Lamotte: that's Why I skyddsväst on the second day, the studio

on Wednesday night, it was a great polispådrag on-site in Trollhättan, sweden. as a Journalist, and in nc for our public, Joakim Lamotte sent to a live stream

Lamotte: that's Why I skyddsväst on the second day, the studio

on Wednesday night, it was a great polispådrag on-site in Trollhättan, sweden.

as a Journalist, and in nc for our public, Joakim Lamotte sent to a live stream from the area of the Kronogården of the debate in sweden was started, as well as starred in.

for the Last time, Lamotte came in Kronogården gathered a large number of the people around him, and in the final of the contest, appeared to the way he bestals of the parts of the equipment. He has, in an interview, said that he had to take a number of hits.

On Wednesday, it was different.

" It was a jätteskillnad. This was because the police had not prepared a lot, it was a polishästar, the police helicopter. There were lots of police everywhere in the Kronogården, " says Joakim Lamotte.
Had a police escort to the studio,
He has appeared in live girls on skyddsväst. Joakim Lamotte said that he had discussed the issue of the threats against him by the police and that he wanted to be on the safe side.

" I decided that I wanted to play it before I went to sweden and take it off when I was in Sweden. Then, I came straight from the Kronogården to live, so it's come to that, " he said.

Joakim Lamotte had a police escort on-the-spot during the broadcast of the square on a Wednesday night.

" I don't know what was going on in the room, it was a lot of audience in the Kronogården. If there is someone who is in the room so it's me in the polka dots at first. I didn't care to take it easy.

About the debate, as such, "says Lamotte.

" in the end, however, I have not the space to lay out the text, and that's what you get, the less likely these discussions. Then, I thought it was a shame that I didn't get to meet with a journalist, or a publicist. I'm pretty interested in discussing the media coverage of these issues. It was, of course, the people in the Kronogården, who had the opportunity to ask questions of me, and I listened to them and answered to the extent possible.

Joakim Lamotte's bar skyddsväst in from the studio.Photo by: < / b> of the director"the uk come together" ”is Filmed, not the ones that don't want to”
The program is called into question, and nephew, Joakim Lamotte by his opponents, who argued that his approach to the film in the Kronogården was to provoke a reaction.

When one of the debaters argued that Lamotte should have asked” who appeared in the video, he said that he will never have to ask for permission to shoot the film. His reasoning is that he, as a journalist, has the right to move to the general room.

" If I were to stand on the square, and the film, so you need not set it out in front of my camera. I filmed it, of course, not if they didn't care what I looked for when they came to me. I will never have to ask for permission to film on the square of the Kronogården of these criminals, these guys do it in their square and in their homes.

It was a great polispådrag in Trollhättan, sweden, during the Wednesday night.Photo by: < / b> ROBERT BETZEHAG (SVT): ”Strong security features”
In sweden, where säkerhetsarrangemanget great run up to and during the debate in the new programme, ”the uk come together”.

" It was, from the outset, a strong security arrangement. There was a large group of sweden's own security department, which had the cooperation of the police and the security service, who was on the ground in and around the building. Säkerhetsarrangemanget would have been difficult to have, " says Jorun Collin, the project manager of Sweden come together”.

the Jorun he later would say that the Lamotte chose to skyddsväst but we believe that, in the light of the säkerhetspådraget would not have been necessary.

on today's broadcast was also the debut of the new program.

" I think it went very well. In a live debate in the course of an hour, is non-compliant, and it is difficult to predict how it's going to undulate back and forth. I think it was a peace of mind and a more interesting argument, interesting people, " says Jorun Collin.
I was worried in Trollhättan, sweden: here are the pictures from the first day of the great schism: Watch videos of the unrest in Trollhättan, sweden, in december. READ MORE: , the SVT will be stopped, forced out of the Kronogården READ MORE: : the Police force was in place during the second day of debate in Trollhättan, sweden

Date Of Update: 27 February 2020, 13:00

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