Ledins an intimate game, with ms-PH: Were in trouble

this was a nyfylld the 68-year-old, but retirement is a long way off for Tomas Ledin. On Saturday, the he is the Eurovision song contest stage in the songs toge

Ledins an intimate game, with ms-PH: Were in trouble

this was a nyfylld the 68-year-old, but retirement is a long way off for Tomas Ledin. On Saturday, the he is the Eurovision song contest stage in the songs together with Björn Skifs, in order to draw the attention of the newly-established Eurovision song contest in the Hall of Fame, in which both artists have been elected.

" We've never been in a scene together, so it was for this reason that I accepted the invitation. I feel like the Bear since the ' 70s, but it hasn't been strange enough. It was later as the came in and asked and had an idea. I said yes straight away and it was a lot of fun, " says Tomas Ledin on the flag in the Eurovision song contest, he won in 1980 with ”Right now”.

over The last few years, he has been praised for its ”superkropp”, and the artist admits that he has never had to think about what he will eat in order to stay in shape. However, he is sure to get plenty of exercise in order to maintain her mobility on the stage, ranging from swimming, tennis, skiing, and gyms, among many others.

" I am what I am. My dear father and mother are both 93 years old, so I may have the benefit of good genes. I'd like to move on, to me, it has always been done. When I'm on stage, I need to feel myself moving, in terms of both privately and on the stage.

on assets in excess of a hundred million of his company, it's a long time since Tomas Ledin had to continue to perform and write music in order to bring the economy to make ends meet. Together with his wife Marie-I wanna rock twisted sister live a comfortable life in the centre of Stockholm, sweden.

" you just have to be grateful for and it arrived in a big way. I think it might play out, she grew up in this business, it's a little bit different. You get to travel a lot, and there are no real lives that I can think of that it does in other professions. Then, of course, Marie is the best in the world, girl.

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Recently, the celebrated Thomas I wanna rock twisted sister 30th anniversary of their acclaimed album, ”chance”, in an intimate evening at the Margin, where the fans were treated to a question and answer session, an exhibition and a concert all rolled into one. The album, which came out in 1990, was the return of the artist after a period of depression and burn-out at the end of the 80's. The next year waited for the tour to Niklas Strömstedt och Lena Philipsson – a summer, I wanna rock twisted sister have vivid memories from it.

" My tour the following year Rocktåget, where I was invited by Niklas Strömstedt and Lena Philipsson. They did, of course, their own concerts, but on one occasion I did, and Lena performed the song. We was on the stage, and suddenly she took a firm grip of me, between my legs, remember, Tomas Ledin, with a laugh.

" It was very much appreciated by the audience. Perhaps not as much appreciated by me and all of the night, which she did, quite hard at times. When it came time for the guitar solo, I knew that I was in a bad way.
”This is not at all clear
In the summer, the head of Tomas Ledin on a big summer tour again, this time without the hotels and resorts, and Phillips, in which he offers to the fans of all of their big hits over the years. However, to participate in the tour, was not a matter of course, the 68-year-old artist, who, at the same time, the encounter with the audience his reason to go on the tour.

" It was not at all clear that there would be no more touring. I know I'm at the age where every new project is not entirely self-evident. You know what: ”It feels great, so do we”. We are going to bid on it, the best we can be.

" I have been very active in the last 10 to 15 years. It is one thing leads to another, and then it will pop up a new fun project. The first two years, for example, turned up an unexpected and fun project.

”That is the strawberry on the cake”
the Film is ”A piece of my heart”, a musikalkomedi based on the Ledins of the songs, it was released on christmas day, and managed to one-week to become the most-watched show produced biofilm in the whole of 2019.

" what now, after so many years, it can result in a successful musical, it's a bit like the strawberry on the cake. I feel a sense of great pride, and even joy, as I understand it, that there are vast numbers of people who go to the cinema.

But as long as the thought, not the artist, that the film project would be. It wasn't until he was filming that he was brave enough to believe in it.

" When I see the cast perform the songs, and I understand that they are here, the songs stand on their own feet.

After a summer of planning and Tomas Ledin to take it easier than ever, with an intense period of musikalfilm, cabaret, and a tour of the back.

" I like to pause for one-two years old at the time, I have been doing for the last 30 years. The time it takes to write some of the songs. Should the desire be there, and I'm going to perform at their best, so I have to keep myself away from time to time, and get a long a little bit.

However, being free does not mean the same thing for Tomas Ledin to many other – he likes to create music in his time off.

" I've always been writing, ever since my early teens, I was writing most of the time. To be a ”free-free” and doesn't do anything has never been my life style. I am so fortunate that I am able to print from anywhere.

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25.6-Helsingborg, Sofiero Slott

26.6 Leave Foynhagen.

article 27 (6) Hvaler, Gjestehus.

1.7 Pitea, Pite Havsbad.

2.7., A Arenafesten.

3.7 Gävle, Furuvik park 4.7 out Damage, The latitude of 57.

10.7 the town of Varberg, it was destroyed.

11.7 Stockholm, sweden, Skansen museum.

14.7 Rättvik Dalhalla

17.7 Grebbestad, there and then.

18.7 the medieval town of Vadstena, Vadstena Castle.

19.7 Mariehamn, finland, at the Rock Off Festival.

21.7 the weather is fine, the Big Gåsemora the Farm.

23.7 It, The borgholm castle Ruins.

24.7 Berlin, Öja Krog.

25.7 Halmstad, sweden, to the Crime.

the 1.8 Karlskrona, sweden Karlskrona, Skärgårdsfest.

7.8 the location of Vaasa, Vaasa Festival.

the 8.8 in the Harbor, Stallörsparken.

14.8 Nyköping, sweden, there and then.

15.8 Karlstad, Mariebergsskogen.

21.8 Örebro, sweden, Gustavsvik.

22.8 Gothenburg the garden society of gothenburg.

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