Prosecutor: No plans for new searches for Wilma

It has been nearly three months since a 17-year-old Wilma Andersson-lost in the City. the Search for the girl, engaged thousands of volunteers in several week

Prosecutor: No plans for new searches for Wilma

It has been nearly three months since a 17-year-old Wilma Andersson-lost in the City.

the Search for the girl, engaged thousands of volunteers in several weeks ' time in searching for the teen.

a Couple of weeks after Wilma, reported missing, found one of the parts of the body, which led police to conclude that there is no way that she will be found alive. Subsequently, both the police, the coast guard searched for more and more parts of the body, but to no avail.

it is Now counting on the investigating authorities, the prosecutor's office, Jim Westerberg, with the prosecution unable to find the rest of his body, of which the Aftonbladet newspaper, was the first to tell you that.

" We've stopped actively searching, but I haven't given up hope of finding the body. There will be hints on a continuous basis as we are, of course, follow-up, " says Jim Westerberg.

the Police in the initial few weeks of searching.Photo by: < / b> by ALEX LJUNGDAHL

There has been a huge search of the waters in and around the City centre.

" But it is by no means certain that the human body is in the water. It can be buried, or have been dumped on the land, says the Speaker.

Approaching the prosecution
Speaker, and his investigator is approaching the prosecution, however, would require additional time. It is not going to be available until march 13, when the current åtalstid out. Before this date, Speaker, request the suspect to the killer's omhäktad.

" It will most definitely be a new häktningsperiod. We are expecting a large number of results from the NFC (National forensiskt to the city centre, but it is my ambition to bring criminal charges within a month, then, then, then, we are in the middle of april, " he said.

the Man, who is suspected of the murder, was the boyfriend, Wilma, and africa. He has consistently denied the crime he was suspected of. His legal representative, advocate Richard Rämsell, has been referred to the yppandeförbud when it comes to her clients ' vision of the mordanklagelsen.

Denies the crime
However, two weeks ago, the Rämsell for the GT are:

"We are not the cause of death," said attorney Richard Rämsell, and said, it is far from proven, Wilma Andersson was murdered.

on Sunday, saying the Rämsell for the GT are:

" My client denies the crime.

In general, she doesn't want to know.
Wilma is the case: the story so far

on november 14. The last day, Wilma Andersson are seen in this life. The police suspect that she was murdered on the same day.

on the 17th of november. Wilma anderson's relatives to contact the police and report her missing.

on 19 november. Wilma anderson's boyfriend arrested, suspected of the murder. He was arrested later on. Wilma anderson is still missing.

on the 28th of november? The police find a body that is out of the question to Wilma Andersson is still alive.

the 1st day of december. Her boyfriend's father is arrested, suspected of serious, protective of the offender. On the same day of the release, he is on the run.

on 6 december. Her father is arrested again, according to his lawyer's allegations of irregularities in the same. Further, a person, a woman in her 40s, is held in custody.

on 6 december. The murder suspect during the omhäktas. He has consistently pleaded not guilty.

on the 8 day of december. The public prosecutor requested the two arrested persons kept in custody. Brottsmisstankarna is very protective of the offender and the offence against the griftefriden. They both deny the crime.

the 9th of december. Häktningsförhandlingen to her boyfriend's dad and a woman in her 40s is being held in the City's district court. The court decides that there are insufficient grounds to arrest the individuals, which is why they are on the run. According to the prosecutor's people continued to be suspicious.

as of the 23rd of december means a Doctor of medicine of the national laboratory of forensic science claims that the suspected killer may have been suffering from a major mental disorder at the time of the prosecutor's office and the police claim that the murder was committed.

in December and January, During the omhäktas several times, is suspected of murder. The police and the coast guard is continuing the search for wilma's body, but to no avail.

February 23: the Search for wilma's body, has ceased to exist. The prosecutor is going to ask for omhäktning the 13th of march and I hope to be able to bring criminal charges in april.

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Prosecutor Jim Westerberg has been previously reported for GT, as he feels that it has developed a clearer and clearer picture of how Wilma Andersson, have been killed.

" We've got to get a clear picture. I have been to a presentation by the police about the find, and track, and more. We will have a better idea of what may have happened, is that a little bit in line with what we had, as a working hypothesis, has a Speaker, among other things, I said.

two of the suspects,
In the course of the Sunday, "he says.

" the Picture is becoming ever clearer, not least as the analyssvaren fall out over time. These can, of course, is either to confirm one or rule out anything.

the armed services helped out in the past, searches in the water.Photo by: < / b> Robert Betzehag/Rescue Photo
He said that it is now in a situation where the defense may take the greater part of the investigation material.

Doubts have been raised against the two people, her boyfriend's father, and a woman in the suspect's vicinity, regarding the rough, the protection of the offender and the offence against the griftefriden.

" oh, Yes, they do. However, it is still too early to tell if I'm going to bring criminal charges in these cases, " says Jim Westerberg.

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Date Of Update: 23 February 2020, 16:00

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