Mr PerlenbergTotal derailment in Gothenburg Rail

Mr PerlenbergLäs more: the chronicles of the Mr PerlenbergFölj This is an american Netflix series is just waiting to be produced by the Following. A gastkrama

Mr PerlenbergTotal derailment in Gothenburg Rail
Mr PerlenbergLäs more: the chronicles of the
Mr PerlenbergFölj
This is an american Netflix series is just waiting to be produced by the Following. A gastkramandre the drama of a value for money, the municipal corporation that, on the surface, is owned and operated by the city, but the behind-the-scenes, really, are a company consisting of a universe of his own, the korruptionsliknande own set of rules, and the internal strife between the various factions of the shoes out of the state very clearly blue, is possible bikes.

Grovmanuset was in the days of the auditing firm, KPMG. After last year's visselblåsartips notification of a suspected of theft of the materials, suspicion of cheating, with the working hours, and suspected cases of wrongful use of the cars, KPMG has examined whether there have been any kind of a substance to the allegations.

it really is exciting to read. Early on in the investigation, it was shown in the actual gaps, which made the investigation is extended to not only the confirmation but also to investigate the extent of the realities of the situation.

the commission has come up with the following:

SETS the vehicle has been used for the tracks of the railway engineering, in addition to the service, both in his leisure time, time spent on call, and hours of work. Among other things, has a company car used for private consultations. Neither the officers or employees have not followed the existing guidelines. In addition, the vast majority of journeys made, but that the driver had been logged in the körssytemet. There is a suspicion of any manipulation or disconnection of the körsystemet. The analysis shows that several of the tracks, but signed of drivers have ended up in Oslo, norway, and in the Malmö-region, although most of them have been work-related.

There is a system in which overtime hours are diagonally distributed among the employees, which implies that there is a systematic system of wages and salaries, by extending the existing rules. The commission of inquiry concludes that: ”the Majority of employees in a variety of overtime, which violates, or is at risk of breaching Arbetstidslagens limit of 200 hours general overtime per year per employee.”

Kopparstölder may have been used. Confidentiality of preliminary investigation proceedings is. Copper wire has been purchased for the banarbete that have not been fully implemented. Among other things, says the commission: ”the Copper is not noticed by the project and the overhead pick out the copper from the warehouse, if necessary; and Reporting of the nedmonterad the copper is made verbally from the overhead line to an employee of the GSAB, without any further control, as such.ex. the method of weighing.”

the most Serious issue is that there is an internal culture in which managers sought to take control of a degenerate situation, it has been opposed from the floor: ”[...] on the part of the managers, has experienced resistance from some employees, since they want to bring about changes in the verification process. The resistance, for example, has been expressed in the creation of petitions calling on the managers to be stripped of his / her role and responsibilities. In many cases, these managers come to be within the scope of the claims of errors and irregularities in the visselblåsarrapporter.”

the Problems at the Gothenburg Tramways is a well-known and are obviously difficult to come to terms with it. The City has not managed to figure out the order of the company in spite of the recurrence of the warning signs. The only thing is that the municipality will sell the company to a private investor, who may have to start from the beginning of the year. All services should be put out to tender, and the organization is to be done from the ground up. The people of gothenburg, deserves better than a constant current Netflix series, that would be the title of the ”Derailed”.

the Mr Price Perlenberg is the independent author of the GT's leader board.

Updated Date: 14 March 2020, 11:00

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