Lamotte: I would have been out of skyddsvästen

In the Swedish Radio's P1's söndagsintervju on Sunday, it's the journalist in nc for our public, Joakim Lamotte, which is in the focus of attention. The host

Lamotte: I would have been out of skyddsvästen

In the Swedish Radio's P1's söndagsintervju on Sunday, it's the journalist in nc for our public, Joakim Lamotte, which is in the focus of attention. The host of the show, Martin Wicklin interview with Lamotte, in a conversation that touches on both the Lamottes to the career, and as a part of family life.

Among other things, says Lamotte, if the maximum amount of appreciation he was given, but it is also about the hate and the threats.

" There's been a lot for me in recent times, I have been in the eye of the storm. And, in all honesty, I feel great for it. It does affect me quite a lot of psyksikt, " says Joakim Lamotte.

can't sleep, a constant lump in my stomach and the anxiety are some of the things he describes. As the host of the show asks if it isn't voluntary, "he says.

" In a sense, it is self-selected. I know that it's going to be the case. I have decided to do what I am doing. However, when I'm in the eye of the storm, and gets a lot of attention and some of the targets of criticism, and the constant is the one for me, I get to fight in all directions. When I feel not good about it, " he said of the program.

Joakim Lamotte's bar skyddsväst during the recording of the Swedish television's talk shows, in Trollhättan, sweden, earlier this year.Photo by: < / b> of the director"the uk come together" is the Lamottes's family is threatened,
In the söndagsintervjun he tells us how he's dealing with a dipparna, and how he's trying to recover. As a metaphor, which used to be a boxing ring: There is a new boxing match to go to.

Martin Wicklin points out that Lamotte, of his own accord, ”go up into the ring, and even the hopes of his report, he replies that it is partly so, but in spite of all the threats to him and his family, to be worthy of it.

" Somewhere, I think that's about it. I am the type who is pretty consistent, and I have come to understand it, but since I started using this, 2014-2015, how important it is to have the freedom of speech. To have no freedom of speech in a democracy there is no democracy any longer. And I can see that there are people who want to silence me, and I can see the other people who will be silenced. There is a problem that people aren't really able to speak, and feel what they are feeling, but to be silent.

Joakim Lamotte has a long history as a journalist working for, among other things, the SVT, and the flagship of the ”uppdrag granskning”. In recent years he has become well-known for his journalism and advocacy, especially on Facebook. The title ”swishjournalist” has emerged as a result of the fact that följarna could swisha money for the Lamottes do the work.

There was a polispådrag in Trollhättan, sweden, in connection with the recording of the Swedish television's talk shows, in town for a couple of weeks ago.Photo by: < / b> ROBERT BETZEHAG . ”Would be taken by the skyddsvästen”
However, it has also shared many of the resulting content, and the discussion is often about the ethical basis, the reactions that follow in the wake of the report, and where the line between journalism and activism goes. Joakim Lamotte will have several questions about this at the time of the interview.

Among other things, it drew the attention of the skyddsvästen, as Lamotte's bar in sweden, with a studio in Trollhättan, sweden, during the broadcast of the debattprogrammet Sweden, meet” up. Joakim Lamotte was forced to have a polisbeskydd during their visit, they had previously been robbed and beaten during a live broadcast.

" that is Why I decided almost right away that I'm going to have to have the skyddsvästen when I go to Trollhättan, and I'm going to have to get it while I'm away.

When he left Kronogården to the studio, he decided to keep it.

" I thought, what the hell, never mind. I'll keep skyddsvästen, so have to see what the hell I was living in. With the benefit of hindsight, I would have taken it. However, I didn't do it, and so it was, as it were. And I realize, in retrospect, it is clear that people will laugh at this, but I was so adrenalinpumpad when I got there, so I didn't care that plus the fact that I was a little sweaty under which the university, as I had taken it out of me, that I had been in a completely soaked with sweat, T-shirt, and it would have been a hell of a neat looking at the screen to do so.

Söndagsintervjun is transmitted in the P1 Sveriges Radio on Saturday and Sunday.

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Updated Date: 14 March 2020, 18:00

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