Liberal Islam: a Lot needs to be re-invented

In the most very-charged debate over Islam and its meaning for today's world, two positions emerge sharp: the generally Islam-critical, the Muslims due to thei

Liberal Islam: a Lot needs to be re-invented

In the most very-charged debate over Islam and its meaning for today's world, two positions emerge sharp: the generally Islam-critical, the Muslims due to their religious affiliation considers to be incapable of a people to occupy a legally acceptable position, and a rigidly Islamic, by the enforcement of immutable Islamic principles expect all salvation. Despite all the differences, both positions have something in common: the idea that the Islamic ideology, crystallized in the Qur'an, controlling the practice of Muslims to total or almost total.

Already, the mere appearance taught about the Irrigkeit this idea. The majority of the Muslims doesn't think, to be guided in all their behavior to the instructions of the Koran. The strict Muslims regret this and seek to change, sometimes by force; the fundamental critics of Islam will not take note of it, because it leads your thoughts to the point of absurdity. Now the majority of Muslims do not hold tightly to the Qur'an, make the but usually not out loud and in public; sometimes, they make it clear it's not even self. In order to give the above-mentioned idea of the semblance of truth.

Here is the book engages. It presents a current in Islam, which describes itself as liberal. The 20 contributors of the book, all according to their understanding, faithful Muslims understand their Religion as the reason and human rights compatible. The editor it puts is the founding Chairman of the, founded in 2010, the Liberal-Islamic Union. The book approaches its subject in two Ways: in a reading of the Koran, which sees him as a lesson in human kindness, and in view of the reality of the Muslims, which shows that such a liberal Islam understanding has its place.

Some posts to justify liberal-Islamic concepts with direct reference to the Koran, or certain passages of the Koran. This is quite possible: In the Koran there are very people friendly passages. If you want to is to justify the human rights in a modern understanding, device you but on thin ice. You have to deal with the other Bodies there are in the Koran too, and you have to explain that the Mainstream of Islamic ideology encourages a rather rigid, narrow understanding of Religion. This is done here only in a rudimentary way. Most of the contribution of Hakan Turan, of the "usul al-fiqh", the traditional Islamic legal hermeneutics, and taking account of the fact that the reality of life of Muslims influenced the development of the Islamic ideology is strong and the emergence of the Koran has done there. This allows him certain Koran texts (the offensive war conception, woman is discriminatory to the demarcation of the Jews and the Christians), as a circumstance and setting as the instructions for our time.

If Marwan Hassan argues against the view that Jews and Christians are the exception promise as such by the Islamic Salvation, and the Koran calls, is not only welcome, but also plausible. However, the power of Conviction, does his argument for demolition that he adds a lot for, you'll be Expendable, for example, an interpretation of Koran passages, the heavy linguistic misunderstandings close.

in this book, included Tests of a liberal Koran interpretation-willed interpretations right own to the field. You can do this; in religious Thinking such a thing is commonplace. Whether you use it to convince someone who is not convinced already in your mind is to then. One show these posts but clearly It is possible to interpret the Qur'an liberal. Even more interesting than these interpretations of the views of the reality of the Muslims, this book also includes and emphasises the entitlement of a liberal Islam, however, is. This view is among the a variety of aspects: gender equity, and the authorization of "deviant" sexual preferences, anti-Semitism among Muslims, veganism and Islam, headscarf coercion, and so on. There is on the one hand, said pointed out, what platforms, organizations, and initiatives in this area, on the other hand, how urgent it is that more and more are doing – for example, the formation of an "Islamic Left", the Lack of which is surprising when you consider that 65 percent of people of Turkish origin in Germany, left-wing parties (SPD, Green, Left).

Date Of Update: 17 July 2020, 03:20

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