Rangers were independent of men, but also a bolshevik who equivalent of the revolutionary

in Ireland they were called the republican army, Polish legion, the Russia bolsevikeiksi. We had the jaegers. the first world war gave birth to a set of radic

Rangers were independent of men, but also a bolshevik who equivalent of the revolutionary

in Ireland they were called the republican army, Polish legion, the Russia bolsevikeiksi. We had the jaegers.

the first world war gave birth to a set of radical movements, who saw their opportunity had come, when the old empires went at each other's throats.

rangers of the assimilation of a terrorist organization as an IRA or a blood enemy of the bolshevik who may sound far-fetched, even inappropriate, but it has its reasons.

they were All revolutionary, also of rangers, which Mannerheim in 1916 condemned the country petoksellisen organisation.

Even more similarities are revealed when placed in movements of the part of the first world war. All applicants for support from Germany and all the German took advantage of.

– the Old way of war is to feed the opposition of the enemies of the country. It is a powerful means to weaken opponents, said history professor Henrik Meinander .

German went to war in both Russia and against Britain. It's great to train a couple of thousand of Finnish young men, who then went to war against Russia. Also aseapu Irish independence-minded and lenin's engineered back to st. petersburg to support the German war tactics.

special forces training in Germany, disguised as the patrol was action.The jaeger foundation why not rangers left the fascist path?

a list of much has been written, Meinanderin estimates that dozens of shelf meters, of which the majority is the hero of the stories.

the Ledge today, add toppings, when the shops appeared on nearly 600-page book in Finnish jaegers – independence tip number.

a number of the authors of the articles comprising the book's focus is the civil war in the later stages: that's how the rangers participated in the independent Finnish army, the construction and the second world war. The perspective is mainly national.

Meinanderin article is in this respect an exception. He joined the rangers into the new Europe, new nation-states and their armed forces. Meinander quote in his article, Matti Lackmanin twenty years ago, ranger history, which he regarded as epochal.

Rangers were the last time in a size 26. February 1918, when the Vaasa market square held a parade.The jaeger foundation

Meinander remind you that in all new states, the officers formed a young nationalist, who took a sharp negative gives way to the empire. Rangers are not in this respect been the exception, but the rule.

the Essential difference Meinander keep the attitude to democracy. The rest of the officers were responsible for their countries transition from dictatorship. In finland, the rangers remained behind the governments, also Lapua movement during.

Although the civil war still, after many were disappointed, the bulk of rangers, however, respect for democracy.

Meinander seek explanation of the jaeger movement was born out of phase. The jaeger movement was born in protest at russia's increased repression.

– ranger of the movement are based on students who were advanced and require citizens more political rights.

the Problem with rangers saw just the touch of democracy to the core, autonomy, parliament and civil society. This idea carry early 1930s Lapua movement paineessakin, assess Meinander.

Professor Henrik Meinander in Helsinki, ostrobotnia on the so-called ranger in the room where the business was founded in the autumn of 1914.Mikko On / ylea in their own war – and it Oolannin war not been so terrible

Meinander need more comparative grip on the history of research. It that lifted look in Finland towards Europe. It opens new perspectives.

as an Example national history research Meinander mentions the Finnish way to name wars.

We always have our own war. The Finnish war, Oolannin war and civil war, not to mention the winter-, post - and Lapland war.

Meinander means that the Finnish war to be remembered into the napoleonic war or Oolannin the war the whole of Europe rattled the Crimean war in the not-so-terrible side juonteena was.

Winter-, post - and Lapland war when talking about Meinanderin colleagues from around the world are wondering, and it wasn't the second world war.

We have an unconscious attempt to tell the nation's history as a separate report.

Meinanderin according to the comparative extracts low level of affect, inter alia, a lack of language skills: for example, the Russian archives would be a good part of russia.

the Second explanation is of nation states a way to collect only your own country, the memory of the information to the national archives and libraries. This is in itself necessary and useful, but fueled by the same national interpretations, Meinander said.

a list of one-third of the working-class home, and for many a return to civil war use of the position in Finland was difficult. The jaeger foundation"War would hardly be ignited without the German and the Russian provocation"

the New jaeger book late a little civil war of a hundred years the memory of the year.

the book underlying the rangers tradition the aim of the association is "to guarantee that the jaeger movement in the fine and touching story of the burial clothes and hämärry year 1918 events, the national blame game under", such as association of strategy in line will be.

Meinanderin according to the memory of the year went to moderation, without a larger national recrimination.

– the Red and the white history come equally to the fore. Time little was bigotry. Although the parties ' internal disputes could have been stressed more.

the War of the names was the memory of the year debate. This time the incumbent designation is a civil war. Broader perspective peräävälle historical research for the term is too narrow.

the Civil war is a neutral name, but at the same time, it overemphasized the war for internal political reasons. War would hardly have been ignited without the russians for the red presented by the revolution requirements, or German independence to mobilize support.

– Coldly viewed, Finland in 1918, the events are periferinen part of the first world war.

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