She is the industry's most powerful woman

this Monday night was the bank's ceo, Carina Åkerström accept the nomination for Today's gala event at the Grand hotel in Stockholm, sweden. She's the firs

She is the industry's most powerful woman

this Monday night was the bank's ceo, Carina Åkerström accept the nomination for Today's gala event at the Grand hotel in Stockholm, sweden.

She's the first on the list of 125 women with influential jobs in business and industry. Carina Åkerström took over as chefsposten at Handelsbanken, 2019, the following is a true chefskarusell in which the managing director was changed three times in four years.

First woman president
Åkerström, is the first woman in the president's chair, in its almost 150-year history. Regardless of whether she herself had not thought of that, she is a role model for so many women.

"It's not something I think about, but I can as a role model, showing other women that it is possible to get it here, so I'm happy about it," she says to the Di.

Her first thought when she said, after more than 30 years in the financial services industry, was toppjobbet at Handelsbanken.

" Wow, now that is the real deal!
Studied languages at the Sorbonne, paris
date of Birth: 22 October 1962, in the city of Kalmar.

the Home of A daughter.

Residence: apartment in Vasastan,Stockholm, sweden.

Serves: 5.3 m (inkomstår to 2018).

free time: spend time with family and friends. Horse back riding, and skiing.

Education: bachelor of law, Lund university, language studies at the Sorbonne university in Paris, france.

Experience: has Worked at Handelsbanken since 1986. The Vice-president since 2008. Was appointed as managing director on march 27, 2019.

View the merVisa off
As the president's Åkerström head on over 12,500 employees. A mission with a lot of power.

" I know that I have the power and have had it for many years to come. This is something that you have to be careful because the decisions you make have a huge impact. However, the power is great, it's great to have the opportunity to influence and, hopefully, do it in a way that is good for everyone, " she explains of the process.

Last year, Åsa Bergman, president and ceo of Sweco, to the most powerful woman in the world of business.

this year's top-list to be found of whom shall be the name of that Cristina Stenbeck, the owner, Kinnevik, and of the Antonia Ax:son Johnson, owner, Axel Johnson AB, with the ”ones” that Lena, the development of the culture manager for sweden at Ikea, and Danica Kragic, robotprofessorn from the royal institute of technology.


the Carina Åkerström
at the end of a chefskarusell, with three of the ceo-changes in four years, it was the last day of the Carina Åkerström, to get to the top of the storbankens. [citation needed] It is now up to her to be the first woman in the post to turn Head downward trend, the costs of which are rising faster than revenues. In the box, she has about 12 500 employees, the 770 branches and more than 3,000 million dollars in assets.

The Ten.Photo by: < / b> the TDC Group is:
the Nordic region's telekomdrottning to take the next big step in his career. After the general manager office of the Stenbecksfärens tele2-Denmark's largest operator TDC-she takes over as managing director of Telia Company. Skotskan is the right woman at the right place at the highly competitive operatörsbranschen. Started knocking on people's doors like the milkman, already in the primary school and then drillas in the konsumentvarujätten Procter & Gamble's tough ”sales school” at the age of 20.

Caroline Berg.Photo by: < / b> Henric Lindsten/Picture
more and more took over as the headed by of and controls over the american retail of the most powerful people of Axel Johnson. Thus, she is the main person responsible for the long-term strategy for the company and brands, Åhléns, Hemköp, Willys, Dustin, Designtorget, Filippa K, with a period of time when the trade is facing unprecedented pressure for change in the wake of the e-commerce and the ever-increasing sustainability demands from the rest of the world.

Cristina Stenbeck.Photo by: < / b>: PELLE T NILSSON / SPA < / span>

to Manage a significant inheritance, but it is breaking any new ground, and goes his own way. Left in in in 2019, the majority of the quests in the Kinneviksfären in order to make use of their experience, their power, their money and connections to help young, innovative entrepreneurs to get their ideas and companies to grow. On its way to becoming one of the most important players in the VC and start-up in Sweden.

Anna Bresky.Photo: the Picture
the climate Crisis, and the plastförödelse are some of the biggest challenges at the moment. At the top, the director of the european forest-based industries, she has the power to drive the transition from the fossilåldern to the future of the bio-based world, with the Swedish and nordic forest, which is a valuable raw material.

Helena's Winners.Photo: the Picture
the most Powerful woman in the Swedish engineering industry, which is going to take on the pride of the Swedish paradgrenen for mining equipment to new depths. She is a true seasoned veteran in the industry with more than 20 years in a variety of roles within the Atlas Copco group, which Epiroc later to be spun off.

the Carolina Dybeck Kappe.Photo: the Picture
at the end of a president's career in the tillväxtsuccén of the Assa Abloy group, and the Danish giant A. P. Møller-Mærsk, she took the leap across the Atlantic and became the most american in the american economy. As the chief financial officer of the troubled General Electric to have as she is one of the toughest jobs to cut costs, and reducing that mountain of debt of the conglomerate, at the same time as the government is looking into the group's questionable accounting methods.

Catherine Ageborg.

Astra Zeneca may be british, but the pharmaceutical giant and its manager for sweden, has a central position in the Swedish life science sector, as an example, a motor, a partner, and kompetensförsörjare. She's not the only manager for sweden, but also have a place in management where she was global head of the industry's key areas of regulatory compliance, and sustainability.

Kerstin af Jochnik

one of the Finanssveriges most of the as 20 by the first deputy governor of sveriges riksbank, she is now a big part of the whole of the european banking system's fate is in their hands. The European central bank as a supervisory authority, it shall be she is to keep the örnkoll on the major, essential banks, and thus to maintain the stability of financial markets in Europe and around the world.

Helena Stjernholm.Photo: the Picture

She didn't take much of the risk appetite of his years in the riskkapitalvärlden for Growth. At the Company, she has instead further strengthened the grip on power of the confederation of Swedish enterprise, the main things such as Volvo, Sandvik, and Handelsbanken. < / span> < / span>

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