I've sacrificed a lot – he says it every day.

and Alice, of Sweden, was a 19-year-old, and in the midst of his second season with the Limhamn/Bunkeflo in the damallsvenskan, when Malmö FF's Mattias Svanber

I've sacrificed a lot – he says it every day.

and Alice, of Sweden, was a 19-year-old, and in the midst of his second season with the Limhamn/Bunkeflo in the damallsvenskan, when Malmö FF's Mattias Svanberg, the people of Bologna in the Serie A. One year later, she moved in together with my boyfriend.

"I was pretty sick and tired of that, so it was a pretty obvious move," she said.

But the decision also led to new possibilities for her own career. In order to be able to play games at the Italian club in his first year, she was required to sign a contract before the year started, " she says.

Despite the fact that she has started to work out by the airport, the team went for it a whole year without playing a competitive game.

" I trained more and more in the summer, but it took a hell of a time before it was ready for use. The italians can be a little tough with all of it.

At the end of January 2020, was presented to her at the end, which is a recent acquisition by the City. With the jersey number on the back, she was in the front of the scorer immediately at the onset of the women's team in the " c "Series.

" I've really missed it that much. To go from playing every week, and every weekend from the time are six years old that did not get to play at all, it's not so much fun.

Alice of Sweden, when she was introduced as the airport, the stadium, at the end of the month of January.Photo by: < / b> Bologna-FC TV: To play in a bigger club,
She tells me that it is from the beginning it wasn't obvious that she was going to play for the Bologna, and his partner had a role to play in the transition.

I looked around a little bit in the neighborhood, what there was of the law. I didn't want to play at a higher level, and with that, I've done it before. However, talked to Mattias, with his manager, who told me that I would be hearing from me for the women's team. And they would be happy to have me. So it was a little bit, by Mattias, it was.

in The past year, Alice, of Sweden, studied sports psychology at a distance at the same time, she is reading in Italian.

However, all of the time, she has been in training in order to be able to play at the highest level.

" I know that it's going all right, but the format has been improved. It's going to be a lot better if I was allowed to play the games.

" It depends a bit on where Mattias is taking the route, but there are better teams in the neighborhood that play in the top league.

" No, I just thought it wouldn't happen a year ago. I think there is a lot of fun. I'm getting a lot of attention to Mattias, he's a good player. I go to his games, and he's trying to move on to the vocabulary as much as possible.

”Not so much the tactics of the”
Alice and Gary, despite his young age, had been playing for a short period of time in the league and in st. petersburg, and several years later, in Limhamn/Bunkeflo as a teenager. She refers to the level of the players in Bologna, which is the equivalent of a top team in division 1.

" the Players are more technical and fast-paced, but it's not so much the tactics. You are running a more individual basis. It is getting very wearing and matches, and you will be very tired, and it's a little more organised the game in Sweden.

in the Past, she has mostly been playing either winger or fullback, but for now, she has gained a more creative role, as an offensive inner midfield.

" It's a special part that I'm not used to at all in the past. Now I get to be the one who rule the roost a little bit.

Alice of Sweden, played two seasons in the damallsvenskan for the Limhamn/Bunkeflo.Photo by: < / b> BILDBYRÅN: , Mattias Svanberg, made the case in a landslagsdebuten for the nov. Photo by: < / b> by HENRIK ISAKSSON/TT is a Previous Next Exit fullscreen mode Of love, ”He means all things.”
After practice is football, it is often what she is talking about back home, " she says.

" We're both interested in. I would like to know anything about his training, and he would like to come along when I'm working out. Then, there will be a lot of football on tv as we follow the CLUB is quite busy.

The two players met through common friends in their teenage years. Alice and Gary said that football was a common interest that brought them together to begin with, but the fact that love is a lot more to it than that.

" He means everything. It's almost like we're one person, we do it all, and it was a very special moment. The life we are living is not normal for people our age, but we work pretty well together and support each other.

" I've sacrificed a lot for him. He knows about it, and tell it to me each and every day, that he will not be able to afford it, but for me, and all for a reasonable price. This makes the course very well, and we can talk about all of it.

< https://www.instagram.com/p/Buwt6RGnDjo/Hyllar the CLUB's damsatsning

Both Alice Magnusson and Mattias Svanberg, is likely to have many years ahead of him as a professional footballer abroad.

But now, as Malmö FF, has set up a women's team, there is the possibility for the two to finish their careers at the same club, at the home of the future.

" You're a little bit hungry. This is something close to our hearts and will always be a big part of the two of us, and especially to Mattias, who has been at the CLUB. Now that they've got a women's team is awesome, and I hope that things are going well for them, " she says.

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