Löwengrip says now, Had the electric shocks

Isabella Löwengrip has had a rough fall. It was then that she told me that her business was so successful that she was given the impression, and in order to avo

Löwengrip says now, Had the electric shocks

Isabella Löwengrip has had a rough fall. It was then that she told me that her business was so successful that she was given the impression, and in order to avoid having to go out of business was Löwengrip is forced to lay off employees, who worked in her home, and to stop investment in the united states.

In a lengthy interview with the Express, based on a review of her business that showed inflated figures, told the Löwengrip honest about the crisis and said: ”I have been very afraid to tell me if they have a setback. Now, it's been a few weeks and I'm trying to be as transparent as possible with my followers, at the same time, I've had a lot of house to take care of.”

And several times during the last few months, Isabella Löwengrip and told her followers about how she measures.

< Löwengrip was electro-convulsive therapy
In a previous blog post, she explains that this is important to her that her employees feel that they are able to tell us when they are feeling ill or are in a personal slump and, therefore, she would like to set a good example, and to tell you herself when she feels low.

on Sunday evening, choose now, " Isabella Löwengrip, once again, to be open with their fans. In a q & a session on Instagram, tells her about his behavior.

”If I'm going to be totally honest with you, I have been very depressed for the past couple of years. It may sound a little weird, but my karriärskris really helped me to start all over again”.

This is an ECT - electroconvulsive therapy
electroconvulsive therapy can help in the case of some mental illnesses. The processing means that the brain is stimulated by a short current pulses. If you have depression, it can get electroconvulsive therapy if you have severe symptoms or if other treatments don't help. Electroconvulsive therapy often that you will quickly feel better.

in Addition to depression, can be, for example, the following psychiatric disorders to be treated with electroconvulsive therapy.

mania in bipolar (manic-depressive illness "

, certain types of psychosis, among other things, postnatal psychosis

of schizophrenia

a severe post-natal depression.

Source:: 1177 "

View the merVisa off

Löwengrip to tell you about what kind of help she got during the depression.

”The electro-convulsive therapy to me,” she replies with a question.

Löwengrip to tell us about how she came to move forward in life and the reason why she broke up with fastighetsmiljardären, Erik Selin

”I sold my house, my employees were in the home left, and I started over with a new budget. But, emotionally, I have not arrived yet. I ended my relationship because I needed to find peace of mind and happiness, once again, on my own,” she writes.

Ahead of treatment
electroconvulsive therapy as a method of has been a debate for many years. One of the reasons for this are its side effects, which may lead to you experiencing memory lapses.

this is usually temporary, and limited, for you are not – but a number of patients stated that they had permanent memory loss.

another reason why the treatment has become controversial, the images of the patients writhing in convulsions.

Source:: 1177/Radio Sweden to View merVisa mindreDärför did Löwengrip's end by Erik Selin

It was in January that Löwengrip told me that the relationship with the fastighetsmiljardären Erik and the Race was over.

the development of her feelings about the break-up.

”It's impossible to have a relationship when you are not feeling well. I needed time to find myself, and she wrote on Instagram.

She also explains why Erik the Race, never helped her out financially with the company Löwengrip Beauty.

”he is the kindest person I have ever met. But I told him early on in our relationship that I didn't want to have to have someone help you. I'd rather be bankrupt than to take the money from him.”

She added that she and Erik and the Race is still ”talk every day”.

Has been selling his company,
For a couple of weeks ago came the news that Isabella Löwengrip is selling his company Löwengrip Beauty to the Dermanordic – one of the largest distributors of skincare and make-up.

the Sale came about as a result of the hard fall, and wrote the Löwengrip himself on his blog.

”For my own part, I am going to continue to be the face of the company, but this is not regular business hours. I'm going to actually be free, and to take a break. I'll be 30 years old in October, so until then it will be quiet and in peace,” she wrote in a blog post.

the Express have searched for Isabella Löwengrip for the comment.

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Date Of Update: 24 February 2020, 06:00

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