She, 65, was erroneous death sentence it once was

A regular health check up in the doctor's office could lead to a shake-up in months, for She Amidani from Västra Frölunda in Gothenburg, sweden. During the m

She, 65, was erroneous death sentence it once was

A regular health check up in the doctor's office could lead to a shake-up in months, for She Amidani from Västra Frölunda in Gothenburg, sweden.

During the medical consultation, it turned out that she had a very high cut, and more blood tests were taken. Then, today was also the last.

During the follow-up visit were She Amidani informed her that she most likely had a gallblåsecancer, and was remitterad at the Sahlgrenska university hospital and the leverkirurgiska clinic at the transplant centre.

it was There she met together with the systerdottern She is, Johansson is a medical doctor with a fateful decision.

He sat down and said that there was not much to be done. He explained that my aunt had advanced gallblåsecancer, with spread to the liver. I was very surprised. She was so healthy and happy and working as normal, " says Angelica Johansson.

And She Amidani itself, of course, was just as shocked and surprised.

" do you Get a notification, you won't be happy. At the same time, I felt her to be so sick, " she said. She is Johansson's niece, for She Amidani and, along with her sister, helping her aunt a lot during that difficult period of time when everyone believed that She was dying of cancer.Photo by: < / b> Private in the News: Five to six weeks
She Johansson, who works as an investigator at the Forensic medicine in Gothenburg, sweden, asked the doctor if it doesn't, there was the possibility of surgery.

" He showed me the x-rays, and pointed at the tissue. He said that it was because there was cancer everywhere. He had already sent a referral to the palliative care team. We were told my aunt would be getting worse and worse, and the fact that she had five to six weeks to live, " she says.

as the Weeks went by and She was still physically healthy. She had sjukskrivit out of a job as a nursing assistant at the hospital, because she was going to die soon, and he went home with his anxiety and fear of death.

" of course, the thoughts came and went. I have had family and friends around which made it easier for me. I am at the same time so strong. I believe a lot in destiny. It's the way it's supposed to stop, so to stop it, so I thought I would. And I wasn't sick at the time. I was feeling good physically. I was able to eat and drink as normal. Our friends who met with me and stated that ”you look so healthy for being so ill”.
She Amidani is, of course, pleased that all was well -- that she was sick with cancer, but in a number of difficult months, she thought she was dying.Photo by: < / b> Private Is actually an inflammation of She was told that she would receive chemotherapy in the therapeutic purposes, and, therefore, required certain studies, and additional magnetic resonance imaging was done, " she explains.

< A blodansamling were detected, and subsequently an operation. She says that she has been very adamant in her wish that her aunt would be to undergo surgery.

" During the surgery was the gall bladder is removed, and a piece of intestine that was inflamed. She took tissue samples, which then showed no signs of cancer, " says Gabriella.

when the operation passed the depression down, and She explains that all the tests looked good. No cancer, she had never had before. Five months after diagnosis, in October of 2017, where she is back on the job.

" I have felt the joy of being healed, but at the same time, the anger at having been so ill-treated. Now, I feel good, but I've gone and talked to a psychologist after what happened. As soon as I get a pain somewhere in the thoughts that it must be something serious. I have been a constant concern. It's something that I don't think I'm ever going to get rid of, " she says.
She Amidani was referred to the leverkirurgiska clinic at the transplant centre, Sahlgrenska university hospital, where she mistakenly got her death warrant.Photo by: < / b> by DANIEL STILLER/BILDBYRÅN: the file has been submitted
She has made a notification to the Mr, the health and social care, which sent the matter on to the health care provider, that is to say, the West of England, with operations at the Sahlgrenska university hospital in Gothenburg, sweden.

" We were invited to a återkopplingsmöte by the department head and chief of surgery. They admitted that they made a mistake and regretted this fact. They said that it would have been difficult to predict. I don't understand why that was so is difficult to assess, " says She Johansson, who was with his aunt and uncle at the meeting.

She adds:

" I think you have to be one hundred percent certain when you give someone a death sentence. So many of the doctors that passed by She. We were told that there was no hope at all. It turned out to be one of the inflammation.

She is now running the case with the Cited as the county councils ' mutual insurance company, in order to receive financial compensation, not in the least, for the loss of income from work as she was on sick leave, in vain.
Boss: ”Looks like a few”
By Lindnér, director of the transplant centre, Sahlgrenska university hospital, notes that, after going through the records, we would have dealt with the matter in the same way as it was done.

For a second the inflammation of the gall bladder and the arrest of the body next to it. The image looks like a tumor that grows on the other organs. When it looks like cancer, you have to act as if it were so, " he said.
By Lindnér, director of the transplantation centre at Sahlgrenska university hospital.Photo: the Picture
By Lindnér say that at first it was considered doubtful that the surgery, but because of illness had a more peaceful process than the doctors expected, changed their mind.

" There were a question as to whether it was malignant. Therefore, we considered that we could operate and try to remove it, " he says.

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