Sergio Ramos: "Without strength we are a team vulgar"

The captain made a self-criticism for the "lack of attitude" of his team, a reading at odds with that of Solari, who praised the "hell" of the Eibar On

Sergio Ramos:

The captain made a self-criticism for the "lack of attitude" of his team, a reading at odds with that of Solari, who praised the "hell" of the Eibar

On the allegations of 'Football Leaks', announces legal action: "The truth is in home, attempt to tarnish my image"

, The Madrid makes the ridiculous in Ipurua

The Madrid loses the match and the pride

With a 3-0 lead already installed as a slab on the marker Ipurua, Santiago Solari was kept standing in his technical area, arms crossed and mouth closed, as resigned to the torrent of football deployed by the Eibar and the failure of his players to cope with. "We have gotten two balls and we have not been to the height", he responded after when I remembered that reference genital prior to his debut in Melilla. One of those phrases high-flown that sooner or later will turn against a coach.

The argentine took his thing out to the press room and in fact the first to do so was Mendilibar, although the protocol brand that always starts the visitor. "I did not heaven ah, I have been told that I'm going", apologized the coach of Eibar, beaming after the first victory against Real Madrid in the history of the entity.

Minutes later, Solari stopped by to see the guts of Ipurua after leaving a locker room "that is not a Carnival" to say something unquestionable, that the Eibar had been much better, and something much more relative, that his players were not lacking attitude, that they had put "everything they had" to the outcome would be different.

however, a few meters further on, a few minutes later, Sergio Ramos corrected his coach. "There has been a lack of attitude of the players, lack of intensity and pace. When there is a difference of attitude so great when the opponent is too hard", threw the captain, always brave to stand in front of the microphones in the defeats.

"If you don't match the opponent in desire and intensity, we became a team vulgar," continued Ramos, embracing a self-criticism necessary after the embarrassment lived on the noon eibarrés. "Has lack of aggressiveness and ambition", had opined Courtois, the only one that is saved from the burning, minutes before in the 'flash' with the television, which issued the meeting.

Ramos: "to Attempt to tarnish my image,"

With the defeat, went on to a second plane, the earthquake caused the afternoon of Friday 'Football Leaks' and the documents that accused Ramos and the Real Madrid of having committed irregularities in two anti-doping controls. The captain, however, referred to this matter with an absolute tranquility.

"We were done a month and a half, threatening with the news. Who had to speak, the UEFA and the club, have already done so. I have spent more than 300 controls without a single irregularity. It is an attempt to leave my image and my career. We were warned a month ago and half of that had this news and tried to sobornarnos, with money and other things. For our part, we and the club we are very quiet, we told them that they could drop the news when they want it. When you have the truth at home, the lie does not cease to be a lie by many times to count," said the captain, who announced that together with its legal team will defend "as a person and professional." And on television, the andalusian has said, "If I have given positive in my career is working hours. It took a lot of time on the crest of the wave, and I enjoy my table. When you fuck him, that goal in the water".

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Date Of Update: 26 November 2018, 08:01