he took over from his father. Over the years, the number of thefts continue to increase, and he has also had to face violence and intimidation.

He says that he is the victim of, not a matter of ungdomssnatterier, but the ”worse problem” is with the robberies and the gangs, who are stealing.

Talking with parents and head of school
– But, of course, there is also a problem with the snattande school. There are products for direct human consumption that is lost. Energy drinks, candy bars, chocolates and so on. Step one is that we have to contact the parents, and in the second step, we are talking with the principal of the school where the students go, " says the Ica retailers.
Michael Ovrell are dedicated to the theft in Ica, Close to the shop for This.Photo: the Picture
He described a situation in which the two boys, who more than once had come into the store and stole and were rude to the staff.

" provided, neither the föräldrasamtalet and we talked to the head of school. We knew that the guys were playing soccer and they were very good, and we got in touch with the coaches. The club has the rules of the game, which is all that you are doing on and off the field, if you want to play a game of football. The coach had a conversation with the guys, and then it stopped the problem.

Michael Ovrell said, ”framgångsnyckeln” when it comes to school children, who steal, is that there is a rapid channel to the school, and also the clubs and associations.

”Every store should have a contact person in the school,”

" Every store should have a contact person at the school to go to, he thinks.

Michael Ovrell says that it is due to a number of activities, in general, there are less instances of theft, and more shop now than they were a year ago. This includes not only the DNA of the label, the different types of safety investment, public guardian, and the new procedures.

And just like that the seminar will Kjerstensson in London, he Ovrell in touch with Lars Ilmoni, in order to launch the so-called " trygghetsöverenskommelsen.

" the Whole point is that the police, the politicians, the schools, property owners, and the business community work together and come to the simple activities and measures, which actually are carried out.

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Updated Date: 06 March 2020, 06:00

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