It is the users who do share clips on the stock market

buying and selling shares is not as big of a deal as in the past. To open an account, and learn how to banks ' web pages, works in toad, or in the computer. Or

It is the users who do share clips on the stock market

buying and selling shares is not as big of a deal as in the past. To open an account, and learn how to banks ' web pages, works in toad, or in the computer. Or on your mobile phone.

the Stock market has become a joke, as well as many of the elderly are detected.

" there Are some who have a lot of time into it, so it is as well as the senior citizens. When you are working there will be of course not , " says mark, 84.

Became a widow ten years ago,
She recently wrote a post in the facebook group Economista, and encouraged the other seniors to invest their hard-earned kroner on the stock market.

”So, so much pensionärsdamer: you don't have to, and to be bored, to get to grips with the exciting and rewarding world of stocks and mutual funds can offer”, said mark. The post received hundreds of comments and thousands of likes.

Like many of the other women of the older generation had a mark a long time there was no family business. Pursue left her almost completely on her husband.

ten years ago, she became a widow and single, she had to learn from scratch. Today, she is on top of everything that is related to your personal finances.

" I worked as a secretary during my working life, and it was not a large occupational pension schemes to fall back on. My husband was able to get pensions, but at the end of the year, it is the end of a section, and it is nice to have for my investment and gave me a third leg financially, " explains mark.
”the Fun of the pastime that will generate you money”
In the beginning she was a part of the rivets, which amatörinvesterare. Over the years, she has taught herself, and then, in 2014, when mark started to bring the book of mormon, the, the capital has grown by around 40 per cent.

This does not mean that she is rich, but it seems that at least for a peace of mind, when the pension payments will be lower.

She was investing quite conservatively in the ”safe bet” as an investment company, and global. A högoddsare will be there as well.

the Best clip of the shares of the teknikbolaget Sinch.

They rose 70 per cent, which is very good!!!!

this mark is usually set aside for a few hours every day to manage the portfolio. She reads business magazines, and blogs via the Ipad. She will be happy to recommend to other pensionärskvinnor to begin with, the stock. Many people are a little afraid of the stock market, and don't know how it works, she thinks.

" I'm not a day trader and can't rely on it. For me, it's a fun past time, like crossword puzzles and double the fun when it can generate money as well. A little bit of brain teaser, it is well, too, like mark.

savings accounts and fixed-interest securities provide very little or no investment return will be the stock market too, more and more, it is the most attractive option, if you have a saved bit of money.

There are, of course, is not without risk, and the need for their money in the short term, it would probably not be in the stock market they are supposed to be.
Did their parents ' bank
the 76-year-old Anne-Marie, like his namesake, mark, 84, a keen interest in the stock market, and stock market transactions.

" a lot of people do not dare to invest their own money in the stock market because they think they are going to get ripped off. Of course, there is a risk, and you should never risk it with their household money. If you have a capital in the bank, you should not put anything in the stock market, but make sure that you have a lot next door so you feel safe and confident, there is Anne-Marie, 76.

She has had in the stock market investments made by bobby, and a source of income at the age of 45. When she was a teenager, her parents had a farm and helped to take care of their banking transactions. Later in life she worked, among other things, a large insurance company, so siffersinnet there in the first place.

Over the years, the investment förräntat for Anne-Marie. She started off with a placement in a forestry company Munksjö.

Every day, she puts herself in front of the computer at 9: 30 a.m. to watch the business press and the stock market. To be up-to-date, the A and the O. the to placeringsgeniet Magnus Hernhags the blog is also a vital routine for Anne-Marie.

" the Stake has been my hobby, and I have been cashing in on it as well. The share capital as a consequence of the number of times, and I've taken it out of the profits have been sufficient to pay, inter alia, a new car, a trip to the US, and the two plots of land!
Not move with the share price of a Bad business, this, of course, also been. For example, the Ericsson shares, which Anne-Marie had no luck with the timing.

the more The better, went the (much smaller), the Swedish teknikbolaget Mycronic. The development of the electronics, which are used in the manufacture of, for example, displays for televisions and personal computers. In a large market, in other words.

" I was reading about the share in the net, and saw, among other things, that the former ceo bought a lot of their own company. It must be a very good investment, very good, I thought. It was one of the very best business, the share price rose by 800 per cent, says Anne-Marie is satisfied.

< Seniorkvinnornas tips for beginners
1. Go for a computer course (organized by both PRO and SPF, Seniors), if you don't already know you. To buy and sell stocks online, you must have at least a basic level of knowledge. However, it is not very hard.

2. Get an account at any bank. When you don't have to declare gains and losses, and pay in lieu of an annual flat-rate contribution.

3. Review your assets and determine how much you can spare. The money that you expect to use in the card should not be placed on the stock market.

4. Join us in the business press, blogs, and email newsletters. Inform yourself so that you can make your own decisions. Important to keep up with.

5. Don't put all your eggs in one basket, spread the risk. To begin with, the investment company is a good idea to me. It's just like a managed fund but without the annual fee. The shares of such as the Investor's cost quite a lot (more than 500 euros each), and can be, for example, Spiltans mutual fund investment company in which that you can buy for a hundring.

6. If you have a lump sum to be put so as to spread out the purchases over a period of time. As to the letter of the law, in the stock market's ups and downs, is well nigh impossible. It is a time of the month, averages it out over a longer period of time.

Source: Aktieentusiasterna, Ann-Mari, 84, and Anne-Marie, 76.

to View merVisa mindreFem the most common mistakes you must avoid

for some small investors, have been only such as the Ericssonaktier in the portfolio, but to make some money. To begin with, with a minimum of five companies, and to expand the portfolio of perhaps 10 to 15 companies over a period of time.

this is One of the most commonly used nybörjarfelen is that there is a lack of a strategy. You will need to have a plan of action for the kursnedgångar and the bad times, otherwise increases the risk that you are not feeling well, and making the wrong decisions.

A common mistake is to have too large a share of the capital, in one or a few högriskbolag. I: Company Diamyd, which crashed in 2011, the diabetesvaccin not delivered what it promised. On the one day of the dove, the share of 85 per cent.

the Shares, the value of which declines rapidly over a long period of time is called a falling knife. Do you catch one of those in the air, there is often blodvite. Even though it looks cheap out of the can, a stock will always fall a little bit more. Often, dropping the course, steadily, and for good reason. One example is Eniro, which gave out the phone book, which is no longer wanted.

It's wonderful aktietipset as a neighbor, good friend, or the guy in the korvkiosken would like to share with you. The person is probably not to trick you, but it can be just as misinformed as anyone else. It is to be able to form your own opinion.

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Source: Marcus Hernhag and Jan Sterner, the author of the book ”To succeed in stock market investments”.

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