SAS lays off 10,000 employees

the SAS are called into the press conference was over Sunday afternoon. There was the president and ceo, Richard Gustafson, with a tough message for the staff

SAS lays off 10,000 employees

the SAS are called into the press conference was over Sunday afternoon.

There was the president and ceo, Richard Gustafson, with a tough message for the staff.

"For the airline industry, the SAS, that means closed borders, and as a dissuasion from visiting the countries of the world, that the demand for flights to, from and within Scandinavia has more or less disappeared," he said.

at the same time, " says Rickard Gustafson, the company is willing to set up an airlift to bring home stranded travelers.

" there Is a need to use capacity in order to fly home stranded citizens, we have, of course. We are waiting for when the issue will be, we are, " he said to the Gp when we met him in one of the closest to you head office in Frösundavik in Solna, sweden for the conference.

Tony tells you that the SAS are being forced to adapt to the current situation, and greatly reduces the number of connections.

as of Monday morning, we will have to make the occasional break, a large part of our business. We will, as far as is possible, maintain critical infrastructure, to nyckeldestinationer, both in the domestic and international markets.

the News from SAS is forced to lay off 10 000SAS web site in the evening, with the news that almost all of the traffic set in.

SAS, lays off 10,000 workers
10 000 to be laid off, this affects 90 per cent, of the personnel of the company. So, it is distributed ”e-stop”.

3 000 people in Norway.

3, 000 in Denmark.

• 3 500-4 000 people in Sweden.

" Unfortunately, we have to adapt ourselves to our suite. This is not about redundancies, it is valid on a temporary basis. We would like to have in the back of our talented employees as soon as possible, " he said.

In Denmark and Norway, there are regulations for the korttidspermitteringar, but so far not in Sweden.

the SAS are now working on högtryckt with the preparation of specific notice of the termination of employment of the staff in Sweden. There will be no ”relief” from the government in the form of a temporary permitteringslag triggered the redundancies on Wednesday.

" We want to avoid redundancies in Sweden. We are looking for a solution to a temporary lay-off of staff. The idea is that we'll get through this as quickly as possible, and then we would like to have on our staff. That's what we get if we are forced to go to layoffs, " says Tom Gustafson, into the Network.

" you should be able To lay off people and not having to pay out of the wages and salaries paid. In Norway, the model in which the state goes in and covers up a part of it.
Lines remain < / span>

" We're going to be focusing on destinations in which we know that there are a lot of passengers on their way home. The combination of, for example, in the south of Spain and the south of France. Then come in to try and maintain, so far as it is possible for certain types of traffic in New York city, Chicago, and Tokyo, japan.
SAS is the head of Rickad Tony will not the money back to the passengers affected by the cancellation of the flights. ”It's not necessarily the case,” he said.Photo by: < / b>, CLAUDIO BRESCIANI/TT / TT NEWS agency

Rickard Gustafson said that he is hopeful that the SAS is able to maintain a certain amount of traffic in London, Paris, and Frankfurt, germany.

When it comes to domestic traffic in Sweden and Norway, " says SAS chief that he is aware of the need for the transport sector.

" It's important for the people in the north of sweden, to be able to have access to the whole of the country. The same is true in Norway. However, there will be significantly fewer flights.

No indication if the money is given back to
It is very unclear as to whether passengers will receive a refund for pre-booked journeys are now being made available for the next couple of weeks.

" It's not always a matter of course. What are the rules? We need to get a picture, " says Rickard Gustafson.

In plain language, it is that the SAS is hoping for money from the state, including in the area of consumer protection.

SAS offers: A voucher * * conditions apply
SAS is the lure of the night for the travelers, who will miss their trips because of all the cancellations: a voucher for the amount of the cancellation of the trip. According to SAS ' own arbitrary decision, must be updated not later than 30 november of this year. A refund, the company is not ready to give up, at least not yet.
SAS is offering a voucher for the cancellation of his travel during the period of the plan can get off the ground.

Mark Gustafson: ”Rich stone”
Rickard Gustafson says that air travel in Scandinavia, ”as well as end-of -”.

" the airline industry is taking a hefty whack out of what we are seeing now. The airline industry in general, not just SAS, is a samhällsbärande and an important part of the infrastructure. The politicians are fully aware of the importance of maintaining good relations, even at the end of this virusutbrottet, I am quite convinced of that. I'm hoping to see some concrete proposals in the very, very, very, very short.

Although the Norwegian has been forced to lay off 5,000 employees, and the Norwegian company, the economic crisis is still getting worse. The company is at risk of bankruptcy in the disclosure of the ceo, Jacob Schram at the moment.

Richard Gustafson has been in the last few days have been in close contact with the government.

" We have had a great deal of the infrastructure in the Nordic region for more than 70 years of age. I am confident that we will navigate through this crisis, it will continue to be a valued and important part of the infrastructure in this part of the world, even after the covid-19.

He said that the SAS is available to the authorities in order to fly to the home of any trapped employees in the world. , Viggo Cavling, editor-in-chief of the Travel of the news of the SAS's job loss: ”I think that this is just the beginning,”Konskursrisken of the SAS
SAS-pilots chair, in Sweden, Wilhelm, Tersmeden, strongly supports the management's view that the government needs to take urgent action.

" the Situation is very serious. The airline industry can't sort it out on your own, but it needs to be supported. American infrastructure is going to be damaged if it is not going to help. The government needs to take action now, " he said.

Scrooge's Bornold, business analysts, and sparekonom at Söderberg&Partners, says that the government needs to take urgent action.

" So they are, for these people, it is not the case that they come back. I can understand Tom Gustafsons the requirements of the government. It is reasonable also, if we are to have a national airline.

Flyganalytiker by Jan Ohlsson on the bankruptcy risk of SAS.

" the Company is doing in a couple of weeks to a month, if they don't do anything. I don't think it will happen. The company has a pretty good flow. However, it can be nearly not allowed to fly anywhere, do you are guaranteed to brakförluster at the same time, you have fixed costs remain. The company must, of course, have to be able to lay off in Sweden.

as of Jan Ohlsson, took note of the SAS, the manager's hesitation, during the press conference, if people would get their money back for canceled trips.

" It's a clear warning sign that they don't have as much money in the pot.

" I am sure that you have the right of it.

Jacob Pedersen, flyganalytiker at Sydbank assumes that there will be a bail-out for the SAS.

"I'd be very surprised if they let the SAS go in," he said to the Danish news agency Ritzau.

”they” refers to Jacob Pedersen, the Swedish and the Danish states.

the Swedish government is the single largest shareholder of 14,82% of the vote.

, Denmark is 14.24 percent.

, and the Knut and Alice wallenberg foundation, and 6.5 per cent.

Reactions to the news
in the past, the prime minister and the minister for foreign affairs Carl Bildt writes on Twitter that the announcement is dramatic, but this is important in order to ensure the future survival of the scandinavian airline.


Riksdagskvinnan Gulan Avci (D) highlights of the party Nyamko Sabunis of the opinion that the government needs to act on a rescue plan for the CHARITY.


It was a moderate politician, the Jan Ericsson to criticism of the Swedish legal system, and the limited access to the korttidspermitteringar.


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