Mr PerlenbergVänsterpartiets macabre skamlöshet of the home

Mr PerlenbergLäs more: the chronicles of the Mr PerlenbergFölj We can call it the ”Bernmardoktrinen”, after the Swedish hero, in Gothenburg, sweden, Daniel Be

Mr PerlenbergVänsterpartiets macabre skamlöshet of the home
Mr PerlenbergLäs more: the chronicles of the
Mr PerlenbergFölj
We can call it the ”Bernmardoktrinen”, after the Swedish hero, in Gothenburg, sweden, Daniel Bernmar. What is the name of the opinionskampanj, which began as early as last year, when the center-right alliance is on the end of the year, formally took over the reins of the city. The thing is, it is one of the most brazen opinionskampanjerna ever before in american kommunalpolitisk history.

To blame for the problems in the home and the care of the elderly in Göteborg, sweden at the four center-right parties, which are not controlled Gothenburg, sweden, over a quarter of a century.

To get its own voters, and to get everyone else to believe that the Party lacked a voice in their own area of responsibility, between 2015 to 2019, and a good bit of it, given that there is a move away from the impact of a styres policies are also in for a new term of office.

To continue with the same approach that drove the democrats to the point of insanity during the previous term of office, then the Party would be in opposition to their own government.

Vänstervän of the scheme would, therefore, be able to object: ”But the citizens drove the course through the valfrihetsreformen PRAISE:one of our own will!”. Sure enough, it was. However, it was the Party which, together with the social democrats and the green Party, which has refused to take the consequences of defeat, and the budget for the implementation of the reform, despite the fact that it was the red-green budget, which is voted on each year during the red-green government.

" This is an extremely serious matter that the right wing parties, who are responsible for the poor working conditions, choose to turn a blind eye to the problems, said Daniel Bernmar, in the middle of January, in the samba with that, the party went with a spear for the city to deal with the hemtjänstens-scale problems. That is to say, the issue of which Party has caused the home.

on 20 december 2018 at the latest, on the eve of the new term of office with the civil government began, quite Local, to a so-called paragraph 6.6 (a) notification to the Swedish work environment authority, in which 40 of the health and safety representative raised the alarm about an untenable situation in the Party, then managed the municipal home-help service.

this is One of the major reasons for the problems in working conditions, was an essential tool Plugo app that hemtjänstens of the staff used by the Attractive, home-help services,” which has been, Daniel Bernmars, and the red-green of the prestige projects of the local long-term care. Instead of modernizing, it was hard to stress and frustration. The time for the movement of people between the different visits of the elderly were not to think of that, and the app was able to stand and chew on for a while as the staff, through the avscanningar of QR codes, has not been able or even allowed to enter into the old age, in order to carry out their work. With the serious delays in the work schedule as a result.

And sure enough Almost a year to the day later, on december 19, 2019, beating the Swedish work environment authority concluded that there existed a justification for the notification and the threat of Gothenburg, sweden, with $ 1 million in liquidated damages unless the problems were corrected. This is the amount that should be deducted from the Decisions of the municipal party funding if the local authority are being forced to pay for it.

the Sequence of events is important to keep in mind, in light of the review of the Gothenburg home care services, which is TV4's "Kalla Fakta" has sent in the past week. The image of a havererad local hemtjänstorganisation performed, where the assistant nurses and home help personnel are allowed to work in their spare time, in order to be able to carry out their duties.

Kalla Faktas program, ”to The sick, home care services,” wrote Daniel Bernmar, in a webdebatt of the GT Debate: ”the Problems have already started at the end of the year 2018 when the Local filed a number of complaints about the lack of health and safety in the home. The notifications were that the technique does not work for you, the busy schedules and the pressure of their working conditions.”

However, the problems began, as I said at the end of the year 2018”, but came about as a result of the Swedish period in the coming days. Something that was confirmed by more than 40 nurses which is also in the GT Debate, wrote the following on Wednesday: ”for several years We have sounded the alarm about the problems in working conditions in the city of Gothenburg's home care services. Wrote the event, put arbetsmiljöanmälningar, and pointed out the difficulty of carrying out the work, with the ever-worsening conditions.”

It is worth repeating: ”We have been in for many years after..”.

In the spring of 2019, the proposed Party in Gothenburg, sweden, an ”accident” with the municipal home-help service. The farce had been hilarious, if it has not been grossly mendacious. Haverikommissionen could not be distinguished from political accountability. And it's written by Daniel Bernmar, and the Party is for.

as It is, so to speak, of the cold, hard facts.

the Mr Price Perlenberg is the independent author of the GT's leader board.


Date Of Update: 23 February 2020, 06:00

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