If you have a news tips or photos?

the TEXT to a number 71717. < / span> < / span> in MULTIMEDIA: (a) the number 71717. < / span> < / span> please Send to 71717@expressen.se < / span> <

If you have a news tips or photos?

the TEXT to a number 71717. < / span> < / span>

in MULTIMEDIA: (a) the number 71717. < / span> < / span>

please Send to 71717@expressen.se < / span> < / span>

the Ring is Taken tipslinje: 020-22 22 to 20, you will then be directed to the nyhetsdesken, or any one of our members of the media. Taken the gear has a number 08-738 30 00.

if you Live in the south of the country, and has news for us, you can call the editors at the Swedish edition, Kvällsposten in Malmö, sweden. You are calling: 040-602 from 01 to 00.

if you Live in Sweden, you can call our west edition of the GT in Gothenburg, sweden. You can reach them at: 031-725 90 00. < / span> < / span>

You can also use it to make the Swedish newspaper Expressen's editorial board, and then you will get to speak directly with one of our experienced nyhetschefer. WhatsApp is owned by Facebook and is store some user data.

Here is a Taken the cell phone number where you can reach us on WhatsApp: 0736339623.

Download WhatsApp from app store and Google Play. < / span> < / span>

the Express newspaper is the largest Swedish media, the largest social media platform, Facebook.

Find us on www.facebook.com/expressen. Select the "edit Message" and then type your tip.

Our editors will take your information, it will not be visible to other users. < / span> < / span>

to Submit your tip, your picture or video, please go to the Swedish newspaper Expressen's profile and send a direct message. This feature can be found on the three dots in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

Download Instagram from the app store and on Google Play. < / span> < / span>

You can send text messages, photos, and videos. You can make a call if you would like to speak directly with one of our experienced nyhetschefer. None of the user information or the contents of the messages stored by the Signal.

the Swedish newspaper Expressen's mobile phone number in the Message: 0736339623.

Download the Signal from the app store and on Google Play.

if you Have sensitive data, photos, or videos that you would like to tell us about? The https://tipsa.expressen.se you can encrypted and secure contact directly to the Swedish newspaper Expressen's multi-award-winning team for investigative reporting.

this is The information you give us is protected with strong encryption. < / span> < / span>

Our address is: Bucharest, 105 16 Stockholm, sweden. Please mark the envelope "Nyhetsredaktionen". < / span> < / span>

in the news photos is being replaced, always
When you're submitting an image or video you are giving us permission to release the with the fees, according to the BLF-TU agreement, the dagstidningsavtalet), in all other cases, this must be reflected in your e-mail or a MULTIMEDIA message. In a nyhetsintensivt point, we may end up publishing the material before we discussed it with you, however, the above compensation is, of course, though.

We will always be in published news photos. Compensation is not normally in the re-publication of already used images.
If it is in a dramatic situation, be sure to not get in the way of emergency personnel. Also, keep in mind the privacy of the individual. You are first and foremost a human being, and then the photographer!

< a href="brodtext1">

< a href="brodtext1"> , BEHAVE ETHICALLY, RESPECT the rule of LAW.

< a href="brodtext1"> as all the major media outlets take the Express to receive tips, photos, and videos. The material we are undergoing a critical nyhetsvärdering. This assessment covers the content of the images and data, but also whether or not you have acted ethically and within the limits of the law.

< a href="brodtext1"> & nbsp;
the news photos IS a rapidly changing area.
For the Swedish newspaper Expressen's circulation on the web, the Network.see, it is a matter of minutes. Send in your pictures, when it's fresh. For Express press, it is also about the fast pace, especially if you are taking a picture at night. & nbsp;
& nbsp;


One of the great läsarbild do not necessarily have to be a pure nyhetsbild. A funny situation, in a final judgment, for me. Think about what you would like to see in the magazine. & nbsp;
& nbsp;
If it is a delicate situation, try to get close to your subject. However, always remember to show respect to others. Just as important, it can be, complete with long shots, so the viewer is able to orientate himself in the situation. Simply put, taking pictures of the same event. & nbsp;
& nbsp;

the SITUATION IS the most IMPORTANT thing.

don't you Have your camera at your fingertips, use your mobile phone. Even if it doesn't give the same image quality, so catch you on the situation.

< a href="brodtext1">

< a href="brodtext1"> a WORKING GP, WITH the news photos:

< a href="brodtext1"> To report news that is important, and the picture is a big part of the news coverage. The express newspaper are reporting on a daily basis about accidents, crime and other current events. We encourage all of our readers and viewers, to help with the return. That is why it is important that you take your pictures in the right way.

Express newspaper adheres to the press ethical rules, which states: "the Show is always crime, and accident victims and their families the utmost respect."

Our in-house quality management policy, stress the importance of taking into account, in connection with the shooting. It is also, among other things, in the Swedish newspaper Expressen's quality policy: "At the accident, take pictures if possible, measurements of the injured and the first responders. Keep in mind that your work with the camera, it can be perceived as provocative by the people involved. To work with the same respect, dignity and compassion at the distress."

When a picture is taken, there are a redaktörsarbete in the newsroom, where we have to carefully consider the pictures that will be published and what should be shown or not. We are very restrictive as to display the images of the injured or deceased person.

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Date Of Update: 23 December 2019, 09:01

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