Peter, 26, received her christmas gift crossed of the entry: Disappointing

the Preparations are in full swing for most of us. Even so, for Its as for the ”social” people are fighting to the end, to deliver christmas gifts to the Swedis

Peter, 26, received her christmas gift crossed of the entry: Disappointing

the Preparations are in full swing for most of us. Even so, for Its as for the ”social” people are fighting to the end, to deliver christmas gifts to the Swedish household sector.

So far, everything is great, says Maria Ibsen, press officer for the company, but on Facebook, expresses the tradition of several swedes about the fact that gifts are not to be able to make it on time.

Piteå, sweden-student Awards Wikbladh, 26, was the disappointment, as a matter of fact – despite the fact that the package has arrived. The problem is just the condition in which it arrived.

Each packet arriving in a thousand pieces.Photo by: < / b> Private , Its responded to the criticism. Previous Next Exit fullscreen mode
”, the Plot Has been a bit of a bad mood, or is he unable to read? Do you think that Santa is able to fix it before christmas eve?”, enter the Awards on Facebook – in which post, at Its, for it to be her christmas present arrived in the post a thousand pieces – despite the fact that ”FRAGILE” was written on the package in big letters.

" I have a feeling of disappointment. It was a personal thing, pinpointad to a particular person. I was able to order a new one, but it will never be able to make it to christmas. Then you have to think about, " says Peter, and continued:

A friend wrote: it arrived on time, in any case, while she can.

Rosemari: ”I seem to be getting worse and worse”
in Accordance with Its however, in the post this christmas, so far, has been very successful.

" in General, it has been very helpful. "We haven't had any major snow storms or other reasons. We've been prepared, with a prepared staff, who have worked on, " says Maria Ibsen's play.

on The other side of the country, in a small, Fröjered, in Lincoln, however, although Rosemari Mcgowan, 38, worked couple of days ago, she clicked the home is a personal fotopussel on the internet.

" I have ordered a jigsaw puzzle that we have to give, the child, to a loved one as a christmas gift. We don't know what it was. We were very much in the early days, yet, I don't know if we're going to get it.
Photo by: < / b> Private
Seven days have passed since the juklappen should be. But now it's disappeared. Because the gift is so small it is sent as a normal mail, and no tracking id. Mary the Play, in Its comments on the following:

" It's very hard for me to say what's going on with an item of correspondence. It's really hard to speculate on what's happened in the past. However, I wouldn't give up on it just yet.

Rosemari, however, is critical to the operation, and believes that the service should be improved at the company, as of the end of the year, raises the cost of the two crowns.

" It does seem to be a hassle, generally, with them. The service seems to be getting worse and worse and worse. They raise the cost, but where does the money go? ask her out.
the Message on the gifts, ”There is always hope,”
However, excited staff, and a challenging time for the holidays, have Its understanding for those who are wondering what has happened to all the presents. However, it is hoped that all the packages arrive on time.

" the holiday season is a busy one, and there are many packages that are in circulation and more are waiting for you. It's more of a normal month. This will be particularly vulnerable, and many, many more questions. Then, we will try to answer them as much as we can.

" It's clear that the man is getting impatient, when the packets do not arrive. However, we have not seen any of the problems. When dealing with so many applications, it is clear that something is misfiring a little bit. Then, ask the recipient a question and we'll get you an answer.

For those who are concerned about themselves, asks Mary Play, contact the reach of its service to the customer. And she has a matching message in time for the holidays.

" There's always hope.

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Date Of Update: 23 December 2019, 09:03

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