Petra, the Medes and lifelong crisis for now, she leaves it out yourself

Petra Mede was over the age of 35, when she hit the big time as a comedian – it's popular breakthrough came when she hosted the Eurovision song contest in 2009

Petra, the Medes and lifelong crisis for now, she leaves it out yourself

Petra Mede was over the age of 35, when she hit the big time as a comedian – it's popular breakthrough came when she hosted the Eurovision song contest in 2009, the same year she turned 39.

But then, it all went to fast.

In less than a decade, she is among other things, result in the Radio six times at the Eurovision Song Contest twice and, in addition, be julvärd.

How do you go on after that?

" it is possible, of course, not to do any more. The eurovision song contest, the Eurovision song contest, and all of the years of the Radio. Then I would have to find other ways, and develop themselves in other ways as well. I'd like to be in a stage of development all the time, " says Petra Mede.

two years ago, she also quit the national television channel TV4, where she was led, ”Star star,” whose third season starts at the weekend. Exactly how long the contract she has signed with Swedish TV4 to Petra Mede did not disclose.

" The contract's a little bit confidential, but there are a couple of years.

" Absolutely, and in the fall I did a program called ”crazy,” and we also have a few other plans. You want to make a bigger commitment. ”Star star” is also a major investment from the Swedish TV4, so I know that I need to deliver it.

" I have to say, the channel is verklien in detail. We are trying to improve all the time, from the little bit of light. There is nothing to be taken for granted.

" Yes, yes, but, you know, we have big egos, everyone, and maybe this says more about our egos than anything else. No, but I've been very well treated in sweden as well. It's not so hard, the world is small, and there are many people who will change the channel. It's probably more about what you can do, though, it's a great program.

" no, No, I'm very, very osentimental. Once this is done, it is done. I did on the Radio six times, and I think that was the right size. I also think that it is the last Radio I did was damn good, and it's the same with the Eurovision song contest, which I did with Gary, and I think we did it so well that it is hard to top. Then you have to find new ways of working.

In addition to this, I also mentioned that I would like to act more, so I was in my cradle, still. Now we are going to play in the new ”Bonusfamiljen” for Swedish television, so the way I appear at several of the stations, but the programlederi I do, only in Swedish TV4.
Petra Mede is a newly-minted 50-year-old.Photo by: < / b> (JESSICA GOW/TT / TT NEWS agency

Petra Mede said she still loves the big events and that she wouldn't say no to the Oscars or the Golden Globes-the ceremony called the. In particular, in the latter, there is Ricky Gervais in the several years of challenging monologues in the shop.

" I'd like to find on such a forum, which is a little more control of programs, where you get the ”roasta”. Some of the best fun I know of is to get a small retsticka. Something of a Golden Globe, it may be pitch. I was the QX-gala on TV4 for a couple of weeks ago, this is the one that comes closest to the viewer. I am in love with the ceremony, in which you can go out and make fun of all of you, " she said.
Petra Mede would love to talk about getting older
private life and a family, Petra Mede has been a seven-year-old daughter from a previous relationship, and she doesn't want to go into that. However, does she speak like that to become older, on march 7, she celebrated her 50th anniversary.

" the year before, I walked around and thought, ”hey, I'm 50”. But for now, I feel like the 50, it's cliché, but with age I feel more and more grateful. In order that I may live and get on with it, I love it, and the fact that the health is nice. I'm thinking about this now I'm 50, and now I'm going to step on the accelerator.

" Well, yes, your whole life is a crisis. But for now, I've probably had the feeling for a change and a fresh start, I think it's pretty åldersadekvat, and in this way, it is a pleasure to fill in the year, it is also a reminder that life is finite. At 50, I think, that you expect to the horizon, and it is, of course, in the limit as the actual value.

" with My back, and that kind of thing, yes. But, knock on wood, so the doctors have said that it will most likely be set for years, and it has done so. In my case, it's very good, and the place that it has become worse, so it is no longer the case, where the överrörlig as it used to be. Now I'm old, stiff and happy.

After ”Star star” is waiting for another challenge at the beginning of the fall. So Petra, With the writing of the book, ”Shame, and the pride of Windsor”.

" I'm going to talk more about it in the fall, but in the book, I'm going to tell you a lot about my childhood. It's not a pure autobiography, but the story is set during a single day in which I will go on a journey, and a variety of memories are awakened. Every other chapter is present day, and the two-game set between five and twelve years of age, and I think that was the moment I was the happiest because there was such an intensity of life at that time, " she says.

" I think it's really in this context. It feels like superläskigt, however, on the subject of wanting to evolve, I hope that I will be able to write more in the future.

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