I'm going to sit and sing along to in the car

After a period of five years in formula 1, made for Marcus Ericsson's debut in the Irl last year. A Swedish colleague Felix Rosenqvist made an instant success

I'm going to sit and sing along to in the car

After a period of five years in formula 1, made for Marcus Ericsson's debut in the Irl last year. A Swedish colleague Felix Rosenqvist made an instant success and was named the post-season for the rookie of the year. It didn't go quite as well for Ericsson, which is where he came in second place at the Detroit GP and had his first podium finish since he drove in GP2 for 2013, but otherwise it was a bit of a problem with the conversion after all these years in formula 1, admitting that he did a little bit of a lot of mistakes his first year.

But he was impressed still be enough to be recruited to the best Chip of the driving for stewart-haas ahead of the season, and then suddenly Ericsson's team mate with Felix Rosenqvist and femfaldige champion, Scott Dixon.

Recently, "said Felix, to SportExpressen.

" That's very nice is that Marcus has come to us. He will certainly make us better as a team. There are three different types of drivers that can contribute to our experiences and points of view.

But Felix is defending himself against the question of whether he would like to win the svenskduellen again.

" I can understand that some people are already thinking of it at all. However, it does not, neither I or Marcus. We are very good friends, and of course we want to beat all the other racers.

< Svenskkampen in the Part

"Felix said at last.

" I don't want to be sämste English, haha.

Marcus Ericsson was laughing when he said that.

" I agree with Felix. I also don't want to be sämste English, haha. It was a very good statement.

" Quite honestly, out there on the track, you think, not who they are competing against. When you want to beat all of you. Then, I think it is a blast to me and Felix are on the same team. And, hopefully, we will be at the top, and the battle both of them, it's going to be pretty damn funny.

One reason is that the Chip is driving for stewart-haas gave it a place in the team for Marcus Ericsson is in the hearts of swedes long experience in the field, among other things, of the formula 1. Something else that is new to the team really liked Marcus in the last year was, how wonderful, quickly he adapted to the ovalbanorna, where he was better than that of Felix Rosenqvist.

" He's very sharp on the to hop in a car and just drive. He really can ”drive the shit " out of it”. He has been in his entire career. This is one of his greatest strengths. I'll look and see if I can pick anything up. I'm more of a thinker, I will take more time for me, so we are very, very different.

" I'm going in with a sense of security in the here and now. In the first year of the Irl is very difficult, after all, is the new one. Now I know how all of the tracks look like, now I can do it, my competitors, so I'm on a completely different level than in the previous year. It's going to be really fun. The experience will make all the difference.
Trained both mentally and mentally,
Marcus Ericsson has also put a winter break for self-training, and the rock-hard strength and endurance training.

" I do not feel very well-prepared. It's a big change for the team, with the demand of the Chip of the driving for stewart-haas. I like hockey and like to make connections to the world. It's like coming into A. A top team with a vinnarkultur, which is in the walls.

" Just the way it is. You can see that in all the Chip is driving for stewart-haas, and their attitude that we're going to win every race. For me, it's like a new chapter in my life. This is the first time that I'm a member of a toppteam as a win-win on a continuous basis. In all my years prior to F1, I went to the toppteam, who was able to win the race and the championship.

" It felt great, and when it had stopped raining, and we were able to drive on the right. It is felt that this is a team that has been at the highest level for many years, with a lot of very capable people around him.

" It was the first time I drove the car, after a couple of hours, or even days in the studio. however, development in all of the glory, there is nothing else to be out there on the track, on the right. It was a valuable one, in spite of the heavy rain jävlades a part of us.

" Then you won't get any points when you do the tests, lol. Of course, we're all tävlingsmänniskor. However, we have a variety of test programs, and I have spent some of this time to practice pit stops. And that's when a lot of people had their best lap times. I was in fifth place overall, in a previous position. So I felt that was decent compared to the others.
Marcus Ericsson: ”I'm going to win the race
We are waiting yet another day of testing in Florida, in two weeks, and then start premiärloppet in St. Petersburg, Florida, on Sunday, the 15th of march.

It is also when Marcus and for the first time, will compete in his red and white car.

in the Same colors as your favorite team Örebro Hockey.

" the Red and the white! It doesn't get any better. I'm a big hockeysupporter, and don't know how many times I have been in matches played at home in Örebro, sweden, and the chant: ”come on, man reddish-white”. I'm going to sit and sing in the new one. On the straights it will be: ”come on, man reddish-white”.

" Marcus, laughing merrily and pay tribute to their favorite sports teams on their great seasons.

" It has been a tough one with the injuries to some of the best players, we don't have such a wide squad as the other teams in the league. However, I think it's been a very cool season. Leaders, who are really the cool thing about the sport, it's not just about the stars but about working together and coming together as a team.

for Himself, he doesn't want to talk about the long-term goal.

Marcus, don't say that Out: ”the goal is to win the championship”.

" I'm going to win a race this season. I'm going to fight for the victory of each and every racehelg. However, I do take it is really a weekend break-in at a time. I would like to focus on maximising each and every race.

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Date Of Update: 24 February 2020, 00:00

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