Open letter to Pedro Sanchez

Mr. president, I Read some days ago in this newspaper that the hunger strike by the political coup prisoners, theoretically motivated by the alleged lack of d

Open letter to Pedro Sanchez

Mr. president,

I Read some days ago in this newspaper that the hunger strike by the political coup prisoners, theoretically motivated by the alleged lack of diligence by the Constitutional Court, was inspired by a hunger strike by Jaume Sastre made against me in 2014.

Probably, don't remember the circumstances, so that, if you allow me, I will refrescarle the memory. Before that the Socialist Party of the Balearic Islands is aliara with those who want to become catalans second instead of in the balearic islands first, I was the president of the Government of the autonomous community. Had inherited, besides a terrible economic ruin caused by your party; an education system that, de facto, caused the practice to all of our students to study in a model of linguistic immersion in Catalan which make it impossible for those parents who wanted to educate their children in Spanish.

I had Always understood that it was an aberration that in Spain not to be able to study in Spanish, so I approved a decree that promoted the implementation of a model trilingual (Spanish, Catalan and English) for students to balearic dominate our two co-official languages and a third foreign. Up to the time of approval guaranteed to them -also by means of a decree - that the parents could decide the language in which they wanted to educate their children. I ended up, as it surely will tell you with tremendous displeasure of their partners of Government, with the education system that ensured the creation of generations of pro-independence supporters educated in the hatred of Spain and the Spanish. Among those who promoted the system that eradicate was Jaume Sastre. He was a teacher of Catalan independence, which, as you may have read in THE WORLD in the past few days, had a significant history of protest is not always peaceful against the constitutionalism political and social.

Their protests and those of his acolytes against our educational system of freedom began in the same way that those that support the coup leaders in jail. At first, they began by bullying staff to all those that were contrary to their dogma (I could teach you weekly invoices of painters for the facade of my pharmacy, massacred almost daily; but you probably recognize it better knowing the escorts that they have to bring the constitutionalists in Catalonia up to go buy bread). After you undertook massive demonstrations, 80,000 people in my case and millions in the Catalan, with the purpose of showing an alleged social rejection that the polls avalaban that he had not been such (with absolute majority in my case and with most constitutionalist in yours).

When neither the harassment nor the social protest were sufficient to make us change of opinion regarding that freedom, in my case, and the rule of law, on yours, are the only way legitimate to follow, some citizens understood that the blackmail more dastardly was the only alternative that remained for coaccionarnos.

And here is when our paths cross, president. In 2014 a teacher is put on a hunger strike to theoretically claim the defense of a public education system of quality. And in 2018 some of the prisoners did the same for, theoretically, to report on the lack of partiality of the court in which they presented their resources. But the reality, mr. Sanchez, is that the recipient of that hunger strike is not a court, as at the time the claim was not a public educational system of quality.

This blackmail is what they are doing to you, president, for political reasons that have nothing to do with the respect for Human Rights. The coup that we are extorting you make it to consciousness. His will is not to die for starvation for a cause that considered to be as valuable as your own life. What they want the alleged criminals, as they wanted the teachers pancatalanistas in my case, it is coaccionarle through the manipulation of public opinion.

The goal of the prisoners is to generate social conscience in themselves and strangers to the society which are attending to them and, through that empathy generated by his weakness, the citizens lobby for you to finish with your prison situation to change of silence the social protests that will trigger.

If this hunger strike hold on long enough, it is more likely to listen to siren voices that ask him to do something to end it. Among your team of trusted people who you hope to give in to the claims of the coup leaders to the media to stop putting pressure on your Government, or maybe it's you who consider that by making some small concession there will not be consequences in the future and the escalation of public opinion contrary to your Executive stop.

I am writing this letter to you, president, because you must know that under no circumstances can do so. Not only because of the precedent it would set on the rest of the prisoners, or for the consequences that might have on his credibility as a representative. You may not assign because, although sometimes it seems that has yet to be realized, when the citizens give us their trust to presidamos their governments, our decisions become our own. And if you give in to blackmail of the pro-independence will not be doing as Pedro Sánchez, will be acting as the leader of a country, ours, that you will accept to submit to the dictation of those who want to end up with him.

A hunger strike as they do against you, or as they did against me, is nothing more than another weapon of distraction for us to forget that the only way they can disprove our reason is through coercion. And if you give into the social pressure that they are intended to generate, or if it makes a case to the co-workers who ask him to end the wear political that this will cause, will be traicionándose himself and, much more importantly, to all those who still trust their president as the guarantor of law and freedom.

I Just already, president. If it undertakes such disloyalty against Spain, never forgive. Lean in constitutionalism and realize that there are many Spanish that we will defend until the exhaustion if it resists the onslaught of those who want to break up our nation.

Do not ignore your conscience. And if not, let the spaniards that put yours at the polls.

José Ramón Bauzá was the president of the Government of the Balearic Islands.

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Updated Date: 13 December 2018, 20:01

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