Sense of community: Tensions, not averse

With a passion Nils from Heisterhagen in the political flow, which he calls "the discourse of the left". The PhD philosopher does this in a number of journali

Sense of community: Tensions, not averse

With a passion Nils from Heisterhagen in the political flow, which he calls "the discourse of the left". The PhD philosopher does this in a number of journalistic contributions, but also to the short message service Twitter. For the Greens, whom he accused of moralism and a lack of economic competence, is the former principle speaker of the SPD parliamentary group in the Rhineland-Palatinate truly a red cloth. However, Heist wants to Hagen, so his own claim, not only criticize. Already in the subtitle of his latest book "responsibility" promises to be the social Democrat, a "new political common sense in times of change". Little did he know at the appearance of the book, which would come in the form of the Coronavirus, a few weeks later, on Germany and the world.

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As an anti-thesis to the discourse of the left, the author calls for a "reform of the left", with economic reforms for greater prosperity and security. The intra-left contrast was not new, he writes. The social media would not have, however, strengthened only on the Left, the tendency to Orient policy to the "attitude" and not the "action". Who's the supposedly Good to say, applicable as a brave. Heisterhagen takes the "urban biotope" in the crosshairs, he accused the post-materialistic navel-gazing. He backed up his observations with striking examples. Less rigid but a comparison of Trading and My as well as of materialism and idealism. People who engage, for example, in refugee assistance, beyond these categories. The author calls for to improve the lives of the people through laws, but is silent as to what can make a civil society beyond.

This does not diminish the analytical power of the book. Even liberal thinkers have registered significant concern at the so-called identity politics. Heisterhagen, inter alia, the American political scientist Mark Lilla, and Francis Fukuyama, who complain that the post-modern liberalism is a total social "We" retired, rich the on narrow group identities. In order to counteract this, advocates Heisterhagen a General service obligation that is not in the SPD, especially popular. But here, too, he agrees with Fukuyama, is also calling for a binding non-profit service. "Ask not what Your country can do for you, but what You can do for Your country", trying Heisterhagen the famous Kennedy quote in a Chapter heading. The plea highlights a sense of community, the author referred to with reference to Simon Strauss as a "Republican We."

The Escalations are not averse Heisterhagen as a political philosopher at the same time value on his own thoughts from the various schools of thought to deduce. Does the author is very transparent, however, it also leads to the theoretical Chapter the reader with a much longer breath, and not equal to demand more of knowledge than those in which he takes on current political developments. This is a shame, because it is precisely the Heist Hagen outlined the ideal type of a "statesman" contains some interesting Considerations. Therefore, a responsible political leaders does not flatter the people, it can inspire you for something and creates a climate of balance in the society. Angela Merkel accuses the author of your actions in the refugee crisis, but to have afterwards as a state woman failed by not have explained their Actions. Speculative Heist Hagen writes that a Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel, the autumn of 2015 and maybe another turn would have taken.

Even the author varies in the book is very strong between the suggestions for the political community as a Whole, and party politics. Heisterhagen does not hide his dissatisfaction with the state of German social democracy. In doing so, he appears to be rather backward-looking, when he complained that Gabriel had never found the hearing had been granted to him, or if he raises the personal duty ethics Helmut Schmidt's show. For the future of the SPD, the author is positioned against the under Gerhard Schröder pushed for a "third way" and against socialism, Kevin Kühnerts. He writes that the social Democrats would have to distribute wealth, but also a coherent vision of how you would generate. Before all things Heist Hagen advises his friends not to be in the cultural conflict between the Greens and the AfD on the other side of the pound.

Very sharp, the author criticizes the Display of self-optimization in the defendant's "urban biotope". You mean a Discrediting of the alleged "rednecks" or even by anyone who likes to eat a Schnitzel or Steak. With this finding, Heisterhagen is also in the intra-left debate is not alone. A few years ago, the much-acclaimed car appeared biographical novel, "returning to Reims" by the French sociologist Didier Eribon. This reflects on how he was ashamed as left-wing Intellectuals for its origin from a once Communist, now, however, the National Front inclined work environment. Also in Germany, the question of how another can be prevented rise of the AfD in the former social democratic strongholds arises. As things develop there, especially with the anticipated distortions of the Corona-crisis, must involve the whole of society.

Updated Date: 16 June 2020, 06:20

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