It should be every american to have at home

< Empty store shelves has given rise to a discussion about prepping. Some people think that it is selfish to buy up the valuable goods that others may need to b

It should be every american to have at home

< Empty store shelves has given rise to a discussion about prepping. Some people think that it is selfish to buy up the valuable goods that others may need to be better, others will say that it is the most loyal, is to make sure that they can manage on their own without having to burden the community.

" From the PROGRAM itself, we have argued that it is important to be prepared, so you can get by without the ability to trade in a week or so. I would imagine that the coronavirus, many of which until now have been thinking about making a change and improving their level of preparedness. It's like I don't need to be upset about it at the moment. If you are trying to buy a lot of things, it's a lot of pain if you are in a critical situation as a result of hoarding, however, is a problem.

In the booklet About the crisis, and the war is won”, we have some tips on what to keep in mind about their level of preparedness. Think about what you will need in order to get by for a week, or thereabouts, in terms of food, water, medicine, and health. It is also important to be able to take advantage of the information, for example, by means of a radio with batteries.

" It's up to the individual to judge: How do I make the best, given my situation? Do I have the space to stock up so much in my pantry? Do I need to get on with others? To work in the yard or in the neighborhood creates a lot of power. < / span> < / span>

" most of what we have available in the shop or on the road. Very little is available in the warehouse. If you look at what we have in the system as a whole, it is sufficient that, in a couple of weeks. However, it is to be affected if there is a hoarding in which people are throwing themselves all over it as much as possible, and some people might be thinking that ”this might make me a buck if I buy a stock”. Then you have more of a problem.

Svante Werger, special advisor to the Swedish contingencies agency.Photo by: < / b> Express

Presented to the membership in the EUROPEAN union, we had the national stocks. Sweden's position at the time of our EU membership were to be seen the question of food supply, from an EU perspective, the EU's supply which is what we're going to deal with. Now the picture is more nuanced policy-making. Perhaps we need to think more of our country's self-sufficiency, to have a state of the layers or the requirements of the corporate world to be a little bit more of a margin. The vulnerability is higher.

" What are the rules that we are able to implement rationing and to ensure that we are able to prioritize the resources that are available in some cases. When you apply these tools to interfere with the market is very, very, very much. The best part is, of course, about the use of market mechanisms may contribute, and that we are able to produce more. It will have the greatest impact.

In extreme situations, like the crisis and ultimately the war, it must be assumed that the public sector will need to focus efforts on those who have difficulty helping themselves. When the defense suggested that it could be a week, your own readiness, it is not that the government is not able to take up their responsibility and, therefore, should be for all citizens to be there. It's a matter of that, in extreme situations, we need to maintain a state of preparedness at the individual as well – even if they are doing all they can....

" We could see the signs of it are all the more aware of it responsibilities.

" for 2017, the PROGRAM measured in terms of how the population looks at these issues, and then we have to conclude that the proportion of the population that has been planned in order to increase their own preparedness, has almost tripled, from around 10 per cent to 28 per cent. Also, they say that they have secured access to food and water, have increased significantly, albeit from low levels.

" the Coronavirus can get the ones that have started to think about it to know that it is just as well to do it.

to See the full interview at the tv, the player stated above.

and So prepared, they are swedes

the Figures, from the PROGRAM (2019).

Reflecting on the impact of samhällskriser 42 %.

it was Planned to increase the readiness of a 28%.

in the Secured access to the food, to 18%.

in the Secured access to the water supply of 13%.

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Date Of Update: 05 March 2020, 18:00

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