She Noted, rushing upwards, in a Gp/Sifo: Rare

In the Swedish newspaper Expressen/Sifos februarimätning went by Jonas Sjöstedt (V), where Ebba Busch Thor (the christian democrats) as the party leader, the vo

She Noted, rushing upwards, in a Gp/Sifo: Rare

In the Swedish newspaper Expressen/Sifos februarimätning went by Jonas Sjöstedt (V), where Ebba Busch Thor (the christian democrats) as the party leader, the voters have the trust in the system. In march, the measurement confirms he's in the position, and there is a growing gap, with a significant and statistically significant increase of four percentage points.

a Total of sets, 40 per cent of the electorate, that they have a fairly great or very great confidence in the V-wire, which is an increase of more than ten percentage points just since december of last year. Of the women's electorate of the lands she Noted is now at 42 per cent.

" He will leave with some sort of top ranking. In practice, much less a party of this size, " says Toivo Sjörén, opinionschef of the christian democrats.

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It is the highest number that the Decisions the party has ever had in a and the christian democrats-the measurement of this kind was in december of 1999, and then Hit the left party as a party. Then, said a total of 45% of the vote that they were fairly large or very large confidence in her.

" So he does not Hit the left party, which has a very high level of confidence, if you ignore the beginning and the end of her time as a leader. However, it is still very unusual to reach this level, " says Toivo Sjörén.

she Noted, is also the only one of the leaders of the party, which has a positive value, that is to say, that a greater proportion of relatively large or very large confidence in him, which has rather low or very low confidence in him. Sjöstedt value is plus 10.

In may, the select the Party with a new party leader and right now everything is pointing at Nooshi Dadgostar, replacing the Eu.

Gudrun Schyman was the leader of the Swedish Left party from 1993 to 2003.Photo by: < / b> STINA STJERNKVIST/TT / TT NEWS agency , Stefan Löfven stands still
the Maximum of the confidence of the male voters have of the christian democrats led by Ebba Busch Thor (45%), which is, however, a total of three percentage points behind the Eu when it comes to the confidence of the electorate.

the prime minister, and Stefan Löfven (S) continue, the trust will be relatively small. In this test the landing he was at 26 per cent, a figure that has more or less stood still since december of last year.

" It's not so surprising, then, that the government and the incumbent president of the government of the time, when we had a lot of fully independent churches of firings and explosions, it is also apparent in these measurements. However, it can also go the other way, says Stefan Löfven in an interview with the Swedish newspaper Expressen's Niklas Svensson.

the Prime minister can console himself that he at least has a high level of confidence (80%) of P-people.

at the Very least trust the voters to Per Bolund (MP), which is 7% in this survey. < / span> < / span>

the Leaders of the party with the highest confidence
she Noted: 40 (+4).

" Ebba Busch Thor: 37 (+3).

Jimmie Åkesson: 30 pm (0)

Ulf Kristersson: 29 am (+1).

Stefan Löfven: 26 pm (-1)

by Annie Lööf, with 23 (-2).

ms Nyamko Sabuni: 10 (+1).

Isabella: 10 (-1).

as Per Bolund: 7 (0) < / span>

the Ratio (in per cent) said that they had a fairly big or a very high level of confidence.

to View merVisa mindrePartiledarnas value
she Noted: +10
"Ebba Busch Thor,: -6,
Ulf Kristersson: -12

Stefan's Video:: -23.

Jimmie Åkesson: to 24.

Annie Lööf: -26

Nyamko Sabuni: -34.

as Per Bolund: -35"

Isabella: -47.

a Proportion of that trust in proportion to the percentage that don't have the confidence.

to View merVisa mindreSå were made to the measurement
the Public 18 and 79 years of age.

How much confidence do you have for each of the party leaders?

it is Very small, the confidence, the relatively small confidence, either, or quite a lot of confidence, much confidence, that they did not know.

February 28 - march 2, 2020.

Webbintervjuer of the Line Sifos randomly recruited panel.


the Network.

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Date Of Update: 04 March 2020, 07:00

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