Other medication runs out in the middle of a new infection

What is the pressure on the country's pharmacies. More apotekskedjors the online stores announce that they have extended delivery times due to the high demand.

Other medication runs out in the middle of a new infection

What is the pressure on the country's pharmacies. More apotekskedjors the online stores announce that they have extended delivery times due to the high demand. Masks have sold out virtually everywhere, despite the fact that they don't even protect against a new infection. There is also a huge lack of hand disinfectant. Pharmacy of the year-to-date, sold as lot of hand disinfectant, which, during the whole of the start of 2019. During Friday afternoon, it was not possible to order a hand disinfectant on the web at either Pharmacy LTD, the Pharmacy, the Heart, the Crown, the Pharmacy, or Apotea.

" This is a free-for-all on the handspriten, suppliers, the portions between the pharmacies. We are selling twenty times as much as the more hand disinfectant than usual. We hand disinfectant each and every day, but it sold out right away. It's like a bottomless pit, " says Pär Svärdson, ceo of one of the largest online pharmacies, Apotea.

However, the swedes, the hamsters are also drugs of all kinds.

the Sales is so important. In the last couple of days, we have doubled our sales in prescription medicines. You will want to be sure that you have the drugs you need at home, such as life-saving medicines like insulin, " says Pär Svärdson.

Magnus Frisk, media relations, Apoteket AB, saying that it is, in particular, pressed for värkmedicinen ibuprofen.Photo by: < / b> David Hagglund / Jeanette Hägglund

Magnus Frisk, media relations at Apoteket AB, says they are seeing a small increase in the case of prescription medications, compared with the same period last year.

" But that may go up or down over the course of the year. We can't say that there's something abnormal, or that it would be due to the coronavirus.
the Supply decreases and the demand increases
Apoteas ceo Pär Svärdson think it's going to be a problem to get a hold of some of the drugs. The supply decreases while demand is on the increase. The pharmaceutical industry is a global chain of production is a complex one, and China will play an important role as well.

"Many of the drugs are manufactured in China, which means that you will receive the production problems and not able to deliver," he said.

in Addition, people are worried as the increase in demand. You are buying a lot of medicine, and the risk is low. It is clear that it is very difficult, because there could be serious consequences of being left without vital medication, " says Pär Svärdson.

It is already beginning to be a lack of over-the-counter pain-relieving and fever-reducing medicines with the acetaminophen, and ibuprofen. China is a large producer of both of these drug substances.

Magnus and Healthy at Apoteket AB, says they sell between 30% and 50% more analgesics than usual at the moment. Drugstore, the Heart has been sold for 74% more medications for pain and fever for the last seven days, compared with the same period of the previous year.
Calms down. It is almost always equivalent to the products of any other brand, " says Annika Svedberg, at the Pharmacy of your Heart.Photo by: < / b> Pharmacy in the Heart / Pharmacy in the Heart,

"There may be a lack of individual brands, but there is almost always equivalent to the products of any other brand, so it's a very small chance that someone who needs pain - and fever-reducing drugs are currently not able to get a hold of it," she says Svedberg of the Pharmacy to the Heart.

on Friday afternoon, 12 of the Apoteas the 25 products with the body of the period, including a number of different types of Advil. Out of the 14 drugs with ibuprofen was 5, the end of the year. Of Pharmacy ltd shop 6, 11 the products of ibuprofen end of the year. At the moment it looks like it will be an extra pain on the smärtmediciner for children in liquid form or as a suppository.

" Our orders are cut, ”so you don't buy.” We can see that the suppliers are beginning to limit, and portions of drugs. This suggests there is a shortage all over the world, " says Pär Svärdson.
the Availability of the ibuprofen is so bad
According to the Magnus and Healthy at Apoteket AB, it is especially low on ibuprofen.

" There is a global shortage. They began to have production problems at the end of the year. Of course, it is an unfortunate fact that there will be a shortage of a medicine, of which many are interested just now.

drugs that target the flu and the virus has been increased by as much as 50 percent, according to Magnus, is Healthy. There is, for example, of sprays, and lozenges, which will form a coating in the mouth and throat, and as a way to reduce the risk of viral infections. At the Pharmacy in the sale of anti-virus drugs doubled in the last seven days.

There are no studies of these agents would be to help with a new disease covid-19.

the hoard medicines it can be rational for the individual, and at the same time, as it can increase the deficit and thus bad for the society, points out that the Apoteas ceo Pär Svärdson.

" my mother had a critical medication, for example, so I would think that it would be good if she had the meds for a few months at home. However, from a community point of view, it is an unfortunate fact, " says Pär Svärdson.

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Date Of Update: 06 March 2020, 19:00

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