Impact on the Swedish sport of coronavirus

United states and is the second division - Mats Also secretary-general of the Swedish football. " so far, we have enough information very first. We will hav

Impact on the Swedish sport of coronavirus
United states and is the second division
- Mats Also secretary-general of the Swedish football.

" so far, we have enough information very first. We will have a meeting with the clubs in the morning, and the issue is on the agenda, and we will have a board meeting on Friday, and it will also be discussed. We are still a long, carefully, cautious, and try to follow what's going on, " says Enquist.

" We're trying to find out what we can do, but so far, it's really not clear to you. We'll have to see. It's a tough situation right now, but it's not the first time. We have had a number of these different types of viruses and other things that have threatened us throughout the years. It all depends on how it is developed.

BUT has been in contact with the Swedish football association has not yet taken a decision on this.

"We do not have a ready-made decision, other than, possibly, for a week," he said.

the Damallsvenskan, and the elitettan

Stefan Alvén, sports director of the Football queen.

" We are monitoring the situation and, in fact, in a meeting later in the day, in collaboration with the Swedish football association. We'll check on it. So, we are monitoring the situation.

" We have taken the action that we are going to have a meeting with the union, and to draw up the plan for the meeting.

the Alvén do not want to speculate on how the series is going to be affected, if the situation is changing in Sweden.

" It's too early to tell, we'll only have this meeting and go through all the possible scenarios. Then we are going to inform how we position ourselves.

" No, no, more than that, we have announced that we are going to have this meeting.


Johan Hemlin, SHL's executive vice president.

the SHL and had a meeting with the English hockey association, and it was planned for some time, but we will, of course, coronavirus the top of the agenda. What we're doing is, like so many others, we are monitoring the situation, and listen to the authorities, " says Hemlin.

Right now, will not be affected this upcoming season.

" Until further notice, all SHL games as part of current planning, and we are, of course, in close touch with our clubs about that as well.

if, However, the situation is changing allows Hemlin, who are ready to make a decision soon.

" We're very, very quick if it was going to get any kind of information or directives that might have the potential to affect the SHL. We have a very, very fast channels, to establish a kind of decision procedures. , SDHL, ”We need to rethink our judges travel across the country”
It Törsleff, the security manager for the SDHL, SHL and Hockeyallsvenskan.

" at the moment, with all the information that we have, we have not touched on some of the limitations of the event. That is to say, playing in front of empty stands, or to reduce the audience numbers, we're not there yet. And then we would get to the point where we have to go out in the stabsläge. When we begin to talk about the almost a major crisis, and it is a major issue.

as the Coronavirus, is not just a matter of which touches on the major events, allowing Törsleff.

" We need to look at our judges, who will travel across the country, how are we going to work with them. There is a plan for all of the teams about how we're going to be able to help each other out if we get a insjukningar in a variety of locations.


Stephan Guiance, Hockeyallsvenskans the president.

" We are of the day, in the morning, had a meeting with all of the klubbchefer in Groups, where we looked at how we are going to deal with the issue. We have also asked our klubbchefer to make a so-called hazard analysis, what if one of the club's management, or the team suffers? How do you deal with it?

" work is under way for our clubs, where we take a look at it, and we are centrally located will do the same analysis. In general, we have not taken any action yet because we have to follow sweden's national recommendations, " says the Guiance.

" Yes, we've been talking about, but to this day does not have any such policies. We don't want to find their own solutions, but we are following the guidelines that we have.

the world Cup in the process: ”We have taken a specific action
James Swanberg, the physician, and in charge of medical safety for the alpine skiing competitions of the world Cup in the process.

" you should think about is if you are going to collect the people who are in this kind of event, where there will be a natural increase in the risk of the spread of disease. In light of this, we have done our homework and evaluated the situation from the standpoint of how smittläget looks of it, both in Sweden and internationally, " says Swanberg.

" the first is that we have a basic height of the emergency, and, secondly, we have taken special measures. We do have contingency plans which we will try to anticipate various different scenarios. This is a question which we are addressing to the participants of the event. Then, it is more difficult for us when it comes to the development of tourism.

" It's a question of authority when it comes to the limit of travel. We have to rely on the experts, that is, on the one hand from Folkhälsomyndigheten. However, I have also been in close contact with the physicians. As we have discussed, if there is no restriction to impose, for example, a public audience, but that is not to be done. You can't base any such restrictions on a concern, or a general feeling of discomfort, but you will have to rely on the facts, " he said.

the Davis Cup, the ”Business-as-usual
Henry Odervall, competition manager at the Davis Cup.

" We will comply with the recommendations of the who Folkhälsomyndigheten, and the international tennis federation gives us. The recommendations are to provide a hand disinfectant, and all the usual recommendations, and we will do that. Furthermore, we are taking no special precautions. The Business-as-usual, " he said.

" Yes, we are, of course, the law that was given. Would it be possible to play without an audience, so we will follow the course of it. However, it is a joint decision. Currently, there are no recommendations from either the Swedish government or by the international tennis federation.

" the Players are very, very quiet. They are a very closed group of friends on their team. The players from Chile and has been asking a few general questions, and they've got about the same response as you got.
the game
Mattias is sense and sense is the leader of the intressepolitik and media affairs of the FOUNDATION.

" the Recommendations are quite simple. Please refer to the Folkhälsomyndigheten, and the ministry of foreign affairs, when it comes to travel. We have to follow their advice, and their recommendations are, say, sense and sense.

" We're listening to Folkhälsomyndigheten and find out what they recommend. The fact that it is the event organizer who makes the decision on his own to the contest, we are going to act as a support. They are taking their competition, and we will not work with the recommendations. national CHAMPIONSHIP of the week in Boden/Luleå, sweden
as Per Bergljung is working on the game, and is currently involved in the national CHAMPIONSHIP of the week, which is scheduled to take place march 25-31,.

" We can do no more than listen to the Folkhälsomyndigheten at this point in time. We will have a meeting this afternoon at the evenemangsorganisationen, with a focus on security and crisis management, " says Bergljung.

" We have to prepare ourselves for the variety of developments such as, for example, what would happen if, Luleå, sweden, or the Ground is hit, or is to be, we can see that the spread of infection is high in some regions in the united kingdom, then we need to act on it. When it is in front of all of our specialidrottsförbund, then it's up to the city to assess the risks associated with the gathering of people at the stadium.

"The most important thing is to follow up the day-to-day, and to have the information out to our participants on how to act on it," he said.

bandy association Hakan Sjösten, president of the bandy association, if a national CHAMPIONSHIP final in Uppsala, sweden, 20-21 march.

" There's still some time left, and I can be at the top of my head, to say that we don't have any position on the ring. It's something we have to work forward and follow the authorities 'advice is quite simple," says Sjösten.

the SportExpressen has sought to Copenhagen, but without success.


Date Of Update: 03 March 2020, 17:00

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