More seniorföreningar: Save the seamen's church!

in the DEBATE. The business of the seamen's church in Amerikagatan at Stigbergstorget, has been going on for 65 years. First, as a Sjömansgård, as Sjömanskyrka

More seniorföreningar: Save the seamen's church!

in the DEBATE. The business of the seamen's church in Amerikagatan at Stigbergstorget, has been going on for 65 years. First, as a Sjömansgård, as Sjömanskyrka at the age of 35. A foundation, which is managing, so far, with the financial support of the Swedish church.

the Sjömanskyrkans open a business forced to shut down after that the English church has done a reorganization of the system. The money that used to go to, including the seamen's church have now been allocated at the Pin 9 of the wards. The two assemblies have contributed to the continuation of the business, Karl-Johan, and Askim, the other has not, to date, contributed to the Sjömanskyrkans as a going concern. The incision required is 100 000 sek per year, per congregation, in a financial support for it.

The seamen's church, the older, retired seamen, and the other seniors have built up a spirit of community and friendship during the decades in which the Restaurant of the Island has been a hub. About 30 to 40 visitors a day, has been involved in the home-made home-cooked meals. These communities are at risk of falling apart now. Lunchgäster of related jobs, and temporary visitors have also been drawn to the uniqueness of the 1950's, in the functionalist style, with murals, modellskepp and works of art of traditional sailing, with a view over Gothenburg's central port area. The property's location and its historic interiors, creating Sjömanskyrkans of the soul.

anyone who has visited the seamen's church in Gothenburg, sweden is doing it again. Where does one find a non-commercialized environment that is quiet and peaceful, and nurturing, which is so rare in today's stressed-out society.

the Associations in Gothenburg, sweden, have also been found in the ”social arena” will hold a meeting with cultural activities, lectures, courses, and more of the approximately 10,000 members of the per, on. A total of approximately 40,000 visitors per year walked through the doors.

About 5 million per year, to be able to continue with the fantastic, multi-faceted operation, and the operation of the business.

Sjömansprästen, who has been an employee, in addition to given to the diaconal aid to the sailors of a visit is approximately 1 000, the entry into vessel, per year, in Gothenburg, sweden, and has offered talks and a suspension of social contact for often socially isolated, the mariners visiting. Home visits have also been part of the task at hand.

If not in the acute phase, the economy is dissolved, is applied to a large liability to the city for a lot of users, who managed to live an independent life with the support of the Sjömanskyrkans business. The cost of assisted living, their quality of life by means of isolation and loneliness, and with it the risk of increased care and treatment costs as a result.

there are many Associations may also have a broadside, skadeskjutna that many organizations already, thanks to the HIGAB's recently launched market rental for the premises, and the rent of premises.

this is A collection of statements of support from among the people of gothenburg has so far been signed by nearly 3,000 persons, with a request to the seamen's church must be maintained in the existing building, with the maritime environment that have gathered there over the course of the year. Senior citizen organizations, representing approximately 5,000 members, has so far made a statement about the preservation of the business in the building on the Amerikagatan. The facebook group Save the seamen's church had more than 1,500 participants.

This seems to be a lot of strong opinion among the people of gothenburg to the seamen's church should be allowed to continue in the existing property, next to Stigbergstorget.

I find it very strange that the Gothenburg diocese and the church of sweden is helping to put down one of the most social activities that really fulfil the gospel message to help their neighbors.

This should be the Gothenburg diocese and the city to cooperate and to find a financing plan. All other risks include loss of important local heritage, and a vital social contribution of the sailors, retirees, their families, and for the voluntary sector. < / span> < / span>

the President of the SFPA, Seniors Linnéstaden district.

the President of the Göteborgsseniorerna

President of the Sjöpensionärernas Club

the national association of Pensionärsgemenskap Were.

the President of the Association of Old Majgrabbar.

Date Of Update: 01 March 2020, 06:00

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