Make sure that the EU will put an end to the stöldligorna, Leaves

For the Conservatives, it is a central task is to defend the Swedish taxpayers ' money. The EUROPEAN union's budget, therefore, need to be kept tight, and the

Make sure that the EU will put an end to the stöldligorna, Leaves

For the Conservatives, it is a central task is to defend the Swedish taxpayers ' money. The EUROPEAN union's budget, therefore, need to be kept tight, and the fee is kept to a minimum. At the same time, the perception of the EU's budget is more of a perspective. As to what the money is actually being used for is just as essential. The proposed cuts in border protection and in the police office, Europol, is completely disproportionate in terms of the problem of migration and crime in Europe. It is high time that the resources of internal security is growing.

Right now, the ongoing negotiations on the EU's next multiannual financial framework. There is a lot of consensus on the Swedish side, on the needs of the budget restrictiveness is a good thing. It's a line conservatives pushed for, for a long period of time.
We are not satisfied with the Löfvens effort
For us, it was important that the UNION comply to the mouth for food when it comes to the size of the ultimate impact of the levy in Sweden pays to the EU. Now, have the government to be successful in these negotiations. So far, we are far from being satisfied with what is Stefan Löfven, and the government has done.

the Question, however, is more than just the scope of the budget, and its content must also be in the focus of attention. The priority should be to have sufficient resources to solve the major problems of society.

the checkpoint has failed
a common immigration policy within the EUROPEAN union, is still out of hand. As a result, several countries, in particular Sweden, had too much response. The border control at the EU external border has failed, and the authorities have found it difficult to cope with their assignments.

the Smuggling of guns and drugs fuel gang wars and shootings

The Swedish financial insecurity to have a strong connection to the cross-border crime. The case of non-resident stöldligor who commit burglaries and thefts. The case of the smuggling of weapons and drugs that fuel gang wars and shootings. Thousands and thousands of criminal groups in Europe are under the watchful eye of the Eu. Troubling cuts, in a proposal
with this in mind, it is worrying that, remarkably, in the draft budget, which is now on the table, so the cut in the appropriations for the Frontex agency, which is the EUROPEAN union's coastal and border surveillance, as compared to what the commission considers to be necessary. It would seriously undermine the significant strengthening of the border measures that are planned.

Also, it is common to the police office, Europol is affected by a substantial reduction in the resources of the current proposal. This is despite the fact that the Europol in the near future, is expected to have an expanded mandate, which is something that is necessary on-the-spot about cross-border crime is to be prevented.

It is possible to increase the funds allocated to these areas, and at the same time, hold down both the budget and the Swedish charge. Resources available for border control and police co-operation that currently accounts for a considerably smaller share of the budget, only a few per cent, than, for example, regionstöden, and agricultural subsidies are responsible for. To give priority to are both possible and real.

to Increase the appropriations for Frontex, the

, Stefan Löfven, and the government has failed to maintain law and order in the home, and paved the way for a more generous immigration policy. These errors are now receiving will not be repeated in the budget negotiations within the EUROPEAN union. To English interests to be protected must have the resources to Frontex to enhance in order to the EUROPEAN union to control immigration, and we should be pushing back on cross-border crime, and to stop the stöldligorna, and arms smuggling.

We conservatives are going to work at all levels of government in order that it is going to become a reality. < / span> < / span>

the Economic-policy spokesman.

in the european policy spokesman.


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Date Of Update: 21 February 2020, 15:00

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