New security partnership For peace in Stuttgart, good room

In July 2015, went in the Stuttgart city hall a letter of complaint. Was sued, among other things, about the "trafficking of narcotics" and "brawls" in the

New security partnership For peace in Stuttgart, good room

In July 2015, went in the Stuttgart city hall a letter of complaint. Was sued, among other things, about the "trafficking of narcotics" and "brawls" in the castle garden – the living room of the baden-württemberg state capital. "International travelers Express incomprehension, such as a city like Stuttgart can tolerate this behavior," it said in it. Under the letter of a headmaster, the Director of the Württemberg state theatre, a representative of the Bundesbank, as well as a hotel Manager – she was unites characterized by the fact that they are residents of the castle gardens.

Rüdiger, they

Political correspondent in the state of Baden-Württemberg.

F. A. Z.

After less than two weeks ago a rampaging Mob of drunken young people moved through the city, looting, police officers smashed the injured and the shop window, it can no longer go in Stuttgart on the topic of security in public space is now not fast enough. The baden-württemberg Minister of the interior Thomas Strobl (CDU) and the mayor of Stuttgart, Fritz Kuhn (Greens) signed as a response to the recent riots, the "partnership Stuttgart safe life".

The agreed measures are intended to make the city in the next few months, safer, and the use of more than 500 additional police officers in the city, as he was last weekend, required, again, superfluous. It is now to "provide a focal point-oriented presence in the strip", extra focus on controls by the police, a new investigation unit of the police force is created against the intensive offender is to be exercised "consistently". The lead will be given to the rods, this task of the Special "Dangerous foreigners" the Ministry of the interior, as well as the government Presidium of Stuttgart. In the center is unique in Germany to set up a "house of prevention" to police and social advice.

A new "house of youth law"

it Also should give the entire city a "house of youth law", in the youth services, office of the public Prosecutor, the police and the courts in the supervision of sentenced youth offenders with cooperate to prevent repeat offenses. Yet there is such a device only for Bad Cannstatt, a city district of Stuttgart. It is to be examined, such as with a CCTV, brighter lighting and consumption of alcohol, the security situation is prohibited can be improved.

For the surfaces, the "distance sea", where the rampage had two weeks ago, their origin has been in place since Wednesday, an alcohol consumption ban. Imposed by the Ministry of Finance, which manages the castle garden as the country property has it. In addition, the police Bureau in Stuttgart, the Park and the main railway station of the border has declared the end of the Area is now "temporarily" to "dangerous place" so that police officers can make even more intensive checks on persons. Is controlled by the new security partnership, by each of which a working group on youth, public safety and social Integration.

A security partnership is a public-law agreement of the two levels of government (town and country). In the new agreement, no information about total costs or additional police departments included. Similar safety partnerships closed the country with Heidelberg and Freiburg, after there was significant crime problems. In the Saarland and North Rhine-Westphalia there are similar agreements.

Kuhn: integration deficits taboo

the Minister of the interior Strobl, who had called for after the riots offensively, such a partnership, and mayor Kuhn evaluated the safety partnership at the signing different track. While Strobl emphasized the New agreement, and praised that "will quickly and decisively acted", the language of Kuhn as a "broadening and deepening". With the Stuttgart police Presidium there is a long and intensive cooperation. "With me, the blame game is not running. The city and the country have a shared responsibility,“ said Kuhn as a justification for its own local security policy.

Date Of Update: 02 July 2020, 16:19

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