Rodrigo not consoled by Valencia

The goal of the front, after nearly a thousand minutes of drought, it only serves to his team to score a point at Ipurua a Thousand minutes they give for a lo

Rodrigo not consoled by Valencia

The goal of the front, after nearly a thousand minutes of drought, it only serves to his team to score a point at Ipurua

a Thousand minutes they give for a lot. Are the equivalent, for example, two days working with some time extra. It is the approximate time that it takes to go by car from Valencia to Rome. Almost 17 hours, a whole day if you subtract the time of sleep. All that time, football has been Rodrigo Moreno without dialing with the shirt of Valencia, a torture for a striker of his category and their qualities. From the first day until this Saturday. Good news for Valencia. The problem is that it was almost the only one that received at Ipurua.

The other, in any case, it is the point, then it is never bad to add out-of-home. Although there are many draws already... At Ipurua, in addition, the toll to pay was high. Was injured Coquelin and Gabriel to deliver the 'overbooking' in the nursing che. You're running out of players Marcellin and, what is worse, without being able to secure an upward curve in the performance of your computer. After the good game Wednesday against Manchester United, Valencia returned to his quarry to chop stone against an Eibar intermittent at the VAR enabled him to continue adding up.

To Ipurua is going to suffer, at least for a while. There's always going to be a phase in the match that Eibar will look like a apasionadora. It can last for a few seconds, a few minutes or a whole afternoon, what is certain is that it happens in all parties. The only thing you can do then the opponent is grit your teeth and endure, wait for the storm to pass to get back out of the cave. Valencia touched him pay his penance in the first quarter of an hour. The Eibar interned in your area, we sought a tickling with two shots of Charles and Orellana. But the Marcellin resisted.

Overcome those moments of momentum armourers, the Valencia was able to start to think about what I wanted to do for the rest of the party. Take advantage of the mistakes of others was the first chapter of your manual and on the verge of taking advantage of it through Santi Mina, but Risk was the failure of José Ángel. Three minutes later, however, the veteran goalkeeper nothing could be done to Rodrigo successfully exploited in the second stick center tight and accurate than Waas.

The problem for Valencia, however, is that this year the football denies him the happiness, is the limit too. The joy by the second both of Rodrigo this season was soon overshadowed by two injuries almost in a row. First fell Gabriel and shortly after Coquelin. As Wednesday did Lato and Kondogbia. As before Gameiro and Guedes. And Marcellin, who no longer knows whether to laugh and cry, he was forced to burn two changes before the break.

The problems continued to grow for Valencia at the back of the locker room. The Eibar began sending up to achieve a tie in the penalty longest in the world. The fault was the left hand of Gayà, which initially went unnoticed. More than a minute later, the VAR warned the referee that he saw the replay of the play. He did not hesitate, and Charles seized the advantages of the vídeoarbitraje, that they both dislike their coach.

from then on, the two teams measured their risks and began to give by good the tie. The two goalkeepers had to be alert, but none of them felt especially required: almost all the shots had the ability to go to the centre of the goal. Only José Angel, who sent a lack to the crossbar, had forceful arguments to change the fate of the match. But no one was going to do it.

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Date Of Update: 17 December 2018, 08:01

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