Marc Marquez: "I haven't liked anything the fall, because I have not understood why I have fallen"

The reasons to anticipate that Marc Marquez overtake Rossi Marc Marquez (Repsol Honda RC 213 V) suffered a fall during the first free practice sessions of the

Marc Marquez:

The reasons to anticipate that Marc Marquez overtake Rossi

Marc Marquez (Repsol Honda RC 213 V) suffered a fall during the first free practice sessions of the Australian Grand Prix MotoGP at the circuit of Phillip Island, in which he said that he had not "liked nothing", although during his address he ended up ensuring that it will be over "positioning later."

"Honestly, I haven't liked anything the fall and in the free seconds has cost me, take again the confidence in that curve because when I woke up on the floor I don't understand why I have fallen out already that he was not pushing, was not looking for that limit, I've fallen straight, something that never happens, I fell in a similar manner in 2014", explained Marquez, already a world champion 2018 MotoGP.

"it Is important to understand the why for the Sunday, but for some reason the tune with which we were working during the entire season, here it will cost and when here don't have confidence it is very difficult to exit the time because it goes very fast. If you push and you see that you have scares, I have had several scares, or that you fall or fall off the other Honda, you get a bit of respect," admitted the pilot of Repsol Honda.

"When you have finished the first free I already had the urge to go back out to the track to know what had happened and it is there where we see that we still have the Saturday, but this afternoon we have already improved a lot and the pace we are doing quite well. We have the same philosophy and the same pattern of all the races; Friday work for stroke and morning attack and I think that we posicionaremos pretty later," said Marquez.

the respect of the "scares" that he had during the day, the world champion, Repsol Honda said that "there has not been any problem". "But yes, a lock behind a tad odd that I have not finish to understand and we have to look at the electronics and the tire that was pretty worn, to see what exactly happened".

"Now I don't know, if I knew I would go to the engineers and what they would change, is what we are working on, trying to understand and do not understand it, but there is nothing new to the Ducati, for example, are able to ride in many circuits with the tire extra soft in front and we are going with the more hard, because if we put the extra soft serves are almost not to get out of the workshop," reckons Marc Marquez.

"it doesn't serve us because it's not going well and it is there where we have already spent two years or three trying to understand it, but it is a little the character of the bike, although if you have to use the hard-and we win on Sunday nothing happens, but we have to understand," he said.

Will be operated from the shoulder

Marquez, who has secured a fifth world title in MotoGP, will be operated from the left shoulder to the end of the present season, said Friday after the free trials of the GP of Australia.It will be operated at the beginning of December, so it might be suitable to mid-January. This season he suffered several falls, about a dozen, that did not prevent him to dominate the MotoGP World championship.

"My brother (Alex, a pilot of Moto2) suffered this same operation," said Marquez, adding that normally required a month and a half to recover.

Marquez saw how he went off the shoulder on several occasions this season, the last during the celebration of his world title.

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Date Of Update: 26 October 2018, 19:45