News – pension credit of sek 600 will be by 2021 at the latest

According to the januariavtalet by 2019, the government is in agreement with the Liberal party and the Centre party-to raise the pensions of about 1.5 million p

News – pension credit of sek 600 will be by 2021 at the latest

According to the januariavtalet by 2019, the government is in agreement with the Liberal party and the Centre party-to raise the pensions of about 1.5 million pensioners by up to 600 per month.

in The case of the old age pension, in the range of 9 000-17 000 per month, which will be offset by particular add-ons. The cost is going to be taken directly to the state budget.

the Government wants the new add-on will be set up next year, with the first payment on september 20 and 21. But the plan has run up, which the Gp told me in October of last year.

this, Then, was the problem of disunity in the parliamentary-appointed pensionsgruppen. Now, it is the Authority that lifts the warnings are being heard about. At the earliest, in march of 2022, one can carry out the process of change.
Agency: do not have the Time to

" It's a massive tasks, and we need a decent amount of time to get to this place. It is important to get it right when we start to pay the money, " says Ole Settergren, head of research at the Authority.
Ole Settergren, head of research at the Authority.Photo by: < / b> by DANIEL ROOS

The proposed amendment requires either that it had decided to raise the age limit, in the first step, 62, 63 (in 2023) and 63 of 64 (year 2026), in order to retire at the same time, to be suspended. Or, the changes of a many school may be postponed. In this context, the authority, in its answer to the government.

the add-in will put a strain on the individual's ability to understand his or her future pension, and the livsinkomstprincipen, fear, Authority.

" It's a new grant, or the privilege, neither in accord with the principles of this scheme, or the income-based system. It is a new form of input, " says Ole Settergren.

This is the pensionstillägget

the Increase in pension with a reference to those who have an old age pension between the 9 000 - 17 000 per month and worked an entire working life.

" the add-in is provided in full for those with an old age pension of 11 000-14 000 sek per year as a job, a life. It is to be scaled up and down at the top of an old age pension from 9 000-11 000 14 000-17 000.

" That is the most you should be able to get 600 dollars more a month, so 7 is 200 dollars a year.

" Pensionstillägget will not affect the level of the housing allowance or the guarantee pension.

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social insurance Ardalan Shekarabi (S) is one of the best academy of the proposal, which was criticized already at the time it was put forward during the election campaign. The critics said that it was likely to undermine the entire pension system.

Now, the question is whether the pensionshöjningen up in the pensionsgrupp, especially in M, and KD, are critical to the S to the proposal.

It is taken to mean, among other things, that the pensionstillskottet violation of the basic principle that it pays to have worked for your entire life, the day you retire.

Katarina Brännström M, and to the right of the members of pensionsgruppen would rather have a tax cut for all retirees.Photo by: < / b>: HENRIK MONTGOMERY / TT,

" We have proposed that, instead of a grant, or in addition, lowering the tax rate for all pensioners, with a focus on those with the lowest pensions. It's so much easier to carry, and will deliver more money to more people, " says the member of parliament, Katarina Brännström (M) of the pensionsgruppen.

< Shekarabis answer: To lower the tax rate also,
Ardalan Shekarabi (S), social insurance):

" I do not support cuts to pension increases. Taxes should be lowered as well.

social insurance Ardalan Shekarabi (S) is determined to push through with the proposal.Photo by: < / b>, ANNA-KARIN; NILSSON, < / span>

" Our aim is that as many people as possible to support this increase, and I would like to emphasize, it is clearly stated by the Januariavtalet that the pensions will be increased in 2021. This is a key part of it.

" We have sought a consensus to have a meeting. However, this is a major issue and should be carried out, say, Shekarabi.

" They have a lot of questions about how it should be done, but we're going to be in a central location and easy access to dialogue with the agency, and to help them to identify priorities.

< Pensionsgruppen burst? Bottom row, from left to right: Teresa Carvalho (P), Katarina Brännström (M), Ardalan Shekarabi (S), Solveig Zander ("C"). Top row, from left to right: Fredrik Lundh Sammeli (S), His Eklind (KD), Mats Persson (L) and Janine Alm Ericson (MP). Mats Berglund (MP) has replaced Janine Alm Ericson.Photo by: < / b> by Roger Dahlberg/the Government offices of sweden < / span>

" We must raise the pensions for the here and now. Increases in contributions and other measures takes time. We have groups in our community who have low pensions, despite the fact that they have worked a full working life. If pensionsgruppens the discussions will lead to the result that the raises will be delayed for another year, it is a betrayal of pensioners.
SPF) Seniors: as A temporary solution,
by Eva Eriksson, chair of the BENEFITS Seniors, we welcome an increase, but we believe that it is being eaten up by inflation and rent increases in the course of the next few years.

"We're not saying' no ' to the increase of the pensions, but this is only a temporary solution. There is a need for further efforts, " says Eva Eriksson.

" on the other hand, she continues, I notice that the pensionsgruppen is to crack.
by Eva Eriksson, chair of the BENEFITS Seniors.Photo by: < / b> by Tomas Södergren
Shekarabi believes it can prevent the extension from being eroded by a study of the long term supplement, with the rise in employer contributions to the pension scheme.

If the pensionsgruppen is this question still remains to be seen.

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Date Of Update: 04 March 2020, 14:00

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