Public transport: The mask of duty, which no one enforces

It's been a while since North Rhine-Westphalia had the reputation to be the land of the Corona-relaxations. However, it was not necessary soon, because other c

Public transport: The mask of duty, which no one enforces

It's been a while since North Rhine-Westphalia had the reputation to be the land of the Corona-relaxations. However, it was not necessary soon, because other countries were much looser. With full views of the infection is the black-yellow state government attracts events in Düsseldorf over the reins at the end of the summer holidays now and again.

Pure Burger

Political correspondent in North Rhine-Westphalia.

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Kerstin Schwenn

business correspondent in Berlin.

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On Monday, education Minister Yvonne Gebauer (FDP) had a strict mask of duty; in all secondary and vocational schools, children and young people from coming week in the classroom, the mouth-nose protection wear. On Wednesday Minister of transport, Hendrik Wüst (CDU) followed with the next aggravation: After the next amendment of the Corona protection regulation must be imposed in North Rhine-Westphalia, in the case of violations of the mask mandatory in buses, S-Bahn or trams fines in the amount of 150 Euro.

The time of the discussions and exhortations was over, the Minister. The mask mandatory in public transport is now well known. "It comes to the protection of the most Vulnerable in our society. Wearing the mask is a small duty to prevent a big disaster," said Wüst of the F. A. Z. "By train Conductors, we know that wherever there is controlled, most of the driving wear their mask." Where not regularly get checked, there are more holdouts. "We have to do something, because the situation is still serious."

Whether you impose against mask objectors fines and in what amount, is a matter for the countries – and therefore in Germany is not uniform. In Bavaria, a violation of the mask duty costs 150 Euro, in Berlin, the Fines from 50 to 500 euros is enough. Lower Saxony is planning a fine of 150 euros. Schleswig-Holstein to think about. A statistical Overview of case numbers and the amount of the imposed fines are not yet available. Since the transport associations that organise the operation of buses and trains in the regions, often to a rigid national borders, even within the associations sometimes have different penalty schemes.

the Unit is in transport, if necessary, the mask duty is communicating with. "Starting the journey with only her mouth, nose and coverage," reads the announcement. What means in reverse conclusion: if you didn't have to expect to be promoted. The railway traffic act is clear on this: "people who pose a risk to the safety and order of the operations or for the safety of the passengers or the instructions of the railway staff do not follow, can be excluded from the promotion. You have cargo that is not entitled to a refund of the ticket price or Luggage.“ In case of doubt, the "exclusion" with the help of the police happens not because of the property rights of the company includes direct coercion. "Law enforcement is the responsibility of state Authorities" shall inform the Association of German transport companies.

the passengers in the public transport, but especially in the long-distance trains of the railway, are increasingly complaining about a lax handling of passengers with the pesky mask – and about the lack of Intervention by the train Crew. Usually the conductor has waived any personal note on the mask of duty. For transport companies this is a tightrope walk: To a dispute between staff and annoying for passengers is to be avoided. On the other, could – after the break-in, the passenger is more people are in Lockdown in the face of rising new infections back to Bus and train, out of fear of contagion to avoid.

The Deutsche Bahn must get to the Rapport

the Federal transport Minister, Andreas Scheuer (CSU) has called on the German Railways, in writing, to strictly comply with the Mask requirement. "This includes the commitment for all the passengers, not the create prompt, type the mask will be excluded from the carriage," said Scheuer heard. The group must report back to the Ministry now, "on a regular basis about the measures and the compliance with the mask of duty." Of a compulsory reservation-in-chief Richard Lutz holds Scheuer as little as track. "The path to know about the DB Navigator App and their website on the reservation status of trains. On this Basis, all travelers will be able to decide, so also at-risk groups,“ writes the Minister.

Date Of Update: 05 August 2020, 15:20

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