Mattias Larsson,This has been bubbling under the calm surface of Malmö FF

Mattias LarssonLäs more: the chronicles of the > to: Mattias LarssonFölj on the First Friday in march is at the door. As is often the case keeps Malmö FF, w

Mattias Larsson,This has been bubbling under the calm surface of Malmö FF
Mattias LarssonLäs more: the chronicles of the
> to: Mattias LarssonFölj

on the First Friday in march is at the door.

As is often the case keeps Malmö FF, when the meeting in advance, it looks to be a fairly tranquil, and the soul in the evening at a Restaurant in 1910.

Chairman Anders Pålsson who has decided to accept the nomination committee's proposal to elect him for a further two years, and despite the fact that the proposal for a merger of the LB07 to put it mildly, landed badly in the medlemsleden, there is no mobilisation against the re-election.

In general, is elected by the members of the board – Tina Andersson, who is, today, among other things, is a member of the board of the Wihlborgs AB, in which the CLUB's board member, Maria's Representative, regional manager, and FIlip Trulsson, who for 20 years has worked for the CLUB's long-standing materialsponsor, Puma, and over the past year for the Danish company Hummel and avhandlandet some of the motions.

The two motions which stand out the most is a desire from the membership to the CLUB is to work towards the establishment of the Swedish football, Malmö FF will have to have an E-sportsektion or not.

as Of the date possession of the part, the role of the lawyer Jan-Anders Hybelius, famous, among other things, for, to begin with, have been in the Other Sarfos a lawyer for the lawsuit against the former CLUB of the player, but he chose not to seek re-election.

the nominating committee, members and deputy members are only proposed at the annual meeting, and the only suggestion I have at the present time know going to be the front, Anna Storåkers, who normally works as a program producer at Malmö Live.

Storåkers, 40 years old, and is impressive enough to still be an active politician at the same time, she has many years of experience, as well as a member of Malmö FF, which is active in the CLUB Support team, where she is a member and the convener of the committee.

the List of properties that Storåkers, has is long, and the support of some of medlemsgrupperingar is a big one. < / span> < / span> < / span>

Malmö FF's chairman is Håkan Jeppsson was clear that he felt the need for big business to operate the club's board of directors. Jeppson advanced, with a very high success rate, the Malmo FF v to the act as an undertaking, and was anxious to have a careful and attentive dialogue with the various supporter groups. At the same time, and saw Jeppsson, no place was found for them either in the board of directors or the nominating committee. < / span> < / span>

the President and the convener of the bennie was in the last year, the managing director of Länsförsäkringar Liv, and his father, and a grandfather (with Lennart ”Lill-Kick,” Smith and Eric ”Kick” Smith) had more than 550 A game for the CLUB. Pehr Andersson was up to in the last year, the economic development director for the city of Malmö, and Ingemar Erlandsson is the addition of former national team and A lagsstjärna of the CLUB – former member of the board of the association, and a former marketing executive in the family business, Glimek, which is now acquired by a larger group of companies where He is working still.

Anna Storåkers break, as you can see, a little to the uniform is here.

for a possible appointment to the board of Storåkers, would be the first of a small insert to one of the (very) long term, the greater the change in direction remains to be seen. < / span> < / span>

I, myself, have been annual meetings since the early 90's and have seen the board's proposals nickas through at lightning speed (for a time, in Cavalli-Björkman's time to request a closed vote on the chairmanship of a member of the annual meeting, however, it is viftades away in less than a minute). Those days are gone.

on the Way to Malmö FF, has been governed over the last 20 years is going to change over the next 20 years.

for the better or For the worse? I don't know. That's usually the case.

But suffice it to say, the little things that in the long run, it can change a lot is going on.

at the same time, it is also on the board.

Jon Dahl Tomassons the honeymoon period is coming to its end, the more precisely the starting line-up is on its way to taking shape and the players are aware of it.

At the start of Wednesday's workouts, I got two times for the players to smoke up in a way that I have rarely seen. Two of the times were attacked, and in the end, the Dahl Tomasson had to assemble his / her team in the centre circle of the Malmö IP for a snack.

It is up to Jon Dahl Tomasson and his team to be successful and produce results, first of all in the cup, and then in the top division.

when your honeymoon is over, it can happen, even in Malmö.

if you forget to check in with Jeff Kuhn or david astley.

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Date Of Update: 07 March 2020, 10:00

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