Segregated schools: white America remains under

There are two questions that call for weeks: "What do we want? Justice! When do we want it? Now! And if we don't get you, we make everything tight.“ The prote

Segregated schools: white America remains under

There are two questions that call for weeks: "What do we want? Justice! When do we want it? Now! And if we don't get you, we make everything tight.“ The protestors, demonstrating against racism and police violence, are hardly imagine. The movement could be the biggest in the history of the United States, estimated recently the "New York Times". In 550 locations so far, of between 15 and 26 million people had participated in one or more protests. Many of the "Black Lives Matter"-protesters are white, the majority would probably describe as liberal or left. And many agree, that what you fight there is structural racism that extends into all areas of society.

But as it is at closer Inspection not unpleasant. Because it it often the individual decisions of private white-people who receive the existing structure. You could make the actual "density", would be the way to the core of one's own life.

Hardly anywhere so clearly as in education. "The Problem we all live with", calling the African-American journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones one of their award-winning Work on the Segregation of the schools. And Miriam Nunberg, a white civil rights lawyer in New York, says: "In the case of this topic, there are very a lot of hypocrisy and double standards – even among the Left, which are now on the street and Black Lives Matter' call." The fact that American schools today are segregated more than in the eighties, have also the responsibility of the white parent.

Freeways and railroad tracks as spatial boundaries

Strong schools are segregated then when they are attended almost exclusively by Blacks and Latinos, or nearly exclusively White, although all live together in the city. A fifth of all public schools in the United States, according to the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), almost only white students, and another fifth as well as no. The number of severely segregated schools had triple since the beginning of the eighties tripled, the researchers found a 2014.

Open the

abolished With the landmark decision of the Supreme court in the case of "Brown v. Board of Education" from 1954, the official "racial segregation" in the school actually. However, politicians and parents found in the North as in the South, and paths, the black and the white, the rich and the poor to separate children. Governments in the South made the schools in entire districts for years-tight, while you are encouraged with tax concessions to white private schools. In the North, they set the districts on the cutting of school.

in the country and in the suburbs, the school created districts today often so that children from more white areas remain among themselves. That was, in many places, easy to reach, because the structure of the housing market was historically a segregated. African-Americans and Latinos were incentive programs for home buyers in the 20. Century long excluded, later they often got no loans. It's structure is weak, one of the banks in residential areas rated arisen.

The invisible boundaries become more permeable, due to the permanent differences in earnings but not gone. Whether in the millionaire suburbs of Connecticut, in the rural South, or in former industrial cities in the Midwest: there, where the white visitor takes a majority white municipality true, it's usually a quarter in which the workers and service workers live, often have a darker skin color. The geographical separation often secures a purpose built Freeway or a train track. Therefore, the word of the "other side of the tracks" ("the other side of the tracks comes") as a common designation for a poorer district.

Date Of Update: 07 July 2020, 10:19

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