Modric is an answer to Simeone: "Has a constant need to undermine to Real Madrid"

Luka Modric, the Ball of Gold, 2018 Luka Modric, always so polite, did not hesitate to attack Diego Pablo Simeone for what he considers to be the "thesis pop

Modric is an answer to Simeone:

Luka Modric, the Ball of Gold, 2018

Luka Modric, always so polite, did not hesitate to attack Diego Pablo Simeone for what he considers to be the "thesis populist constant on some kind of favors to Real Madrid". The Croatian has granted his first interview to the newspaper of your country 'Sportske Novosti' after the awarding of the Golden Ball. The midfielder of Zadar claimed the prize, and defends the criticisms suffered.

"I totally agree with that Simeone keep your other player [Griezmann] to be the best, but has a constant need to undermine the Real Madrid and its players. Take advantage of any opportunity to insinuate actions is not realistic to explain the achievements of the Madrid", criticizes Modric, who continues to speak about atletico coach: "I have great respect for Simeone and the players and fans of a big club like Atletico. When we come out victorious, we congratulate them honestly. It is not just our successes, which include two victories and honorable in the Champions league against Atletico, are reduced to their thesis populist constant on some kind of favors to Real Madrid".

Among many other matters, the dalmatian reflects on the rupture that has been its Ball of Gold in the era Messi-Cristiano. "They are two phenomena that lead plays a dominant role for 10 years. Especially for their quality. But here (Golden Ball) we are talking about the seasonal performance and can mean that the votes of coaches, players, football legends, journalists and fans are the same. Do you or are all wrong at the same time? If we're going to vote on the quality of the players, it only remains to divide all the trophies Messi and Ronaldo, while they are actively playing and abolish any choice," he says.

"I Shared with Ronaldo six beautiful seasons, probably the best years of my career and have done many things together. Therefore, I am going to frame the memories of our relationship," she says about her former partner. "If I could, now he would give all the prizes to exchange for a victory in the final of the World. Immediately!", concludes Modric.

"better Days and worse"

Modric did not appreciate the words of Christian ensuring that Juventus is a family. "He played before at Manchester United, not only in Real Madrid. But if that is your opinion, is your right. I have the personal impression that they remain for nine years in the Real Madrid is a sign of how he felt in this fantastic club. Among other things, he won four Balls of Gold and scored more than anyone else; this can not be done if you are not at peace and in harmony with the environment", he said.

"I've been six and a half years and I can say that we are a true group of mature people and good players, with good relationship and a great atmosphere. There are, of course, better days and worse, but the strength of the group is not questionable. If you are not sure, not we would win all those trophies," he continued.

in Addition, said he has the Gold Ball "in the bedroom" to remind you "how was everything in 2018". "For more than 20 years I have been working hard and I've waited for something like this, though on a smaller scale. I overcame all my expectations, I realized all my dreams," he said of the award, which is "an additional cause of work and ambition to maintain the level".

Also thanked the standing ovation you received last week in The Alcoraz when it was replaced, something that reminded him lived by Andres Iniesta in the past few years. "Many thanks to all the viewers of Huesca, was a great time. I don't know if I'm at the height of the great Andrew, but I have already been welcomed by fans of rivals in the whole of Spain, and this is the biggest recognition for my football and my behavior," she said.

In another order of things, Modric spoke of his accusation of providing false testimony in a trial for corruption against the former coach of Dinamo Zagreb, Zdravko Mamic, who was eventually acquitted. "My conscience was quiet," he said. "It was difficult for me, I felt overwhelmed by that affect my family and my close friends. I was treated almost as if I had killed somebody," he recalled.

finally, he said that his conviction for tax fraud in Spain is due to differences in criteria, although they agreed to eight months in jail, and said that everything is "solved". "Not concealed anything. From the first day I informed the Spanish authorities of all assets and income, including the company that I have. My contract with Real Madrid were under the applicable laws", he concluded.

According to the criteria of

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Date Of Update: 16 December 2018, 20:00

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