Iran is waiting for the results of the elections has been postponed several times

today, on Tuesday, the eleventh day of the parliamentary elections held in Iran since the islamic revolution of 1979. The election comes after a series of tragi

Iran is waiting for the results of the elections has been postponed several times

today, on Tuesday, the eleventh day of the parliamentary elections held in Iran since the islamic revolution of 1979. The election comes after a series of tragic events. In one year, it has been a long and infested with conflict, with the united states, and in a couple of months ago, pushed Iran down a Ukrainian plane, by mistake.

At 19:55, cet, has been the election has been postponed three times, said the AFP news agency. And the result of the election is likely to be present only on Sunday, writes the news as well.

Early on the Friday morning there, opened the country's polling stations in 31 provinces. 58 million of iranians are eligible to vote, and some of them are going to vote in today's election.

the Swedish newspaper Expressen Kassem Hamadé, have visited the polls to talk with voters.

he Taiybe Sahibe Nassab. She is a homemaker and they have two children, and has just submitted his vote in a polling station of Tehran pars, in the east of the Urals . Here you vote in the most conservative of the candidates .

Then, the leaders of the revolution time, I vote in every election. Because I am an educated person in the community, I am voting based on my knowledge and my belief. I love my country and I will be voting, and there may be a problem, but I'm doing it all on my own, " she says.

in Iran, is suffering from an economic crisis and high inflation, then the president of the united states, Donald Trump, imposed tough sanctions against the country, and the way a kärnvapenavtal of the country in the year 2018.

the Election is conducted in 31 provinces.

, 58 million of whom are eligible to vote.

Reformers is a paraplyallians of the groups. Most people are under the name of ”the Council for the co-ordination of the reformfronten.”

, in which The conservative political groups are the revolutionary guards and the supreme leader, Ali Khamenei, a close.

in Total there are 290 members of the european parliament and of the Reformers at the moment, the majority of
Show merVisa mindreDe the conservatives are expected to win
In the elections, is expected to the united the conservatives to capture a majority in the house. While the fragmentation of the reformist struggle in order to remain in power.

However, Nassab check out the thirty names, of both the conservative and the reformist bloc. She is aware that the country is going through a difficult time, and for this reason, it is important to vote.

" I will vote for the candidates of the two camps (conservative and reformist). I believe that when ideas and thoughts come together to benefit the parliament's work, the better. The choice is very, very important. We are going through today, under pressure from the great powers. There are a variety of ideas in the community. Some are good and others are bad.

a Low turn-out
Despite the fact that the outcome of the election probably won't be ready until at least Monday, to talk now of the possibility of a low turn-out. And this is a further reduction of the reformvänligas chances of retaining the majority in the house.

Abbasali Kadkhodaei, is the spokesman for the guardian council, which approves the candidates, who are allowed to set-up in the election. He said at a press conference on Wednesday the turnout in the recent elections has hovered at over 50 percent. However, many of the unhappy thought to a boycott of the elections, this time around, and the coronavirus to learn to affect participation significantly, in spite of professor Seyyed Shahabeddin Sadrs, soothing words.

Iran's supreme leader, ayatollah Ali Khamenei, is also believed to have affected the voter turn-out. Earlier in the week, he said that if it is passed,” and that ”participation in elections is the islamic System of honor”, the two sentences, which may prove important for the outcome of the presidential election. The statement has also been interpreted as a direct contribution to the conservative party.

At the ballot box meets Kassem Hamadé also Come in Farzalian, 18. She is a college student and will be voting for the first time in his life.

" It is, of course, that's my country's future is very important. I am here today to follow the call of our leader (Ayatoullah Ali Khamenei). The economic situation is difficult now, and it's the real thing. I came out here and voted, at the behest of our leaders.

Come Farzalian added his voice to the conservative candidate.

" I can't say that I chose just the conservatives or the reformists (ecr). We will select the most suitable candidate. I think the most appropriate is the conservative candidate.
Taken a foreign correspondent, visiting polling stations in central Tehran.

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Date Of Update: 21 February 2020, 20:00

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