Of 105,000 electric cars in Germany of 22,000 have disappeared

The average car of the German has 153 HP, costs 31.130 Euro and is scrapped after 9.5 years, or exported. There is also a lot out there but less common Figures

Of 105,000 electric cars in Germany of 22,000 have disappeared

The average car of the German has 153 HP, costs 31.130 Euro and is scrapped after 9.5 years, or exported. There is also a lot out there but less common Figures and statistics to the car. A Selection.

1. The mysterious E-car-leak

About 20 percent since the beginning of the decade, in Germany, the newly approved E-cars are gone, according to the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (KBA) is already out of the Car stock. If you add up all the newly registered models since 2010, this comes to around 105,000 units – actual date: 1.1.2019) are reported to the authority (but only around 83,000 vehicles. The lack of 22,000 vehicles have to leave the country for the most part, apparently, already again and again; often in the direction of States with the promotion of higher E-car due to demand. Here, the Auto-Newsletter

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2. Italian fraternal strife

Actually, would have to be the Lancia was the problem child in the Fiat-Chrysler group: Although the brand outside of Italy, it was everywhere taken from the market and even in the home country, the model on offer in the ageing small car, Ypsilon has been shrunk, it suggests that the intra-group competition. Livestock man of The Lancia Ypsilon is the last model of the iconic brand

at Least in Europe, Lancia has left in the first half of 2019, with nearly 35,000 new passenger Car registrations (plus 28 percent), Alfa Romeo, all of which came to just under 30,000 units (minus 42 percent). Alfa justifies the decrease with a reduction in the proportion of Self-certificates, in the case of Lancia are likely to contribute at the same time high discounts to the approval boom. Finally, the Ypsilon is already more than eight years old.

3. Danes rubber

Bridgestone, sales strongest tyre manufacturer in the world is to give. In 2017, the Japanese selling Tires and related Goods to the value of 26.2 billion dollars. In terms of the number of units produced, however, Lego the sector is likely to belong to the throne: The toy manufacturer produced according to their own figures, every year more than 700 million tires for its kits. Each 100. The Lego part is, therefore, a Pneu. How big is the advantage over Bridgestone is, you can't exactly say. The automotive supplier, to its annual balance sheet not in units, but in tons. 2018 from 1.9 million. Land Rover Every 100. Lego is a part of the Pneu

4. Extreme T-Ominanz

Nowadays, every car manufacturer on a solid single-digit market share happy. Car pioneer Ford was able to laugh in front of a good 100 years just about. 1924 was every other car in the world, a Ford T. Between 1908 and 1927, built 15 million units, the biggest part of the in 1913, introduced the Assembly line. The high pace of Production also has to do with the limited color selection: the Only Option was Black – probably because this paint dried very quickly. Ford 1924 was every other car in the world, a model T Ford

Golf is a victim of the SUV boom

Since its invention, the Golf was the best-built car of the VW group. Up to 2018. This year, for the first time, the Tiguan Compact SUV has conquered the throne: With 861.331 to 805.752 piece. Between the two of them cheated even of the small Polo car with 855.179 units. 2019 is likely to be the result of similar, as VW has given the close to Golf-successor to the production already shut down. Whether the eighth Generation of the bestseller is a move in the hierarchy straight again, it remains to be seen. As with the electric car VW ID.3 of the all-time bestseller, has a new competitor that could attract a similar audience. However, the Tiguan has in the Form of T-Roc and T-Cross in-house competition.

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Date Of Update: 24 December 2019, 14:00

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