She is trying to live the life of a whisky and sweets

There are some lyrics that we can recall exactly what it was like when we were reading them for the first time. This is why I know that, I was nineteen years ol

She is trying to live the life of a whisky and sweets

There are some lyrics that we can recall exactly what it was like when we were reading them for the first time. This is why I know that, I was nineteen years old and majored in comparative literature with a specialization in creative writing, where I am, for the first time, the Danish author of White's , the short story ”Sightings”. I do know that there were to the story, in a degree, and that I immediately after reading this short story, read it again, and then start taking notes frantically, and write a short story in exactly the same style as the one I just read.

in ”Sightings”, taken from the hans christian Andersen short story collection, ' Keep your mouth shut, and was sweet as for the first time, was published in English in 1979, and are now in a new edition, prefaced by a young woman on the way to work. Självdisciplinerat make up she decided to eat a healthy breakfast, dress properly and are in the way. However, while waiting for the train in the morning rush hour, he turns suddenly, and goes back home to sleep again. She can, of itself, does not explain why, but when you receive a call from the office and drags her out of the jacket. When she finally gets the bad ids is, she does not stand up without peeing on himself. She gets the candies, and the whiskey from the kitchen as she is living in.

After a few days, she'll see herself in the mirror and noting with relief that she was ugly. She is thinking about taking his own life. Instead, she wakes in a morning, and then returns to work as if nothing had happened.

As such, the design was in White, hans christian Andersen, ahead of its time.

so, What was it that struck me in the story? I think it was a passive, silent motståndshandlingen as the Passage shape. The main character does not rebel against society and its expectations, and agitates not to, or to become an accomplished singer-songwriter. She herself don't understand why she had turned around and gone home to bed again, and her resistance will remain a non-verbaliserat the story through and through. She refuses to just all of a sudden take part in your own life, but to no djuppsykologisk the explanation will be presented.

She is a dirty, disgusting, and most of all, weird. Then she was back to normal. The short story was in stark contrast to the drama that I was accustomed to in the literature as well as in the late 90's about feminism; it's never made a breakthrough, not an insight or an act of rebellion, with an exemption of the main character.

The date is both in the text and in the collection as a whole is noticeably contemporary. It is a passive, alienated woman with a disclaimer vis-à-vis the world, and the more-or-less unexplained loss of control are suitable are recognizable in the novels of the author of the Agnes Lidbeck: , Isabelle Stahl , Tone Schunnesson , Therese Bohman " . Disengagement of one of the forms of resistance are much more common than in the barrikadkvinnan that turns out. In such a design where the White Passage, ahead of its time.
Author, Ms Stahl is the heir to the White Damage.Photo by: < / b> SARA MAC KEY / the NATURE and CULTURE of the

as Part of the ”Keep your mouth shut, and was sweet and dominated by women, who are trying to be involved in their own lives, but they more-or-less a fail. They are hungry, not, as, for example, generationsfränden Isadora Wing in ”Fear to fly”, after the knapplösa fucking, but after that, be at peace. Sex is not an exemption, but rather it is a necessary vardagsont, or as a way to the confirmation screen.

In the following excerpt from the story ”On Sundays, and loves to” live of the main character of the hopelessness of the man, Kurt, who decided that, on Sundays, and fuck you for what you do, and because she didn't have any better suggestions, and pessaret yet to sit must be for eight hours each and every time you had sexual intercourse, that is what they do on Sundays for.

Not that she necessarily knows so very much desire for her, Kurt, especially when he decides that they are going to be worse than that of her friends, Arne and David, who, according to his own words, fucked twelve times in one day, but only because it's her life looks like. Sexskildringarna in the ”Keep your mouth shut, and was sweet,” recalls, in that way, more of a contemporary novel, Sofia the Stenströms ' ”the Magic of Love " Pixie” or Sofia Rönnow Pessahs , ”the Men in my life than in the sexually liberated 70s talssammanhang that it was written in.

It is similar to how important they are, these texts, which may be frantically in love with the rest of europe.

To re-read the ”Keep your mouth shut, and was a pretty” by the year 2020, is to be read as a precursor. This is an author who fully know that the shape of the gap between the ideal and reality, and the distortions that arise in the meantime. That allows his characters to speak for themselves, even when they have lost, or never had the ability to verbalize what they want or do not. As always, the solidariserar, but never sentimentaliserar, the people she is writing about.

Nearly twenty years after my first reading of the ”Findings” do I put it now in the hands of my own skrivarskolelever and tell him that I would never have been able to write my first novel, but this short story.

" It reminds of how important they are, they are those in which the texts to be frantically in love with literature and the broadening of the scope of what is possible, both to write and to think.


Keep your mouth shut, and was sweet.

Romanus & Selling, 217 pp.

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" Elin Grelsson Almestad is the author and co-workers Taken kultursida. Her most recent novel, ”the Dogs of main street”.

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