Narkotikadöden crush families, the government is turning a blind eye

Ivan's life came to an end in november. He died of a drug overdose, at the same time, he fought for the right to health care. It tells the story of his mother,

Narkotikadöden crush families, the government is turning a blind eye

Ivan's life came to an end in november. He died of a drug overdose, at the same time, he fought for the right to health care. It tells the story of his mother, was Also in this week's ”Kalla fakta”, examining the high-narkotikadödligheten, in Vilhelmina, Västerbotten, sweden. We are also carrying with us the memory of a 29-year-old Sannes story of the ”Mission audit” of the year 2018. From where she was, who was suffering from both substance abuse and mental illness, and anorexia nervosa, and moved around between the different health care provider about 14 times in 12 days. But the hell is also other forms of expression.

at the time of the 33 mothers in the book, ”We are burying our children.” Of their lives, for their children, and their abuse of the drug and the drug from a battle in which the world, and the sorrow went, the head out of it. The tragedy, which touches on the depth, but it also serves as evidence of a substance abuse treatment and is a drug that does not work.

< Strong rise in Sweden.

Narkotikadödligheten in Sweden have risen sharply over the past ten years, and is the second highest in the whole of the EUROPEAN union. Hundreds of young people die due to drugs every year. Thousands and thousands of addicts, their families and friends, living in the midst of an ongoing disaster. It is a betrayal of the people, and not worthy of a country such as Sweden. It needs to be changed.

the Blue Space is one of the victims of the narkotikadöden set out in the ”Cold, hard facts”.Photo by: < / b> Facts/One

the Centre has also been, in order to make progress on these issues. We had with us, the human services committee to look into how the healthcare industry can take the lead responsibility for substance abuse and is a common tvångslagstiftning for those with a need for action from both substance abuse and psychiatric care. Completely agree socialutskott is a consensus on the evaluation of the Swedish drug policy is to ensure that it is based on evidence-based care, best practices, and harm reduction.

the Government's total lack of interest
Unfortunately, this seems to be out of the prime minister or the minister of social affairs to share the blame, or, for that matter, their partikollegors, the engagement on these important issues.

Today, almost a year since the announcement to allow the health service to take over the responsibility for substance abuse and are a common tvångslagstiftning, there are still no proposals from the government on the parliamentary table. In spite of the repeated questions could not be Stefan Löfven to account for when the government intend to revisit the issue.

In the same way, ignoring the minister of social affairs, Lena Hallengren, the parliamentary decision. When the united socialutskott claimed that the government is evaluating the drugs and come closer to the zero tolerance against the drug-related death. When was the socialministerns, the first step is to immediately close the door in order to even have a look at how the criminalization of private use has been affected narkotikadödligheten.

the Law criminalizes a disease
the Law, which is to criminalise private use came in 1988, and represents that it is illegal to have controlled substances in your blood. The purpose of this was to discourage people from taking the drug. The only problem is, that the law has, instead, been given to the effect that people with substance abuse problems stay away from health care, to avoid getting caught with the substances in the blood and, thereby, to commit an offence. Rather than to discourage, the law has criminalized the disease. Since the law has never been evaluated, we do not know if this can be used as a preventive; or if, on the contrary, contribute to the fact that more people die from illegal drugs. The Lena Hallengrens the world, we will never get out of it.

< Hallengren must be held to account in the Current
A society is judged by how we treat our sick and vulnerable. On the basis of how we treat anyone who is in need of help and support. In 2018, took the drug-related death, 566 of human life. Every day, people of people around in the system and are not getting the vital treatment that they need.

In the night, I am ms Lena Hallengren in a debate on Current affairs. In this serious situation, the question must be asked: Why is it led by the government, so unresponsive to a change in the Swedish substance abuse treatment, put an end to drug-related deaths, and to give people a chance to get out of this addiction back into my life? < / span> < / span>

The interim leader, and a member of the committee on health and welfare.

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Date Of Update: 26 February 2020, 16:00

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